Hey, guys! How are you? It's me, Party Poison! I'm guessing you read the summary. Props to you for making it this far.

Well, I'll get to the point-I need to "broaden my horizons," as my mom calls it. I need to get used to the fact that not everyone likes DaTr or ZaGr, which are my main pairings. There are people who like ZaDr, ZaTr, TaGr, and RaPr, no matter how much I want to ignore that fact.


Leave me a review with a song and a pairing in it. I will write a chapter inspired by the song centering around the pairing you chose. I might even write a songfic, depending on my mood.


I will not accept any adult/child pairings or incest. By this I mean such pairings as Dib and Dwicky or Dib and Gaz. Slash and yaoi pairings are tolerated, but not encouraged (unless it's like, Keef and Torque, since I don't care about them). Try to keep the songs moderately appropriate. I don't want this to have to go from a T to an M just because guys like you are requesting songs like "Daddy" by KoRn. Swearing and references to drugs and such are allowed.


I can't use EVERY SUGGESTION I GET. If I really like a pairing/song combo, or I feel like torturing myself, or have a really good idea, I will use that idea. Please don't feel bad if I don't use yours.

That's about it. Please leave me a review!

~Party Poison