This is the final chapter; I had a great time writing this fic, three months in the making, most other stories I wrote did not make any sense what so ever but this one feels like a Don bluth film, sort of like Rockadooledo. I have planned a sequel but it is still under development so it may not come out any time soon and I am currently working on a Resident evil outbreak fanfic. Sequels tend to have less energy and plot then the first story so I am still deciding either to make a sequel or not. Many thanks to the readers who have read my story and enjoyed it. I felt as though Luis had been missing out on many fics so I decided to include him a little in my epilogue. Anyways it's been a swell three months writing this fic lol. Well, this is it, the final chapter to Rio: Forgotten memories. Some endings to the movie have been changed to accommodate the story better.




(Day 20) (7:28 Pm) (The train station) (3 hours remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

(Song: Heavy rain – Scott Shelby theme)

Two hours had passed since the incident in the sugar mill; with everything that had happened today, everybody was tired and wanted to go home after all that had happened. Linda was still tense, she could feel her hands shaking and she had a case of chills after what happened, she was sore in virtually every part of her body, then she could see a station coming into view, she sighed as she stood up. The train slowed down as it arrived at the train station with all the birds, the officers had a truck that was waiting to take the caged birds back to the sanctuary. Castillo was the first person to get out, he ordered the men to get all the birds and put them inside the truck. Linda went out of the train as well; Andrew and the birds quickly followed to see the broken gate and Tulio's car. It was sitting idle and Castillo gave Linda the keys.

"We will get the birds to the sanctuary as soon as we can, I won't be there though, I have some…work to finish, and I would rather get it done now so I can enjoy the rest of the night." Castillo finished, the lieutenant was a Night jack…in the sense that he loved working in the night shift, when he got involved in the investigation, the cop had to change shifts and he despised working during the day time, he felt as though he had more time to think during the night.

"I understand, Castillo; thank you for your help, we greatly appreciate it" Linda said, she opened the car and got inside the vehicle.

Castillo began to walk away until Linda shouted

"What about Armando…and us" Linda asked one final time

Castillo stopped and turned around

"All charges have been dropped, so do not worry, but you better not do anything like that again, or I won't be able to help you next time" Castillo finished as he turned back and began to walk away again before Linda said

"Listen…Castillo, You're a good cop, thank you for everything" Linda concluded

Castillo stopped once again and turned around and then said.

'No…I am just a man who is trying to…help everybody in this God forsaken world, there are many dangerous places out there, just imagine If I was not here with you today" Castillo said

"I guess now is not the time to ask, but how did you find us in the first place?" Linda asked

"I was sent to investigate the prison as I was told to and I found you're faces in the security cameras, I immediately gathered all the fingerprints and I searched all your data, quite interesting that you had ties with these smugglers and you were willing to go to jail for getting a single…bird out. I went to one of the smuggler's house and spoke to the Father, he understood how serious this was and he told me everything. Such irony, this was the most interesting case I was ever involved in…well, I need to go now, stay safe and don't let anyone you don't know into the sanctuary" Castillo finished as he walked away to a police car.

Linda did not hear the last sentence that Castillo said, his explanation of the jail incident was starting to form in her mind.

"But…how? Tulio turned off the power at the jail…unless" Linda tried to remember, it was right after she forced the baton into the security guards head


"Oh my god. What have I done?" Linda dropped the Baton and was shocked

Fernando went to check his pulse, and confirmed he was not dead. But it will indeed leave a huge mark on his head. Fernando grabbed the keys and sprinted towards Tipa's cell. Linda and the macaws soon followed

"You got it?" Tipa asked

"Hold on! Let me just" just as Fernando said that, the lights came back on again, the guards had found the main switch. But Fernando had successfully opened the Jail cell and Tipa was free. Linda had Blu in her arms and had signaled the others it was time to leave and to go find Tulio.

Many of the security cameras in the facility suddenly began to rotate again and all of them had their eyes set on the perpetrators.

(End of flashback)

"So…when the power came back on again…the cameras…Jesus…I knew it was a bad idea…" Linda said softly after recalling the events for herself.

Andrew became worried again at Castillo, after that talk inside the train, the young adult wondered if Castillo was really going to try something. Was he really that desperate to get everyone to notice what had happened? Linda noticed this and then said

"What's wrong Andrew?" Linda asked

"I…don't like that cop…not one bit" Andrew said

"He helped us out didn't he? He's just stressed out about all this, he killed a man after all, and what the others and I did at the jail was very wrong, I wish we had not done it, we were just trying to save one of the birds" Linda explained while she readjusted her glasses

"No…there's something he wants from me…" Andrew said

"What do you mean?" Linda asked

Linda turned towards the young adult

"What exactly does he want from you, you are thinking too much, Andrew" Linda said

"Y…yea, you're right, can we just get out of here please" Andrew finished

Then everybody suddenly heard yells of sorry

Pedro and Nico noticed all the clumsy cops that were carrying the cages and loading them into the truck, one cop accidently dropped a cage full of Conures, he said sorry at least five times in rapid order as he went to pick it up, he tripped as his shoes came into contact with the slippery mud. Castillo saw this and covered his face with his palm as he continued to walk to the police car.

"Idiot…" Castillo said under his breath

"You know, I don't get why these little bears have to be so weird, why do humans always have to recruit such weird officers?" Pedro asked

"Maybe because they don't care who they hire?" Nico said

"I swear this city has the clumsiest officers…" Pedro finished

Blu raised an eyebrow and looked at the cop, Castillo opened the police car door and he stared at Tulio's car

"I know I saw him talking to those birds…directly like a human conversation…the birds reacted to his every word…imagine that…people having that ability, Birds that would be able to send messages at long distances or maybe even help us in the fight against crime…What am I saying…Did that really come out of my mouth…I guess it did" Castillo thought

Castillo smirked and he closed the door of the car and left the scene.

(Song end)

(Two hours ago, Sao Paulo, the hospital)

The helicopter landed ontop a helipad on the hospital's roof, Tulio rushed into the building and went inside an elevator to go to the first floor lobby. He was still wet from the rain and the cool air from inside the Elevator made him shiver, the elevator doors suddenly shot open and Tulio quickly went to the receptionist and asked for Armando.

"Are you a member of the family?" The receptionist asked

"No, but I came to see if he is alright, I am a friend of his" Tulio said

"Please sigh here and I'll give you the Visitor's pass" The receptionist finished

Tulio confirmed and wrote his name, he was given a sticker to let every official know he was a visitor

"Third Floor, hallway 2, room 13" The receptionist concluded, she gave him a small paper, reminding him where the room was.

"Thank you" Tulio said running to the elevator again

Tulio kept pressing the elevator button rapidly until it opened and he rushed in, he almost knocked a doctor down in the process. He apologized and followed the directions carefully, he pressed the button 3 and when the elevator doors opened again, he ran to hallway 2 and he went down the row of rooms and finally found room 13. He slowly opened the door to reveal Fernando and Armando. The vet smiled, he was exhausted, but happy to see the smuggler was alright.

"I was beginning to worry; how are you feeling?" Tulio asked as he closed the door.

"Okay I guess…they said I should be fine but I gotta wear this damn cast for several weeks and my arm still hurts like hell" Armando said while sitting on his hospital bed, the constant beeping of the machine made him slightly annoyed.

"The pain will go away and you'll be able to use your arm again in no time!" Tulio said

Tulio sat down on a chair next to the door and then said

"Did they say when you would be able to leave yet?" Tulio asked

"Yea…they said we could leave whenever we were ready" Armando said

Tulio noticed his "son" sitting next to Armando, he never left the smugglers sight, Fernando wanted to make sure the smuggler was okay and this made Tulio very happy, he was glad his son cared for others. It made a small tear fall from his eye. Fernando noticed this and asked

"Tulio, why are you crying?" The young boy asked

'Because…I have a son that…has been given a great passion for helping others, even if they were ignorant fools who tried to harm others. I am glad to have you as my son…Fernando, you are truly a great son to have" Tulio said walking up to the boy

"You…you really mean it?" Fernando asked

"With all my heart, my son" Tulio said, he broke in tears as he brought his child into a hug; Armando was sort of softened by this action from Tulio.

"You know…I never had a father who hugged me or said he loved me…maybe that's why I was so ignorant after all these years…" Armando said while he lowered his head, Tulio and Fernando understood completely

"You and I are the same, my parents died when I was young…I don't even remember what happened…I had to learn to live on my own and survive on my own…there was no one for me to call, family…" Fernando explained

Tulio looked at Armando and then back to Fernando

"Let's go home, all of us" Tulio finished

(Present time, Rio de Janeiro, Fifth Avenue, outside the Train station)

Linda opened the glove box and found a phone she could use to call Tulio, The man always had a second phone just in case something like this ever happened. She dialed the number and waited for a response. The phone kept beeping and beeping until…

"Hello?" Tulio asked

"Hi…Tulio, glad to hear from you again, listen, where are…" Linda was interrupted.

"I am at the house; man…was the helicopter fast! Armando is using the couch at the moment if you don't mind and Tipa is here with us.

"Oh…great, I'll be right over but…why is Tipa there?" Linda asked.

"Well, Armando called him; he wanted his old buddy to come see him" Tulio explained

"I see…just keep an eye out for those two please…remember…they are still smugglers" Linda said

"Oh…don't worry, I am actually going to keep them occupied, I might give them jobs for the birds but don't worry! I have everything under control" Tulio said

"You are actually going to risk having the birds getting stolen again?" Linda asked

"Listen Linda, things changed; don't worry about it" Tulio finished

"Right…well, me and the others are on the way, we will see you shortly" Linda said

"Okay…see you there, Linda, I love you" Tulio concluded

"I love you to, Tulio" Linda finished as she hung up the phone.

"Hang on guys" Linda said, pushing the accelerator, the truck followed them to the Montero Residence.

(Day 20) (7:48 Pm) (The Montero residence) (3 hours remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

Twenty minutes later, Tulio's car stopped by the sanctuary. All the birds from the truck were unloaded and Linda and Andrew got out with the birds. Linda noticed another car that was parked nearby, maybe that was how Tulio and the others got back. Andrew helped Linda carry the birds that were inside the cages into the house; the entire place was a mess, shattered glass, broken furniture and spilled liquids on the floor. Armando was resting on the couch, which had seemed to survive the ordeal; he was wearing a cast for his arm and Tipa was with him. Tulio was cleaning the floor with a broom. Fernando was talking to Tipa and Armando. They noticed the sound of the door and immediately turned around to see the others with the birds.

"About time, it shouldn't take long to bring the house back to its former beauty" Tulio reassured

"Hey! Glad to see you guys but…who's this kid?" Tipa asked after seeing Andrew with Linda

"His name is Andrew; he is the son of the man…Miller…" Tulio did not finish

"Andrew? Oh wow…Andrew! It's been such a long time since I've seen you. God have you grown…Tulio told me everything and I can't believe it myself!" Tipa said

"You told him about!" Linda shouted before being interrupted

"Not everything, he just knows about Andrews's disappearance" Tulio reassured

"No I don't, I know all about him being a bird…and…" Tipa was interrupted by Armando

"Shut up!" Armando said

"Oh Linda…it's alright if they know, right guys!" Fernando asked

"Yea!" Tipa said

"Yea…whatever, I still think you guys are phonies…" Armando groaned

"You also told Fernando, didn't you?" Linda asked

"Yea…just them and Fernando, no one else" Tulio finished

All Linda did was set the birds down and went to get the others. Andrew laid his cage next to the other cages and explored the house once again; he found Tulio's office and saw the puzzle set. Blu and Pedro shortly followed him. Andrew sat down on Tulio's chair and began to form words with the puzzle, and then he heard Blu come in.

"Are you okay? Clyde?" Blu asked

"Sigh…I have been thinking…all the opportunities…I could be…a writer or an actor or even…a cop…so many talents I could have…All wasted" Andrew said softly

"I thought you…agreed to yourself you wanted to be one of us?" Blu asked

Pedro landed on the desk and said to the human

"Listen Clyde, you don't have to do this if you don't want to" Pedro said to the human

"I…just need more time to think about it" Andrew finished

"Okay…you know where to find us Clyde, just…think about everything that has happened when you were a bird. It was only two weeks being a bird but it was the happiest two weeks you ever had, right?" Blu said as he went towards the door, he signaled Pedro to follow.

"Well…It's your choice, Clyde…no one is forcing you to do this, but remember…Human or bird; you are still our friend and you will always be our friend no matter who you choose to be" Pedro finished as he followed Blu out the door of Tulio's office

Andrew mixed the letters until it formed…Human, the 19 year old boy sat down on Tulio's chair and lowered his head down and began to think about everything that has happened.

By now, all the birds were released back into the sanctuary and they were in the area of the jungle once again. Pedro and Nico were talking by the river while Blu and Jewel were back at their nest, Jewel began to feel distressed. Rafael reunited with his mate and children, Eva hugged Rafael tightly, she was obviously glad to see him return in one piece. The house looked almost spotless, with most of the trash gone now. Tulio walked up to the former smugglers and asked them.

"Do you two want jobs? We would be glad to give you guys some work around here but under one condition" Tulio said

"Anything!" Both of them said

"Don't get near the birds without seeing me or Linda, understand, I promise you both will be rewarded well if you comply with this rule." Tulio said

Both smugglers looked at each other then said

"We won't! You have our word!" Tipa said

"Yea! So when do we start?" Armando asked

"First thing in the morning, you guys will help us take care of the sick and the injured at the intensive care unit…but be sure to have Linda teach you the basics please…" Tulio said

"Okay! But can we stay a little longer! I want to tell Fernando more about what I did when I was his age!" Tipa said

'fine…but just a while longer" Tulio said

"awww come on!" Both Fernando and Tipa said

Tulio laughed and walked to his office. Then the phone rang and Linda went to get it, she picked up the phone.

"hello?" Linda said

"Yes…it's Lieutenant Castillo" Castillo said over the phone.

"Oh…Castillo, what's up?" Linda asked

The officer was in a phone booth, it was raining where he was, and he gripped the phone a little until he said

"Do…you want a bodyguard?" Castillo asked

"For the sanctuary? It would be nice to have one so this wouldn't happen again" Linda said

"Good…I have been assigned to be…your…bodyguard, for now, we don't want another incident like this to happen again" Castillo said

"That's great and I understand! It would be so much better if we had you as a bodyguard instead of Sylvio" Linda said

"Great…When do you want me to be there?" Castillo asked

"First thing in the morning sounds fine, you don't mind?" Linda asked

Castillo took out the photo of Andrew and then spoke into the phone.

"No…I don't mind at all, I won't let you down…but I must ask you…the Executive board wants to speak to Andrew…they want to ask questions to him about what exactly happened, you know…for the case" Castillo lied

Linda's eyes slowly widened but she lied to Castillo as well

"No…he's gone, he booked a flight to Los Angeles, I am sorry…he left so suddenly, we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him" Linda lied

Castillo's hope was suddenly destroyed; he gripped the phone cable so much that it could have been split in half by the officer.

"Oh….so soon?…so sad…the executive board will not be happy to hear about this but nonetheless, I will see you tomorrow morning, Linda" Castillo said

"Okay…Castillo, take care" Linda finished

"You too" Castillo concluded as he hung up the phone, he suddenly burst into rage. The lieutenant punched the glass area of the booth and blood began to seep from his hand, Castillo cringed as he got out of the phone booth, the cop stopped by a light post and examined the damage done to his own hand, the lieutenant sighed.

"Look at myself…what am I doing? I'm becoming a monster…I should just forget about the boy…ill forget everything about it and…everything will be fine, I just need to forget…just forget and go on with my business." Castillo finished as he started to walk towards the horizon where rain could still be seen falling from the sky to the ground.

(Day 20) (8:02 Pm) (The Montero residence) (3 hours remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

Andrew was silent…he was still sitting on the chair in the office, he was thinking about his parents. Before that tragedy involving his mother's death in Los Angeles a few years back, Andrew and his parents did some wonderful things together, they would do everything a normal family would, how could his father do such a thing…killing her just to escape prison? He had been with his mother for so many years but to kill her with no emotion or even thinking of the consequence shown to him seemed so wrong. And maybe by the time his mother died is when Andrew finally became the person he was before he met the others, although he did start hating birds before his mother's death, he began to fully execute his hatred after she died, he felt as though he needed to vent his frustrations on the animals.

"Oh mom…if I only knew what I was doing…if only I had refused to kill Blu's mother…then you would probably still be here with me today…"

Andrew then felt a gust of wind hit his face, the entire room began to spin, and Andrew felt sleepy as he tried desperately to stay up but he collapsed and his head rested on Tulio's desk.


Tulio and the others began to talk for a long time, mostly about what had happened, everyone knew that things would be different from now on. The birds were planning a party to celebrate their victory against the smugglers, but Pedro and Nico felt as though it would not be the same without Clyde, but they knew that this was his choice and not theirs. Meanwhile back at the house, Fernando picked up the trash bags that were laid around the house, he opened the front door and went outside with the bags and put them into the numerous trash cans around the area, then it started to rain in the area but in little bits but this still annoyed Fernando a lot as he slowly got drenched in the rain. The boy then suddenly heard low yelps coming from somewhere. He could not see who or what was in the darkness beyond the artificial light his house gave off.

"Hello? Who's there?" Fernando said

Then He noticed a shadow moving towards him, Fernando's heart raced, and then the shadow revealed to be a bulldog walking towards him, at first, Fernando thought the dog was going to attack him, that was until the dog begged for a place to stay by doing the "Dog face". This made Fernando sad and he walked up to the dog and gave him a little pat on the head, the dog then licked the boy's hand. Fernando's hand was covered in massive saliva and then the bulldog tackled him and started to lick his face. The young boy giggled as he asked the bulldog to get off him. Fernando showed no signs of disgust, although he did wipe the saliva off his face and hands.

"Come with me little guy, looks like you need a place to stay" Fernando finished, signaling the dog to follow inside, the bulldog's gleefully followed the young boy. As Fernando entered the house, everyone immediately got out of their seat to see the bulldog. A combination of Dirt from the dog's paws and heavy saliva that was dripping from its mouth was making a mess on the wooden floor of the house; this made Tulio angry and Linda scared. Linda had Cynophobia; she had a constant fear of dogs. She always thought that all dogs were disgusting with their slobber and unclean hygiene but it was their aggressive nature that scared her the most, when Linda's father wanted to buy her a dog as a birthday gift just after Blu was found by Linda, the dog immediately bit Linda's hand as she was searching for the perfect dog. So Linda's father, after seeing how she behaved with Blu, decided to keep the Blue Macaw and leave the dog for someone else. This bulldog was no exception; Linda stood on the couch and yelled.

"Fernando! What is a dog doing inside the house; he is making a mess to the floor!" Tulio said

"Get that thing out of the house, Fernando!" Linda shouted

"Oh come on guys…he needs a place to stay, he has been looking for a place to stay, maybe for a long time. Can we at least have him here for tonight?" Fernando asked

"Absolutely not! Take him back outside and make sure he stays out!" Linda retorted

"Oh come on! He looks tired and hungry!" Fernando said

"So? He's not our problem! Let him search somewhere else!" Linda shouted again

"Linda…" Tulio said

"But he might starve before he finds somewhere else to go, he might not make it another mile" Fernando said

"It sure looks like he could go another five miles looking for food, himself!" Linda retorted

"Linda, listen" Tulio asked Linda but she still ranted

Tipa and Armando both had their eyes shifting from Fernando to Linda and then back to Fernando in a repeated cycle.

"Just think about all the trouble he might have gotten himself into, just to get here" Fernando said

"I am sure that is why we do not want him inside the house! Now get him out of here!" Linda shouted once again

"Linda! Please listen!" Tulio shouted, stopping the argument.

"What is it Tulio" Linda retorted

"Fernando could be right…just remember…we might only take care of birds but it is our responsibility to help other animals in need" Tulio explained

"Tulio…I don't want it, running around and making a mess…please understand, you know I don't want dogs in this household" Linda said

"I understand but I also need you to understand that you and I made a promise" Tulio retorted

Linda sighed "Right…"

"And what was that promise again?" Tulio asked

"To…seek out animals in need…regardless of what kind they might be" Linda calmed down.

"Right…now I know you told me about your dog phobia but we have to at least do what we can to help this stray" Tulio said

"Okay…but we are only taking care of him, when he seems like he's ready, I want him out the front door and I do not want him near me…or the birds at any given time, understand?" Linda said

"Alright…understood, Fernando did you hear that? He gets nowhere near any of the birds…or Linda. If it does, it's bon voyage for the dog" Tulio finished

"Right! You can count on me" Fernando said

"I think I need to rest after all that…" Linda said as she walked to her bedroom but not before Tulio stopped her

"Look, he is wearing a collar…we will just find out who he belongs to, okay?" Tulio finished

"Alright…" Linda concluded

Then Tulio walked towards the smugglers and said.

"Okay Tipa and Armando, it's time for you to leave. It is getting late, be sure to be here early tomorrow" Tulio said while taking the former smugglers to the front door.

"Right, boss!" Tipa said gleefully

"Tipa…why do you always say that…" Armando retorted, he always hated how Tipa would always say Boss to every client he worked for; Marcel was his favorite, despite the lead smugglers rants towards his stupidity and his idea for painting the chickens blue and pretending they were the Blue Macaws.

"Why not?" Tipa retorted back.

Tulio rolled his eyes

"Enough please…Be here at 9 am, no later and the sooner you come, the better." Tulio finished as he closed the door, the smugglers called a taxi and they were taken back to the favela where they lived.

Tulio noticed that Fernando and the dog were probably in the boy's bedroom and Linda was resting in the master bedroom, he felt as though he needed a drink after all this, he searched the refrigerator and found some wine to pass the time, he sat down on the couch and slowly drank the refreshing alfrocheiro Preto.

(3 hours later)

Fernando had been searching for guides on how to take care of dogs and he had been trying to find out what would be most suitable for the bulldog. Tulio and Linda were sleeping, the wine was on the table and Tulio had passed out on the couch.

Fernando had the bulldog in his room, the boy was checking the dog's collar, and the inscriptions concluded its name.

"So your name is Luis huh, what happened to your owner? Don't tell me you ran away from your home, did you?" Fernando said, the dog just lowered his head, but then a sudden growl from the dog's stomach made Fernando laugh.

"Looks like you could go for some food right about now; stay here, I will get you something to eat" Fernando finished as he ran out to the kitchen.

Then a familiar scent hit the dogs nose…he swore he smelled it before, a few weeks ago…a few birds…one that smelled just like Rafael, he had not seen them since they arrived at Carnaval that night when they rescued Jewel. Luis decided to investigate, so he left Fernando's bedroom and followed the scents but he also left a trail of saliva in his wake.

He eventually made it to a door that leads "outside", he jumped and opened the door with his paws, and Luis entered the sanctuary unnoticed. That was true until Fernando was walking back to his room with a plate full of meat and the saliva made him slip and fall. The sound of the plate splitting in two alerted Tulio and Linda. Tulio got up from the couch and Linda came out of the bedroom to find Fernando and pieces of meat and a broken plate.

"Fernando? What happened?" Linda asked

"I don't know…I was walking fine until I slipped on…drool" Fernando said as he inspected the floor.

"Ugh…now this dog is walking all over the house now, I knew I shouldn't have said yes, Tulio!" Linda said

"I'm sorry! I didn't know it could open doors and cause havoc…but on the bright side…The trail of drool leads to…the sanctuary…wait…oh no" Tulio said

Linda's eyes widened

"Blu! And the birds! That dog is going to hurt them if we don't do something!" Linda shouted as she carefully ran to the sanctuary, Tulio and Fernando soon followed.


Luis was around the center of the area, there seemed to be a party going on, artificial lights were everywhere and birds were dancing on the trees. Luis spotted Rafael, his old friend. The bulldogs' eyes widened and he gleefully smiled when he yelled.

"Hey! A party and I was not invited?" Luis yelled

The music stopped and everyone looked towards the dog, several birds were talking silently but the dogs great sense of hearing could depict this perfectly.

"What is a dog doing in here?"

"What will these humans think of next?"

"He looks familiar" Pedro said

"Your right…he sort of looks like…" Nico did not finish

"Luis!" Rafael shouted as he flew down from a tree and hugged his friend, Luis did the same but the saliva produced from the bulldog drenched the toucan in contaminated drool but thankfully…Rafael was used to this and wiped it off.

"Where have you been in these past few weeks?" Luis asked as he let go of the toucan

"Well, I moved here after we saved Blu's mate, I don't know if you remember Blu but he was the Macaw that could not fly" Rafael explained, Luis thought until he said

"Oh…the one that was chained to the girl and you asked me to get rid of the chain for you?" Luis asked

"Yea, Blu and Jewel" Rafael said

"Yea…I remember them, so where are they?" Luis asked

"Not here at the moment, they didn't want to come 'cause they have been through a lot today" Rafael explained

"But hey, maybe at least they will say hi to you" Pedro said

"Yea, lets tell them" Nico finished as both of them flew towards the Blue Macaw's nest.

Blu and Jewel were not at the party, three odd shapes were lying on twigs inside the nest with Jewel sitting on them.

"Their beautiful…" Blu said, nudging Jewel

"Blu…I am not sure…if I can do this alone" Jewel said

"Don't worry, I'll be with you, whatever happens and I won't let anyone near them, you have my word" Blu finished, then Nico and Pedro came flying into the scene, exhausted but spoke out.

"Guys…You remember that dog…that was with us…a few weeks ago right?" Nico asked

"Guys! Not now…you see, we just had our…" Jewel said softly

Nico and Pedro examined the eggs that Jewel was incubating, they understood.

"Well…alright, but we should at least tell you who it is" Nico said

"Yea…its Luis, you know the dog that we ran into before Carnaval?" Pedro Asked

"You mean the one that literally drooled on me, then yes…" Jewel asked

"Well, he somehow got himself in the sanctuary" Pedro said

"Well good for him, I hate dogs" Jewel retorted

"Oh come on Jewel…he did help me get to Carnaval faster" Blu said

"Well fine…tell him we said hi…" Jewel said to the smaller birds.

"Alright, He will understand" Nico finished.

"Thanks guys" Blu concluded

The two birds nodded and flew back to the others.

Rafael saw Nico and Pedro but the Blue Macaw's were not with them

"Sorry…they are busy, Jewel just delivered her spawn" Nico explained

"Oh…well…okay, sorry Luis, maybe later" Rafael understood and spoke to Luis

"Just answer me this question then, did Blu finally learn to fly?" Luis asked

"Yes…he learned it by heart, after we left Carnaval" Rafael explained

Luis lowered his head

"I hate the fact you guys left me alone after Carnaval ended…I tried looking everywhere for you guys, I searched for weeks!" Luis explained

"But what about the old garage, what happened to it?" Rafael asked

"Pops had an accident a few days after Carnaval…he won't be out of the hospital for a few more weeks" Luis said

"I see…" Rafael said

"Wait…Who's that…Pops I mean" Pedro asked

"Luis's human owner, he had the garage for many years, although work sort of dragged out for him until he met Luis, Luis seemed to attract customers with his mood to dance all the time so both made the business bloom again for both Humans and animals alike." Rafael explained.

"And what about you…Rafie, tell me what you did after Carnaval?" Luis asked

"Well…a lot has happened; it will take a long time to explain but…" Rafael was interrupted by a scream

"Get away from them! I said get away!" Linda shouted as she ran towards them, Tulio and Fernando stopped her just in time before she could kick Luis, Tulio calmly grabbed Linda, the red haired woman searched for her companion but he was nowhere to be found but the others birds were near the dog.

"Let me go Tulio! He's going to hurt them!" Linda said

"I don't think so…I remember this dog now…" Tulio said

"What?" Linda asked

"It's the dog that Blu was riding during Carnaval…wasn't it?" Tulio retorted.

Linda stopped struggling, her eyes slowly widened as she remembered that day she had partially reunited with Blu during Carnaval.


"Blu! Where are you going!" Linda shouted for her friend

As she tried to jump down the float to chase after the bulldog and her companion, the performers stopped Linda and their struggle against her started to turn into a dance. The red haired woman accidently fell off the float but Tulio caught her in time.

"Tulio! I saw Blu! He's riding a bulldog!" Linda shouted as she ran to Blu's direction

"What? A bulldog? How can that be possible?" Tulio asked

"By now Tulio, I would think that you would know that birds aren't dumb" Linda retorted

"oh yes, I know but why would a bird be riding a…" Tulio stopped midsentence

Tulio also noticed the bulldog for a split second but one performer, who was wearing a crocodile suit, hit the dog and caused both animals to disappear into the crowd of performers.

"Where did he go!" Linda shouted

"I understand now…Linda, listen…I know we found Blu but he is probably leading us to the smugglers…" Tulio said

"But where? I don't see the smugglers…or Blu" Linda retorted

"Remember Fernando said something about a float the smugglers were going to use as a cover up, well…maybe Blu knows where it is" Tulio explained

"Hang on Blu!" Linda said as she ran faster

Then Linda spotted Blu, who was riding a skateboard, Linda and Tulio stopped and the red haired woman pointed towards the Blue Macaw

"There he is!" Linda shouted

Linda and Tulio noticed the Bulldog, who was eating the tail of a performers costume before they continued running towards the Spix.

(End flashback)

"He does look like him…but how did he…get here in the first place…" Linda said

"I don't know, maybe he remembers Blu…maybe his senses brought him here?" Tulio said

Linda looked at Pedro and the others with the dog.

"But I still don't trust it…" Linda finished

"I don't think he won't be much of a problem" Fernando said

Linda looked towards the boy

"Really? And that mess he made back inside the house?" Linda said

"Well…what if I take full responsibility for him?" Fernando asked

Tulio sighed as he let Linda go

"Listen Fernando…he already belongs to somebody…we can't commit to this dog, he can stay only until we have found his owner" Tulio said.

Fernando suddenly felt sad inside, he looked towards the dog…

"Please understand Fernando…" Tulio said to the boy

"I understand…" Fernando said

Tulio tried to lighten up the boy, he looked at the collar and it read, Luis

"But hey…maybe while we are searching for the owner, you and…Luis can take time to know each other more, how does that sound?"

"Yea! We can do so much together, like play catch…or Frisbee…maybe take long walks…I can teach him to play dead and speak!" Fernando gleefully said

Tulio turned towards Linda

"Don't worry…it will only be for a few days…he will be gone before you even know it" Tulio reassured

"Can we just get him away from the birds at least…I can't risk having it near them…for Blu's sake" Linda told Tulio

(Day 20) (11:32 Pm) (The Montero residence) (20 minutes remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

(Song: Final fantasy 9 soundtrack – Crystal world)

Andrew was in a dark void; he could not see or hear anything. He felt shivers go up his spine; he started to run into the unknown, he tried to yell several times but to no avail, no sound seemed to be produced from his vocal chords. It seemed like hours had passed since he started running, no perspiration was produced from running so much but the shivers grew more intense as he heard a cry in the distance.

"Help me…" A young boy said

Andrew stopped completely and found some sort of spotlight on the boy, he stepped a little closer until the young boy took out a dead Blue Macaw from his jacket. Andrew leaped in fear and he took several steps back but the boy followed him.

"Dad…I didn't want to shoot it…" The boy said

"Get away from me…" Andrew said

"Dad…why did you make me do this? It didn't do anything to us…" The boy retorted

The boy disappeared and a familiar 6ft man stepped in the spotlight

"Andrew…I gave you everything…I loved you, why did you have to kill me, wasn't it enough losing your mother!" Miller said

"I didn't kill you dad…it was that cop…" Andrew retorted

"Why did you have to pick their side? You had everything you ever wanted for Christ sake!" Miller shouted

"You…your dead…you're not my father…and you don't exist…your all in my head." Andrew finished

Then everything seemed to twist and swell until the environment around Andrew was a rainforest, it was just like the one he and Blu saw in their vision.

"No…this can't all be happening again…and my head…still hurts…" Andrew clutched his hair and fell to his knees then he looked up at the sky.


(Song end)

(Song: Gary Jules – Mad world)

Then Andrew saw a disturbing scene in front of him, the young adult's child self was aiming the rifle at Blu's mother once again but this time after Miller's final yell of demand, the young boy dropped the rifle and opened Blu's cage.

"What…" Andrew said slowly

Then the environment quickly changed to Linda's home in Moose Lake, this was a younger version of the red haired woman and she appeared to have a huge bite mark on her hand.

"Listen Linda…I am sorry that dog didn't work out…maybe you might want a hamster…or a bird?" The older man said

"No dad! I don't want anything! You saw what that thing did to me, what makes you think a bird is not going to do the same!" Young Linda began to cry as she ran upstairs.

"Linda! I am sorry…please come back" Her father shouted as he ran upstairs for her

Once again the scene changed to Tulio's facility before Linda and Tulio moved to the Blu Bird Sanctuary. Andrew saw Tulio had Jewel on a table, a woman walked right next to Tulio and said.

"Sir…she is too unpredictable…and we haven't found a male specimen, I advise we clip her wings until we can find her a suitable mate, she tried to escape last night again." The woman said

"Yes…you're right, she already injured five of my staff members and we can't afford to lose her…once you have her clipped, be sure to put her in the intensive care unit." Tulio finished

"Yes, Tulio" The woman concluded

In the distance a sulfur cockatoo could be seen

Andrew heard cries next door; it was Jewel yelling as her ability of flight was being taken away from her

Then the lights suddenly shut off and the entire place went silent

Andrew began to have shivers again, he tried to find an exit until he heard struggling, and it was Fernando with Jewel in the bag.

"It's that kid…the one who lives with Linda and Tulio but what is he doing?" Andrew asked himself.

Then once again, the scene shifted and this time, it was the hideout of the smugglers, Jewel was alone, unaware that she could easily open the cage with her beak…but without Blu to demonstrate this, she is left to be sold to the smugglers. When Andrew tried to help her, a door opened and a familiar man walked in with a cockatoo on his shoulder.

"The last Blu Macaw…this one will make all of us rich..." Marcel finished as he grabbed Jewels cage and took her to a truck, Andrew could only see for a split second, Jewels face as though she was waiting for rescue but to no avail.

Then another shift in time and space brought Andrew to a cemetery, a slightly younger Miller was walking up to a grave with somebody. He had flowers in his hand and he laid it to rest on a small grave, the person next to miller, who was a woman, was crying which made Andrew curious, this woman was his mother! She was alive! But where was he at? Maybe in the car, waiting for his parents to return?

"I'm sorry…Miller, it wasn't your fault…but we will start a new life together…somewhere else…away from all this corruption, we will forget what happened." Andrews's mother said

"How can I forget that my own son is dead…he shot himself…how could I ever forget that moment I saw him pointing my rifle at his own head…" Miller said

"He is in a better place now…make no mistake about it…" Andrews's mother said

"Yes…" Miller finished as he walked away with his wife.

Andrew looked at his grave in despair

HERE LIES ANDREW MILLER, Son of Jackson Miller and Monica Miller

A loving son who had countless potential for success

September 17 1992 – November 12 1996

"No…this can't be happening right now…it's like some twisted…Christmas carol!" Andrew shouted

(Song end)

Then one final time, the environment shifted but this time, taking place at the same place the whole thing began in, Andrew was back at Blu's birthplace.

"You shouldn't have done that Andrew…give me the rifle" Miller said

"Dad…I'm sorry I couldn't" young Andrew said

"You let them…go away, Andrew but it's okay, just give me the rifle" Miller said softly

Young Andrew slowly approached his father and gave him the rifle.

"Now Andrew…do you know what happens when I lose my temper…" Miller asked

"You…get mad?" young Andrew said softly

"Worse…my blood pressure goes out of control…and then my temper boils to the point I do something about it…but you passed that point, Andrew…and you are doing to learn…to NEVER EVER DISOBEY ME!" Miller shouted as he hit his son with his rifle, the young child was bleeding now and he tried to crawl away.

"Dad…im sorry…" young Andrew said


"Dad! What are you doing! Stop it!" young Andrew said


Everything went black afterwards

(Song: World Trade Center Soundtrack - Piano Theme)

Andrew was crying…everything that just happened slapped him in the face to the point he fell to his knees again and began to pray, it was the first time he ever prayed for some sort of salvation. Then the same spotlight shined on Andrew this time. A person stepped into the spotlight as well, it revealed to be Dionysus. Andrew stopped praying and stood up to confront the God.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Andrew asked the God

"I'm not doing anything, it's all your memories that are inside your head, you are being judged for what has happened, and you're actions that day when you were young set in motion everything that has happened" Dionysus explained

"So all those visions…were because of me?" Andrew asked the God

"Had you not chose to shoot Blu's mother and leave with your father and take Blu away, then everything would have been fine for the Blue Macaw, but the others would have suffered that consequence. Linda would have never met Blu and made him who he is today, Jewel would still have been violent toward humans and never learn to trust them and she would have been eventually caught by the smugglers and you, yourself would have suffered a fate worse than any of those I just said." Dionysus explained

"So does that make me a good guy for shooting Blu's mother?" Andrew shouted

"No, but now you know how things went after you shot Blu's mother, if you were given a choice to go back through time and save her, would you? Despite all those visions that happened? Would you risk it? Is it for the better? Ask yourself those questions, young one" Dionysus said

"I would do anything to bring her back, Blu loves her with all his heart…and it's a pain for everybody to see him like this" Andrew said

"But despite his own mother's death because of you, you decided to save him and the other birds; Blu knows you risked your own life to save him, unfortunately, I cannot bring her back, unless.." Dionysus said

Andrew lifted his head toward the God.

"Unless what…" Andrew retorted

"Unless you Come with me and she will take your place in the real world or remain in the real world but without the ability to talk to any of your friends again but she will be alive and will reunite with Blu, this is the final test…choose wisely" Dionysus said

Andrew became confused

"I did everything I said you told me to do…I sacrificed myself for him, wasn't that enough? I am tired of this "test"" Andrew retorted

"Yes…I saw how you saved Blu, but was that true sacrifice?" Dionysus asked

Andrew lowered his head

"To be honest…I don't think…it will be the same, I know you won't bring her back because…it won't be same…Blu won't believe it himself, even if he told me about his mother being stuffed, everything has to go its own way, there are certain order to things and you can't mess with them, I could have saved Blu's mother but the event already happened and it should be left alone, I may have turned into a bird but you can't just bring back somebody, because then everybody will want to be resurrected. It won't be the same if she comes back. If it's one thing I learned in the past twenty days, it's what Pedro said to me, just because you lose everything you love does not mean you cannot start all over again" Andrew said

The God simply twisted his white beard while listening

"Interesting…you have learned much, but where did that speech come from..." Dionysus asked

"It came from my heart…and I am here to tell you, I want to see them again…I decided to stay with them, this place is different…Rio is somewhere I feel like I belong…it's always been my home…and it always will be, I don't care what happens to me…as long as I am with my friends is what matters" Andrew said

(Song end)

(Song: Artificial intelligence – The Reunion/Where dreams are born)

The God kneeled down to touch Andrew's shoulder

"Giving up your humanity for freedom, what an interesting person you are, Andrew, but I want to know what your interpretation of Freedom is." Dionysus said

"I think…every person…Human or animal…have the freedom to choose who they want to be…I am no exception and I already made my choice." Andrew finished

"So you're willing to give up so many years of life you could have as a human and all the opportunities that were given to you…just to be a bird?" Dionysus asked

"You are so stubborn…Dionysus, do you know that?" Andrew replied

The God let go of the young adults shoulders and stood up…he was bigger than before, Dionysus was about ten feet tall, with the reply that Andrew gave to him; Dionysus could have easily made Andrew into a pancake. The God always had trouble with humans; all his "life" he had somewhat a hatred for human nature, regardless, Andrew was the first person to convince Dionysus that he was different.

"All my life, I sort of had a connection with Rio…and all the birds, the first time I saw them dancing in those trees when I was young…something inside me woke up…if my father had never gotten me into killing them I would have stayed in the jungle with the birds! So when I heard all the birds dancing and singing again in the sanctuary…the same feeling I had happened again…and my old self woke up once more, I feel as though I always wanted to be a bird…it might sound crazy but…I feel much more happier as one…I feel a lot more free and I have so many friends…maybe I wasn't supposed to be born a human in the first place…maybe I was supposed to be a bird, nevertheless…you know who I want to be…" Andrew said

The spotlight dimmed on Andrew and then the void shifted back towards Tulio's office, Andrew woke up

"Just…a dream?" Andrew said to himself as he stood up and held a hand to his head.

"No Andrew, your wish to be one of them has been accepted…you have a few minutes left, why don't you tell Linda and Tulio everything first" Dionysus voice said

Andrew stood up from the chair and ran towards the hallway, he searched the house for everybody but could not find them…until he discovered the trail of saliva on the floor that lead to a familiar door. Andrew approached the door and opened it; he followed the trails that lead to the sanctuary. Linda and Tulio just finished talking before noticing the now awake young adult. The birds also noticed him, along with the bulldog; Luis gave somewhat of a confused look at Andrew.

(Day 20) (11:37 Pm) (The Montero residence) (5 minutes remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

"Oh…Andrew, you're awake, what's wrong?" Tulio asked

"Listen to me…both of you, I don't have much time left" Andrew said

"What happened…what do you mean, did something happen to you?" Linda asked

"Well…tobehonest…alotdidhappen…Iwasturnedintoabird…againstmyownwill," Andrew said in a haste

"Slow down Andrew, you sound like someone who just drank Cuban coffee." Linda said

"Okay…listen, after I tried to take Blu away from you, a God by the name Dionysus appeared and punished me for almost killing yet another bird…his name is Rafael and he's a toucan…but back to the explanation, Rafael broke my leg just before I transformed…so that explained how my leg was aggravated for so long to you guys…and how the connections between Censario..This is the name you gave me; who had a similar broken leg as I did. I made friends with a lot of birds during my recovery…and eventually I learned how to fly…afterwards I learned I killed Blu's mother which caused me to run away and then every bird was captured by the smugglers…and my father, I realize what I had to do and I rushed to save Blu but he was taken away. Then I found you and Tulio and I showed you guys who I was. We went to save Blu and the others and we ended up at the sugar mill, is that enough?" Andrew explained

Linda and Tulio looked at each other then back to Andrew.

"Yea…that's everything, we did see Censario turn into you but…where did this God come from anyways and why would he turn you into a bird, Andrew?" Linda asked

"Because I had no pity for anybody…you could say I was evil but I simply became the very thing I hated but then I soon found out it was the very thing I wanted to be all this time" Andrew said

"Well…your interpretation of Censario is accurate…and I can't see why I cannot believe your story but why are you telling us this now?" Linda retorted

"Dionysus is turning me back into a bird soon…and its going to be for good, I won't be a human again and communicating to you will be much harder when the deed is done" Andrew said

Tulio stepped into the conversation again

"Stop…just stop, this is too much, it's like…a Science fiction b movie…or something" Tulio said

"Well…he did show you those letters that said "I am Andrew" Fernando said

"Right…but, this all seems so impossible…a human turning into a bird? By a God? Out of all the people in this world that have done much worse things…it had to be Andrew?" Tulio said

"Maybe it wasn't just me, maybe there are other people like me" Andrew said

There are other people like you.

(Song end)

A sudden whirlwind made everyone hang on to something, then Dionysus appeared in front of everybody by the door, he went down the porch steps and greeted the two veterinarians.

I did not think I would show my face to all of you today…but it's been a while since I have made a public appearance

Everyone was still, Andrew was right, Tulio and Linda were frozen and the birds flew away to the trees, the God noticed this and spoke out

No, please…I mean you all no harm; I came to explain all that has happened in the past few days.

All the birds slowly returned back to the ground

"So…you're Dionysus?" Linda asked

Yes, I am the God that set everything in motion for Andrew, but he made all the choices and those choices affected all of you

"In what sense?" Tulio asked

Everything would have been different for all of you, as you both already know, Andrew and his Father shipped Blu to Minnesota…and that is how Blu met you, Linda. Imagine if he had not killed Blu's mother, everything would have turned out very bad for all of you

"I see…and what about Andrew stealing Blu and his transformation?" Tulio asked

He chose to steal Blu and I immediately took action, I warned Andrew before of a consequence, he did not listen to me. But His choice to change his heart and dance with the others caused him to believe he belonged here. His choice to save Blu affected everyone, had I not intervened then Miller would have killed all of you, Andrew's father was not always who he was.

"What do you mean…Dionysus?" Andrew asked

I was going to punish your father….he was just like you, when he saw you transform back into a human, he knew it was me.

"But how?" Andrew asked again

It was a few days after your mother died, I confronted your father…and I temporarily turned his hands into a deer's hooves, when he asked for forgiveness, I turned him back…and he stopped smuggling for good…although he did continue hunting, I monitored his actions for a while. He eventually only hunted deer during hunting season. But when he returned to Rio, something inside him woke up again, his killing nature returned and so did his lust for money. Dionysus explained

"That would explain why I didn't see him that particular day…I was hungry…nobody was home but me" Andrew said

Linda walked towards the God

"I read books about you…Dionysus….the God of nature, you turned other people into snakes…dolphins…and other things, I can see why" Linda said

Some the leaders of the world, Neo…Mao…Hitler…and Stalin, were brutal and caused the deaths of many people in cold blood. They were all punished by me, and they never returned to their human form…for all the pain they have caused, they became immortal and forever roam the earth, regretting for all they done…especially Hitler, he told me it was because of ideology, can you believe that, the man killed 6 million people in cold blood before realizing his actions many years after his transformation. It took him so long just to figure out his actions were all for nothing.

"Jesus Christ…" Linda said softly

So I can assure you…many people who killed…or have done so many wrong things…have been transformed into animals themselves

"But you said…I was the first person since Greek times to be turned into an animal…" Andrew retorted

"I lied" Dionysus said

Everyone looked at each other

What…Do you honestly think an all mighty powerful God like myself can't make a lie?

"Well…" Andrew said

Is there something else you need to ask me before we proceed? Dionysus retorted

"Blu…" Andrew said

"What?" Linda asked

"What about Blu?" The God asked

"He needs to know…" Andrew said

"About his mother?" Dionysus asked

"About everything, please Linda…call him for me please" Andrew said

"….Alright, stay here" Linda said as she walked across a trail towards Blu's secluded nest.

Everyone waited and then they heard footsteps and the flapping of wings, Blu and Linda arrived but where was Jewel? She was always with him…

"Where's Jewel?" Andrew asked

"Jewel laid some eggs, she won't be going out of the nest for a while" Linda said

"So, you mean…" Andrew said

"Their species should grow in numbers soon…we counted three eggs so we think they should be fine" Tulio said

Andrew looked at Blu and kneeled down towards him

"What is it Andrew?" Blu asked

"Listen Blu, it's about your mother, I'm sorry for what I did…and I hope you understand, I didn't give my life to become human again…I did it because you are my friend" Andrew said

"I do, I understood how far you went to redeem yourself, I knew how much you wanted to help us and I am glad you did" Blu said

Andrew smiled

"I finally Decided who I want to be" Andrew said

"About time…you had us all worried" Blu laughed

But then Blu noticed Dionysus

"Can they see him?" Blu asked

"Yea" Andrew finished

Linda was awe struck, she walked up to Blu

"Blu…your talking…your actually talking…" Linda walked up to her companion

"What…how can that be?" Andrew said

My influence with you affected everyone in here, but this communication will not last for long

Linda picked up Blu and held him in her arms

"I can't believe this is actually happening…Blu, your talking like any normal person" Linda said

"Really? All this time I thought you understood everything I was saying…because you always responded...Unlike Tulio…he would always act like an idiot when he talked to me" Blu said

"Hmm…act like an idiot? But you always reacted like I was communicating with you…" Tulio said

"Yea…you were just acting like a total imbecile, everything you said about shaking your tail feathers and referring my dominance was just stupid" Blu explained

"Oh…well I have to say that this is amazing at least! Humans and birds…talking to each other! Something you don't see everyday" Tulio said

Rafael flew down from a tree; he landed and went to talk to Linda and Tulio

"Hey you guys…thanks for helping me and Eva out, we greatly appreciate it" Rafael said

"Um…you're welcome…Mr.…." Linda was interrupted

"Please…call me Rafael" The toucan said

Tulio inspected Rafael

"You…know, he sounds like George Lopez…that stand up comedian…ever heard of him?" Tulio asked

"Yea…he has his own show and everything…your right, he does sound like him…funny" Linda concluded

"I was thinking he was an actor or something…" Rafael said

"Well…he's an actor and a standup comedian…" Tulio concluded

Rafael looked up towards Blu and said

"This is pretty cool, they can actually hear what we are saying" Rafael said

Linda let Blu go and kneeled down to talk to him

"You don't know how happy I am to be talking with you, Blu" Linda said

"I know….but there's something I always told you…I don't know if you depicted it correctly…but…I would always say something after we did our signature gesture to each other, it was "together forever" Blu said

"Silly…did you get that from Rick Astley that day we were on YouTube back at Minnesota?" Linda asked

"Yea…I couldn't think of anything else…but do you like it?" Blu said

"Yea…of course I like it, Blu" Linda said as she hugged her Blue Macaw.

Then both did their gesture they have been doing for so long



Both said after doing their gesture

"Together forever…" Linda said

Blu smiled

Pedro and Nico flew up towards Linda

"Hey Linda! Blu told us a lot about you, you are really so nice to us" Pedro said

"Yea, he told us about the dog thing as well, do you really hate dogs that much? I don't mind to be honest, I just don't like their slobber ya know" Nico said

"No…I don't but…things change and I guess I don't mind anymore…" Linda said

"That's cool, hey! You should totally hear one of our songs!" Pedro said

"Yea! It'll knock your socks off!" Nico agreed

Linda looked towards Blu

"Who are they?" Linda asked

"Pedro and Nico" Blu concluded

"You guys have a song? That's interesting…can we hear it soon?"Tulio asked

Both birds nodded as they got everyone together.

Dionysus walked up to Andrew

Its time…

"Alright" Andrew finished

Follow me into the forest

Andrew and the others followed until they saw the cliff where Blu and Clyde had their confrontation, everyone climbed the cliff and became confused

"Why here?" Linda asked

"He wanted freedom, so this was his first glimpse of it I guess" Tulio said

"This is where I taught Andrew to fly…" Blu said

"I remember looking from the tower…you two were so happy" Linda said

If someone would jump off this cliff, they would surely fall fifty feet to the ground, but Andrew was not scared, he actually told everyone to give him some space.

"Andrew…what the hell are you doing…your crazy!" Tulio and Linda shouted

"Calm down guys…Before I do this…I want you guys to know…I am sorry for what I have done…and I hope you guys will understand that this is my home, don't stop me from doing this…I have to do it if I want to be free" Andrew said

Then Tulio turned towards the young adult; he remembered what Andrew said many days ago

"So I guess you won't be an Ornithologist, right?" Tulio asked

"Sorry Tulio, not a chance" Andrew said

"Well I understand, it's been a pleasure speaking with you, Andrew" Tulio finished

Andrew turned to face Linda

(Song: Soarin' Over California/ Soarin' Soundtrack)

"Linda…forgive me for trying to steal Blu from you, I was a real jerk before I met everyone here, and I'm sorry for causing so much trouble, please forgive me" Andrew asked

Linda was still but she made a soft smile as she brought Andrew into a hug…Fernando did the same followed by Tulio, Andrew caught a glimpse of Blu, who was smiling at the young adult. The Humans all let go and Andrew walked to the center of the Clift with everyone watching his every move. He felt the wind blow on his pink skin and the moon's light invade his body; his clothing reacted to every movement by the force. With one long breath, he ran toward the edge of the cliff and jumped, Luis almost had a heart attack along with Pedro. Everyone gasped but the God lifted a hand and with one bright burst of light, in the place of Andrew was Clyde. The Red Crested Cardinal flapped his wings, remembering how the locomotive in birds worked. The other birds soon followed in flight and were right behind him. Blu flew right next to him and they all flew high into the sky, Andrew felt a surge of freedom as he flew into the clouds. The stars were out and the lights of Rio de Janeiro gave out an impressive sight for all the birds. Jewel heard the yells and she looked out from her nest to see all of them flying, she softly smiled. Blu noticed a bright light next to Dionysus…it was his Mother, she was smiling at him, he understood and returned the smile before taking off from the ground and flew towards Clyde.

"Welcome back Clyde" Blu said

"It's great to be back" Clyde retorted

"Whooho! He's back with the gang!" Pedro shouted

"You can say that again!" Nico agreed

"Glad to have you back, Clyde" Rafael said

"You guys are the best, thank you for everything" Clyde said

They continued to fly in the sky while Linda and Tulio, along with Fernando, all hugged each other.

"Do you think he regrets it?" Tulio asked

"No…why would he? It's something he wanted" Linda said

"I guess I don't have to go to bed after all this?" Fernando asked

"No, Fernando, you have school tomorrow, remember?" Linda said

"Oh please! Just this night!" Fernando begged

"Fine, but just this night…after all, you're going to be the one who cleans after Luis" Linda finished

"Oh…right" Fernando Finished as he examined all the saliva that the bulldog left behind.

Then, the five birds landed at the cliff, but something bothered them, Dionysus walked toward them

(Song end)

"They can still understand you; they want to listen to your song" Dionysus said

"Alright! Well, you guys clap your hands and watch us do what we love most!" Pedro shouted

(Hot wings)

"Party in the Ipanema, baby!" Nicosaid

I wanna party

I wanna samba

I wanna party

I wanna samba

I wanna party and live my life

(Live my life!)

I wanna party and Fly


(Hey!) Imma fly, fly just like the birds

(Pedro: But chu are a bird)

Oh yea... that's right so let me fly just like a rocket then

(Pedro: Ok)

Fly so high were I need to come down for oxygen


Hey cause once we start it baby Aint no Aint No stopping then


Cause I just wanna live my life and party


All I want is to be free and rock my body

The humans were enthralled to dance along which is what they did, Luis also joined in the fun.

(Pedro: Ok!)

And Around the World and I Wanna live my life

In Rio

Cause of Rio

Cause of Rio

Rio Lajula!

I wanna party (party)

I wanna Samba (Party)

I wanna party (party)

And fly!

"Wow this is amazing!" Linda said

"I've never seen anything like it" Tulio agreed

Meanwhile during the song, Pedro flew next to Clyde and said

"Join in man, you can sing in my part!" Pedro said

"Well okay, if I still remember the song

Pedro and Clyde: I'm that Samba, Samba Master

Master Master Master Master

Who Shouts Out?

Imma get your blaster, blaster

Blaster, blaster, blaster

You dance fast but I dance faster

Faster, faster, faster, faster

Then Blu flew to his nest to find Jewel, the Female macaw spoke out

"Listen Blu…I can't leave" Jewel said

"Don't worry, we can sing the duet right here" Blu reassure

You're too slow

You need to catch up

(You can Dance, and dance, but I)

I wanna party (Party)

I wanna Samba (Party)

I wanna party (party)

I wanna Samba (Party)

I wanna party (Party) and live my life (my life)

I wanna party (Party)

And fly!

Then, the humans saw Blu and Jewel by their nest; they were dancing in the air until.

Nico: Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

Jewel: lly y ally yyall yyall aaa aaaa

Lly y ally ya llyy ally ally yall yally yally yall yaaa

Nico: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Pedro and Clyde: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Pedro, Nico and Clyde: Hey, hey, hey, hey

Applause could be heard from everywhere, Clyde smiled at his friends, Dionysus also smiled and he disappeared, proud of the Red- crested Cardinal, the birds eventually were unable to communicate with the humans anymore, but it didn't matter, they were all close to each other like a family, Clyde promised some of the birds to teach them some English words to communicate to Linda and Tulio eventually. 2 weeks passed; eventually Blu's offspring hatched from their confines and Jewel was blessed with three wonderful children. One of the children was light blue, like Jewel, the others were dark blue like their father. Tulio and Linda got married in igreja socorrista evangélica church and Fernando official became a sibling to the Montero family. Castillo kept close to the family, offering protection against any possible threat to the birds. Tipa and Armando worked in the sanctuary with the others and learned to love birds like them, they were eventually given the freedom to see the birds inside the sanctuary without Linda's supervision. Linda and Tulio could not find the owner of Luis so they adopted him for now. Tipa's father, Diego, sold his stuffed animals for money and bought an aviary to take care of birds, Tipa was happy to see this happen. But one stuffed animal was asked to be burned, Linda told Diego this…seeing as she needed to be laid to rest, Diego complied and burned Blu's stuffed mother. Armando's arm eventually healed and Tipa became close with Fernando, forming somewhat of a brotherhood.

(1 month later)

The sanctuary was alive with song once again; Golden Conures, spoonbills, and macaws of all shapes and sizes were singing and dancing.

All the birds of the feather, do what we love most of all


Moon and the stars, sun and guitars, that's why we love Carnaval

Jewel could be seen, flying past some Keel – billed toucans and Toco touans and some Macaws, Blu was following her

Loving our life in the jungle, everything's wild and free

Then Blu joined in the song, and three young Blue Spix Macaws could be seen

Never alone cause this is our home

Then their children flew next to them and Jewel joined in once again followed by some other birds

Magic can happen for real, in Rio

All by itself


Then the birds flew and sat on a branch by the river and continued

You can't see it coming; you can't find it anywhere else

Then Pedro, followed by Clyde, Interrupted the Macaws and started singing themselves

Pedro: I'm a Kako wera Kinga Kinga Kinga Kinga (Kinga!)

Clyde: Birds like me, cause I'm a hot winga

Pedro: there's your hot winga (Awk!)

Then the two birds flew by a branch by Nico

Nico: Here everybody loves Samba

Pedro and Clyde: I like the samba

Pedro pointed towards Rafael, who was with Eva and their children in a nest, both Rafael and Eva looked at each other with love in their eyes.

Rafael: Rhythm, you feel in your heart

Then Pedro blocked their view and said

Pedro: I'm the samba masta!

Then the three birds flew off and went by the river

Nico: Beauty and Love, what more could you want?

Everything can be for real, in Rio


Then everybody flew up above the forest, Tulio and Linda appeared on Gliders with Fernando by their side

Here's something else (Something else)

You just feel, it happening

Clyde smiled as the sinking sun hit his brightly colored feathers; he finally had what he wanted. He lived amongst the birds and enjoyed being what he loved most, a bird

You won't find it anywhere else!

Then a familiar bulldog was on a glider as well and shouted

"I love you, Rio!" Luis yelled

So the birds, along with the humans, soared in the dimming sky, as the doors of this story close, we can see Clyde coming up and making a wink at the audience.

(The end)

Andrew: - I will kill these birds

Pedro: - but Andrew…you are a bird

Andrew: - o_O

And then Andrew was a bird

That was basically the story in a nutshell o_O

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds."

Aesop (620 BC - 560 BC), The Jay and the Peacock

"God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages"

Jacques Deval, Afin de vivre bel et bien

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."

Chinese Proverb

My influences – Rio, Don bluth

Soon I will release the "beta" version of this story, it is basically how it was going to be before I reconsidered and added a lot of new ideas and sub plots. It was supposed to be just a transformation story for deviant art.

Hope you enjoyed by story, i really like making stories like this.