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It was a quiet evening in Princeton and an even quieter evening at the grocery store. The parking lot was almost deserted and inside the store just felt like an empty where house, with the exception of a handful of people. There was a young couple were in the grocery store, looking for the right sized watermelon. Tom didn't know why his girlfriend needed to; they were just going to eat the damn thing anyway. Kathleen was holding two of them in her hands when all of a sudden she felt light-headed. She did her best to keep her balance and tried not to fall over. She failed as she dropped both items of food as she hit the floor in the produce section. Thomas leans over her trying to wake her as the store manager comes running.


Chapter 1

Chicago County Hospital had been pretty busy for the few months and also had been able to add a few new additions to the hospital since the creation of the Diagnostic Medicine Department. Dr. Cameron wasn't at all surprised when the Daniels picked Dr. Bell over her to run it. It was better for her since Daniels decided to have her run the Immunology department staring this week. As Cameron had entered the parking lot and slowly walked towards the front doors when she heard a motorcycle roaring to life as it came flying into the parking lot. Cameron looked in the direction that it was coming from as her eyes widened in surprise as she spotted the familiar orange and black motorcycle. The bike and its rider parked in the space next to Cameron's.

Cameron rolled her eyes as she watched Jennifer Bell remove her helmet and toss her hair. Bell then climbed off the bike and walked over towards Cameron with a backpack thrown over her shoulder. Bell just smiles at Cameron. "Morning, Ally. Beautiful day for a bike ride don't you think?" Cameron just looks at Bell as she walks past and then takes one last, quick look at the bike before she follows Bell into the building.

"Is that who's I think it is it is?" Cameron finally asked. She knew it was. It still had the giant scrape on the side. It had to be. Bell just smirks at her as the entered through the doors of the hospital. They both walk up to the front desk as Bell reaches for her messages.

"That bike is mine now. My brother sold it to me." Bell tells Cameron she goes through the messages. Bell crumbles the pieces of paper and tosses them into the waste basket at the front desk. He came by this weekend to drop it off since his flying back with his family at the end of the week."

Cameron stayed at the desk as Bell started to walk towards the elevators. She turns and looks back when she realizes that Cameron wasn't following her. Bell sees the look of surprise on Cameron's face as she walks back towards the front desk. Bell waves her hand in front of Cameron's face and chuckles lightly when she snaps back into reality. "You okay?" Cameron nods at her. Bell still has a smirk on her face as she began to speak in a somewhat realistic southern accent. "Are you sure, because you looked like someone just walked all over your grave." Cameron just stares at her trying to figure out what the hell that comment meant. Bell rolls her eyes. "I was watching Tombstone last night."

Cameron nods her head in understanding as they enter the elevator and Bell hits the button for the fifth floor. Cameron waits for the doors open as Bell stands next to her in silence. They've became really good friends since the Anderson case and it helped them in the long run. Cameron was able to back up Bell when Daniels went to the board about opening a Diagnostics department. And Bell was able to help out Cameron when Daniels appointed her as head of immunology. Apparently Bell had a lot more pull than Cameron realized. She wondered if she was blackmailing the board members, but she shook her head at that thought. She maybe House's sister, but she's not as conniving as him. "I just didn't realize that he was in town."

"Well, there's that infectious disease conference in town and his wife is making him go. She said something about holding out on him until he agreed. He caved like a stack of cards." Bell enters her office as Cameron follows her in. Bell's new office was much bigger than her old one, which was a perk of becoming a department head. She was also able to get a decent size conference room, another perk. "So he'll be staying with me for the week. It helps Lisa with her budget and I get to spend time with big brother." Bell sat down in her chair as she put down her backpack on the desk. She leaned back as Cameron stood in front of her.

"How long do you think it'll be before the two of you kill each other?" Cameron smiled at her Bell was about the answer when both Prichard and Masters walked in.

"Morning, we caught a case in the ER. 28-year-old female blackout in the supermarket last night with her boyfriend. Paramedics found a slow heart rhythm but then came it came back up." Masters thought that she should continue that is until Prichard cut her off.

"Patient also has nose bleed and complains of abdominal pains. " Prichard knew he had to throw some information in because he can never tell when she was going to stop talking. Prichard hands the file over to Bell. As Bell flips through the file as Prichard and Masters removed their lab coats and starting setting up the differential.

"According to the file there hasn't been any sign of infection, but it also says that's she's been on antibiotics for the last ten days. So any blood work's going to be compromised." Bell stated as Masters started writing the symptoms on the white board.

"You think she might have had a reaction to the medication?" Masters said as she finished writing and put down the marker. Cameron looked over and commented at Masters and Prichard as Bell handed her the file.

"It could also be an infection, but with the meds she's taking it's hard to tell. Take her off the meds and if a fever spikes, then we'll know it's an infection." Cameron closed the file. Bell stood up from her chair as she took back the file from Cameron as she continued, "Then get new blood work so we can figure out what kind of infection it is." The two younger doctors put their lab coats back on and walked out of the room.

A few hours later, Masters and Prichard are in there patient's room drawing blood for testing. Masters then had the idea that they should do sputum cultures to be sure. Prichard looks at her "You realize how long that'll take?" Prichard admired Master's abilities to no end but sometimes he thought that some things she did were a waste of resources.

"I just want to be sure; a full tox screen will take a few days, if it's an infection we might be able to tell sooner if we do the cultures as well." As Masters was finished defending herself the machines inside the room began to beep with a force as the patient's BP starting to drop and her body started to convulse. Masters put the cultures down on the tray next to the bed as the nurses came in to try to stabilize the patient.

Half hour later as the Masters and Prichard enter the Bell's office after the patient was stable. "Patient stable?" Bell asks without looking up at them, she received the page earlier when the patient crashed. She was grateful they were able to stabilize her. She just hoped that they can keep her that way.

"For the moment, now that she's off the anti-biotics, she spiked a fever of a 102.2. We had to put her on diuretics so her brain doesn't fry." Prichard told Bell as Masters wrote the new symptom on the white board. Prichard felt like he hadn't slept in days, he would have thought that he was used to the odd hours by now, but that wouldn't be the case.

"Poached would be more accurate in this case. At least we know this is an infection, fever's a clear sign. Masters, how long are those cultures going to take?" Masters looks back at Bell and wondered how she knew that she did that when Bell spoke again. "No, I'm not a mind reader. I'm a department head I get a report from the lab when you guys perform test." Bell just leaned back in her seat and just smirked at the two of them. They still had a lot to learn when it came to medicine. Hell, so did she, but she wasn't going to let them know that. Masters looked back at Bell before she spoke.

"Another 24 hours, at most. I should get some results in the morning." Master finished as Cameron knocked and entered the office.

"You guys got another problem. Another person just came into the ER with similar symptoms. You might want to go check it out." Bell nods as the two younger doctors rushed out of the room. Cameron walks over to the desk and hands Bell the ER file. This patient also has a high fever and is delirious, and Bradycardia." Bell looks over the file and then tosses a dry erase maker in Cameron's direction so she can write the symptoms on the board.

"Since she is already has the low heart rate, it won't be long for the first patient start hallucinating as well. And we still don't know what we're dealing with." Bell stood at the white board as she looked at the combination of Cameron and Master's writing and began to process the symptoms. Fever, delusions, low heart rate, respiratory problems." Most of these are signs of encephalitis, but we don't know the underlining cause. Bell's seen this before, she knows that this is an infection, but can't be sure where. At least not until she hears a low voice from behind her and Cameron.

"Oh look. You actually have a case of Typhoid fever. Your first week on the job and you have an epidemic on your hands." Cameron freezes in place as she hears a voice that she hasn't heard in years they both turned around as the saw the true master in all of his glory. That was included a new flame cane in his hand. Cameron was not expecting this encounter any time soon, so when she tried to form a sentence, but she was only able to form one word.


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