Chapter 2

Andrew was completely shocked at the sight he was seeing, the very thing he hated, the very thing he despised, the very thing the hunted down was now himself.

"This cant be possible! How can science explain this?"

He examined his body carefully, he was a Red –crested Cardinal but with a few differences, his head was the same color as the regular cardinal, his wings were Grey and his belly was black.

Then, he heard footsteps and when he turned around he saw himself (his human form)

"No…this cant all be happening"

But it was too late he was put in a cage and sent to a nearby laboratory within minutes.

The lab contained many specimens of animals that were very familiar to Andrew; he was put in the middle of the room and then the room became pitch black except for one little spot of light. A shadow was sitting on a chair and was smoking which made the room very foggy, soon after it lit its cigar it went walking towards Andrew. All Andrew could think was he was soon to die like all the animals he killed. The expression in Andrews eyes were pure horror. The shadow dropped the cigar and stepped on it and released the remaining smoke from his lungs out of his mouth toward Andrew who coughed at the horrible scent but suddenly gasped at who it was.

His father…

Noo! Andrew woke up in a sudden jolt

"Mr. Miller do you mind keeping your voice down, and by the way you are going to be late for your second period class I suggest you hurry" Mr. Smith finished while writing on the board.

Andrew was sweating and panting, but he wanted to forget about what he just experienced so he left the room to his second period class.

(Day 1) (3:10 pm)

School had just ended and Andrew was walking very slowly to the table where he would eat lunch with all his friends but today he did not even show up for lunch because of what happened and he was very scared to sleep again. His best friend, Nicholas showed up and patted his friend in the back.

"What's with the long face, Andrew?"

He did not want to tell Nicholas about his dream experience because he would think he was weird but instead talked about another topic he was worried about.

"I am failing American government" Andrew said

"How can you fail American government? It is our country after all..."

"I am always sleeping in class that's why and I don't really care about my grades anymore as it is"

"Andrew…Its senior year and it's your last chance to prove yourself worthy to all the schools that might want you in their system"

"What good is it anyway? I just want to follow my father's footsteps"

"You know your grades so far Andrew? Nicholas asked "yea… I do"

"I have a C- in calculus, a D+ in Economics, a C+ in English, a B- in physics and a F in American Government" Andrew concluded.

"You'll never start your life with those grades Andrew, we only have ten days of school left and you're just going to throw yourself away? After all you have done? Nicholas argued

"All I have done in my life was to kill animals, Nicholas; I am a cold blooded killer okay?"

"Sigh…you are bringing this upon yourself Andrew" Nicholas said walking away

"Fine! Walk away! I don't need your help! Your not my friend you useless scumbag!"

"What did you say Andrew?" Nicholas asked with anger

"I said you're a scumbag piece of trash!" Andrew retorted

Both stared at each other for an intense ten seconds with Andrew panting angrily but Nicholas realizing that fighting will not solve the issue, so he just wanted to tell Andrew here and now.

"You've changed haven't you Andrew…this isn't the Andrew I met back in 5th grade." Nicholas finished walking away leaving Andrew in the dust.

(5:34 pm Day 1)

(Song: Coldplay – Clocks)

It had been a long day for Andrew; he calmly walked to his BMW, which was sitting in the nearby garage. As the sun began to set in the town, lights began to flicker around this street. Andrew felt a surging pain in his heart, he grasped his shirt but the pain immediately went away as if it never happened. As he tried to wonder what the cause of the sudden pain was, he realized how late it was getting. The dream Andrew had; made him realize what his father had been doing to him all these years.

Light go out and I can't be saved

Tides that I tried to swim against, you've put me down upon my knees…

Oh…I beg, I beg and plead (singing)

Come out of things unsaid; shoot an apple off my head

(And a)

Trouble that can't be named, tigers waiting to be tamed (singing)

You are, you are

Andrew was just a couple blocks away until he saw a beggar ask for food, he tried to evade the old man until he was running out of space to run away to. He was against a wall at the mercy of this beggar.

Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks (ganna)

"Look mister, im running late, maybe some other time?" Andrew lied while running away. He left the beggar to cry alone in the enveloping darkness.

Come back and take you home, I could not stop, that you now know (singing)

Andrew saw the sun; the mighty ball of fire surrendered to nighttime's onslaught and vanished under the endless ocean in the horizon, down the road he was walking adjacent to.

Come out upon my seas, curse missed opportunities (am I)

A part of the cure, or am I part of the disease (singing)

You…are, you…are

(Song end)

Andrew reached the garage and switched the ignition and headed home to his secluded house that was located 2 miles from the famous Hollywood sigh, his home had three floors, a large pool and a balcony with a rather expensive telescope. Andrew arrived at his home and turned off the machine and got out of his vehicle. He saw his father, who had just brought in a fresh deer with a gun wound to its forehead. At least the poor creature did not suffer Miller's wrath.

"Dad why didn't you tell me" Andrew said walking towards his father

"Tell me what?" Miller asked

"Where you took all those birds all these years" Andrew shouted

"Why son I told you before, I saved them from hunters" Miller concluded

"Now I know that is the biggest lie you ever told me father" Andrew said walking inside the house and going to his room unpacking everything. His father followed

Andrew looked around his room and reminisced how his room looked before his conscience changed, nothing much but with a huge difference, every night he would take out his journal and write all he knew about birds and always hid it from his father.

But that was before his father forcefully destroyed all he loved about birds but sadly that love was a distant memory he could not remember.

He found the old, torn book under his bed where he last had it and began examining all the decaying pictures inside. But the picture that caught his attention the most was the photo of the Baby blue spix he and his father had captured years ago.

"Oh...Andrew, I thought you would never find out about it but I guess it is time I tell you, all the birds that we took to that laboratory were either killed or sold to the poachers who in turn sold them for profit themselves, as for your mother, well…she was too arrogant with her big, She found me one day bringing in some of the birds and she immediately told me she was shocked to find all the birds mistreated so she ran away, she ran to inform the police but I couldn't let her do that so I had to do the one thing I could have done.

Andrew did not know how to feel in the instance his father told him the story; he simply did not accept the fact that his mother and all his life he was fooled and used.

"No…you're making that up…" Andrew said

"Son, I know this is a little hard to take in but…all these years I lied to you, so you could live a better life." Miller lied

"A better life…I don't know what that means…anymore dad" Andrew questioned his father

"son…they were only just birds" Miller concluded, he hugged his son tightly only to have Andrew back away slowly and make a run toward his door.

"Wait! Andrew! Come back my son!" his father cried grabbing his gear and heading off to stop his son.

Andrew ran down stairs and found the keys next to the front door and unlocked the door as quickly as possible. He stormed out of his house and ran into the nearby forest.

(All I ever wanted)

Andrew did not look back and continued sprinting in the lush forest, he stopped on a cliff and saw the moonlight hit his cold, brown eyes.

Gleaming in the moonlight

Cool and clean and all Ive ever known

All I ever wanted

Andrew could smell the trees and water around him, the very thing he was feeling was denial.

Sweet perfumes of incense

He remembered how his house contained long hallways made of alabaster stone.

Graceful rooms of alabaster stone

All I ever wanted

He was looking at the landscape of Los Angeles that was home of the tallest skyscrapers in the western united states.

This is my home

With my Father, mother and Lifestyle (changed to make it more fitting)

Oh so noble oh so strong

Unaware to his father, who was still looking for him, he returned to his house to remember how his life was before his conscience changed.

Now I am home

Here among my trappings and belongings

He examined his torn journal and put it in his bag; he removed all his books and school items


And if anybody doubts it they couldn't be more wrong

He put his passport, wallet with just about everything he ever made which was just about 2 thousand dollars.

Then, his phone stared to vibrate on his desk, it was Nicholas...sending him a text message.

Hello? Andrew...if you're getting this message, i wanted to say how sorry i am for making you mad, if you return this message...

The text read

Andrew grabbed his phone and replied

Gone to Rio, you wont hear from me in a long time, goodbye Nicholas.

Andrew set down his phone on his bed and walked towards his door, sweat was invading his body, why would he ever think of doing this, it was ridiculous...

Surely this is all I ever wanted

He looked at his room one last time

All I ever wanted

He got in his car and headed for the nearest airport.

All I ever wanted…

(Song end)

And so Andrew booked a flight to the very place he least expected to go, Rio De Janeiro

He wanted answers for all this; he wanted to find exactly where this laboratory was and who helped his father catch all these animals all these years. He wanted to find he became the person he was.

(3 hours later) (9:31 pm Day 1)

Andrew was in an internet cafe inside the airport...looking for specific laboratory's in Rio, he was starting to get bored until he found a very familiar one, a laboratory he swore he and his father used to go to.

It read

"Blu Bird Sanctuary"

Andrew was intrigued, he printed the page and stuffed it in his pocket and left the cafe and headed towards his terminal.

Andrew was feeling guilty after arguing with Nicholas, he wanted to call before he got on his flight, he walked over to the payphone in Terminal D - 62, just a couple of minutes before the passengers would start to board the plane.

He put in the quarters and waited for a reply

"hello?" Nicholas asked

"its me, Andrew" Andrew said

"Andrew, i read your text...whats going on..." Nicholas asked

"My dad...told me something very bad...he told me he killed my mother..." Andrew said

"No way...he would never, your dad is chill...why would he ever want to..." Nicholas

"you wouldn't understand the reasons...Nicholas" Andrew retorted.

"okay that why your going to Rio?" Nicholas asked

"im going to find out what really caused my father to kill her, we used to go to a lab when we lived in Rio, i think its now called Blu Bird Sanctuary" Andrew explained

"well, i hop..." Nicholas was interrupted

"listen, Nicholas...if my dad says anything, don't tell him about this conversation, he cant find out" Andrew finished.

"Alright, you have my word, Andrew" Nicholas said

"best friends..." Andrew concluded

"best friends, Andrew, good luck bro" Nicholas finished.

Andrew hanged up and took a deep breath before walking to the line of passengers who were waiting to board the plane to Rio de Janeiro.

(Few hours later) (1:27 am Day 2)

Andrew was sleeping during the 17 hour flight to South America. Andrew departed from the airport in due time without his father's knowing. He found the trip rather relaxing and something to keep his mind off for a while. But then a voice kept making him wake up all the time. He finally woke up one last time after he felt a twitch in his chest. He scratched it but it woke him up. He looked out into the window, clouds were passing at high speeds, and rain began to pour. Then Andrew swore he saw an image of a Red-crested Cardinal in the window. This scared him and he closed the blinds.


"Who are you! Go out of my head! Andrew shouted in his mind

I want to show you something young child, go to the lavoratory

"If you get out of my mind I will!" Andrew walked to the lavoratory and locked the door.

"Okay so who are you" Andrew asked, the nineteen year old teenager noticed the lights began to flicker in the bathroom.

I am the voice of the wind, the sound of water flowing down the stream, I am the mountains that echo with pride, I am the son of Zeus, and I am Dionysus the God of nature.

"Wha…God? Why would a God Want talk to me? Am I worth talking too?" Andrew asked.

Young child you are not worth anything, you are the priceless creation of the Gods

"I hate to break it to you Mr. God, but I am atheist and therefore I do not believe in you so get away from here" Andrew said with a cold heart

So my child, you are weak in spirit and weak in heart as well? Do you not feel redemption for killing all my creatures?

"Sure…Listen just show me what you wanted me for"

Very well child, the place you seek is not a location but it is something you must find inside of you, you must find what you are seeking, this little adventure will cost you something you value the most if you are not careful my child.

And with that, the voice disappeared, leaving Andrew to return to his seat and to enjoy the rest of his flight to Rio De Janeiro. Andrew was glad he brought his I phone with him; he played his favorite song "Good Charlotte – Hold on" during the trip. But he kept having the image of the Cardinal in his head. When he got his food, he immediately started eating. After that, he watched Grown ups, it was a pretty funny movie and it made Andrew ignore his worries, for now.

Meanwhile back at Andrew's residence, It started to rain, Miller got on his knees in defeat; the cold, wet rain only made him weak and did not help at all, suddenly...Miller lifted his head in shock

"I shouldn't have told him..."

his son had left him, and would probably never return.

Miller returned to his estate, drenched in nature's tears, he walked upstairs and stood by Andrew's bed, which he has had for so many years...

"oh Andrew...i shouldn't have..."

Miller stopped mid sentence as he discovered Andrew's phone on the bed, he reached out for it.

"now why did he leave his phone?..." Miller asked himself

he unlocked the phone and found the text message.

Gone to Rio, you won't hear from me in a long time, Goodbye Nicholas.

Miller's face suddenly turned pale