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Another day was finally almost over. The work load was close to breaking my body down, but I only had one thing left to do and I would be free. In preparation of tonight, when Arthur would be crowned Prince of Camelot, Mrs. Grover was in charge of the floral declarations in the hall of ceremonies. We had to make sure it was beautifully filled and lined with the traditional roses, lilies, and orchids, along with more native choices like columbine, kingcups, sweet violets, and cornflowers. As lovely as they all were, I never knew how exhausting it could be placing flowers in a specific order across a huge throne room... for hours... after gathering them all up to bring them in to decorate.

For my last assignment of the day, Mrs. Grover told me to bring a bouquet of specially grown flowers to Arthur's chambers. She wanted to thank him for helping her and her daughter, Annabelle, in their time of need. Plus, she wanted to congratulate him for finally being crowned prince so I got to add the best of the roses to the middlemist reds, white water lilies, and blue eyed dahlias inside the fancy silver vase. Staring at it all made me roll my eyes and when I reached Arthur's door, I decided not to knock.

I mean, I had a really long day and while I liked working in the gardens, I'm not a delivery girl. And Arthur's ego was being stroked enough, so why would I stroke him even more? Bad choice of words. Just as bad as my decision to not knock.

"Hey Arthur, Mrs. Grover wanted me to give you- OH MY GOD!"

I immediately spun around and shut my eyes quickly as I could. Standing in the middle of the room - right in front of me - was a completely naked prince. I felt my face turning bright red at the thought of a naked Arthur was imprinted in my mind. He shouted at seeing me just before I heard him grabbing his pants to put them on in a hurry.


"I'm sorry! I was carrying a rather large bouquet and I wasn't thinking you'd be changing in the middle of your room. I mean, you do remember you have a changing screen, right?" I replied.

I could hear Arthur grumbling in a low voice and figured it wasn't anything civil. I used the time it took for him to dress, to try and cool down as I still felt very hot. I couldn't believe I just saw Arthur nude. His sculpted abs on that beautiful body... Holy crap, I wish I had my camera to take a picture. I just wanted to rub my hands on his… Wait a flipping minute! I mentally had to slap myself out of it. What the hell was I thinking!? No Sam, get those thoughts out of your head. He's a stupid prat… but sexy prat. NO, STOP THINKING THAT!

"Are you decent?" I asked, trying to sound exasperated instead of embarrassed.

"Yes I am."

I slowly turned around to sadly see he was clothed. No, you are not sad! You are happy he's wearing clothes again. I cleared my throat before I walked over to the table to place the bouquet on the empty surface.

"These are for you from Mrs. Grover. Don't worry, I checked to make sure there were no beetles in them."

I laughed at my joke but instantly stopped when I saw Arthur wasn't even smiling. I cleared my throat and started to retreat from the awkwardness.

"I'll just be going then," I said quickly. Before I could touch the door knob, Arthur's voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Sam, wait." I slightly peeked over my shoulder to see Arthur shifting uncomfortably by the flowers. "If I ask you something, will you promise to be honest with me?"

"I'm nothing if not honest." I tried to smirk with my response, but it didn't seem to help the situation.

"I don't know exactly how much you... saw, but could you please not tell anyone about this? The last thing I want is for rumors to starts filling every ear in the castle. Or worse, all of Camelot."

I huffed out a deep breath, finally turning around to face him and answered, "No of course not. Can't be associated with a lowly commoner. Especially one that works in the dirt with the plants."

"Sam -"

"Don't worry, Arthur. Not only did I not see much, I wouldn't blab about it to people even if I did." I looked down at my slightly pricked fingers and the light layer of dirt on my palms. Rubbing it away as best I could, I glanced back up at him to finish, "I'm not that kind of person. You don't have to worry about your princely reputation.

Arthur stepped up to me and slowly reached out to touch my hand. I brought my eyes down to watch him gently hold my hard-worked hand in his strong and clean one, but when I met Arthur's eyes I saw that he had been looking at me the whole time. "It was never my reputation that I was worried about." He said. "It wouldn't be fair for you to suffer slander over an innocent misunderstanding like this... or the undeserving consequences."

I suddenly felt myself tighten my own hold on his hand and smiled at his concern for me. I shook my head at the feeling of warmth returning to my face and replied, "That's why I trust you."

Arthur's eyes widened, showing me every shade of his beautiful blue, and I nearly got lost in how honored he was by what I said. He was also clearly as surprised as I was that I said it, but I didn't regret it either. Trying to move passed it, I said, "So, we're on the same page then. Forget this ever happened."

"Agreed," he said with his own small smile. Arthur let go of my hand and backed away over to the vase. "Thank you for the flowers, they're even more beautiful than their -" He stumbled over his words and finished, "Than I expected. Please, tell Mrs. Grover thank you as well."

"You're welcome and I will." I turned the doorknob and left his chambers, clasping my hand over and over to still feel his touch.

Those few hours couldn't have gone by faster because here I was, standing in the Hall of Ceremonies holding a bowl of cherry pottage. I could smell the aroma of delicious pork, honey bread, grilled veggies and delicious tarts. My mouth started to drool like a little puppy. What I would give to take a small nibble. I had to snap out of my food fantasy when Merlin nudged me to focus on the ceremony.

Arthur knelt down before his father as he was ready to be crowned Prince of Camelot. Uther looked down at his son and said firmly, "Do you solemnly swear to govern the people of this kingdom and its dominions according to the statutes, customs and laws laid down by your forebears?"

Arthur looked up at his father and responded confidently, "I do, sire."

"Do you promise to exercise mercy and justice in your deeds and judgments?"

"I do, sire."

"And do you swear allegiance to Camelot, now and for as long as you shall live?"

After taking a deep breath, the young prince said in a loud and stern voice, "I, Arthur Pendragon, do pledge life and limb to your service and to the protection of the kingdom and its peoples."

I noticed the glint of pride in Uther's eyes, however, he did not break character as king. He turned to a page boy who was caring the crown and Uther grasped the gold, turning to his son. As he raised the crown over his son's head, Uther said in a loud voice, "Now being of age and heir apparent, from henceforth, you shall be Crown Prince of Camelot."

Arthur smiled as he felt the crown being placed on his head. The court applauded for their new Crown Prince of Camelot. Arthur stood up and faced the people. I smiled proudly at him and would have clapped along with the court, but I was still holding cherry pottage. As the thundering claps echoed off the walls, my heart stopped beating when Arthur's eyes found mine. The way he caught my gaze suddenly made me think of what happened in his chambers and I felt my cheeks warm. I sharply inhaled and forced my eyes down to the cherries. So red and ripe and… Oh look, those three cherries look like the shape of Mickey Mouse.

I felt someone nudging me in the ribs and glanced up to see Merlin looking concerned.

"Are you feeling alright?" he whispered to me.

"Yeah, I am fine… why?" I whispered back.

"Because your face is red. You're not running a fever, are you?"

My eyes widened in fear of how noticeable my flushed cheeks must be, so I took a deep breath and replied, "Don't worry, it's just wearing this long sleeve dress is great if we're outside or at home, but here..." I looked around the great hall, trying to avoid Arthur's gaze. "Where there's dozens of torches and candles and even more people, it makes me a lot warmer than I need to be. But I'm fine. No big deal."

Gwen giggled at my stumbling statement and saved me from further embarrassment as she asked my brother, "So how does it feel to be servant to the Crown Prince of Camelot?

Without missing a beat, Merlin replied, "Washing his royal socks will be even more of a privilege."

I scoffed at his statement. "Plus, you have be on your best behavior even more now since his ego is bigger than a melon. Maybe it's a good thing that I work as a gardener now instead of being his maidservant," I said.

Merlin immediately turned to me and asked quickly, "Is it too late to trade jobs?"

Gwen smiled at our bickering as she said, "You're proud of him, really. Including you too Sam. Even though you complain about him constantly."

"I do complain about him and I am not afraid to admit it," I said proudly as I sneakily dipped my finger in the pottage.

I was about to have a little taste, when Gwen slapped my hand like a child being reprimanded by her mother. What? I was hungry.

"No, don't eat that! Besides, I was talking about Merlin and his complaining," she said.

Merlin scoffed and rolled his eyes. "I am not."

"You are. I can see it in your face," Gwen responded back.

"Those socks are very clean," Merlin said quickly and pompously. "Of course I'm proud of them."

I shook my head as Gwen laughed. I opened my mouth to speak, when something terrifying happened. Chaos erupted as a black armoured knight on horseback busted through the stained-glass window. Some of the court ducked their head to make sure the glass didn't touch them. I was so scared that I screamed and dropped the cherry pottage. The bowl crashed to the ground, staining not only the marble floor but my red and green dress. Great not only is Gwen going to kill me because I ruined another dress she gave me, but the Cook is going to have a fit about the pottage. Merlin grabbed my arm to hold me back and pushed Gwen behind him. Morgana's face turned white as Arthur and the other knights of Camelot drew out their swords.

Uther's eyes widened in fear as he murmured quietly, "What in the devil's name?"

I held my breath as the Black Knight threw down his gauntlet in front of… Arthur. I remembered in History class back in my world, that if a knight throws down his gauntlet in front of someone and that person picks it up… then they accept the challenge of single combat. Some challenges include death. I recalled what happened in this episode. I watched at Arthur sheathed his sword to pick up the gauntlet. However, before he could bend down, instantly another hand grabbed the gauntlet first.

Arthur looked stunned as Sir Owain stated as he held up the gauntlet, "I, Sir Owain, accept your challenge."

My heart pounded in fear when the Black Knight's head snapped towards Owain. His voiced echoed the halls as the Black Knight said sternly to Owain, "Single combat. Noon tomorrow. Till the death."

Owain stood firmly as the Black Knight's horse reeled up towards him. As the Black Knight rode off, I looked at Owain to see he was trying to be brave and strong, but you can see some nervousness in his eyes.

After cleaning the mess and Uther dismissing everyone, Merlin, Gaius and I were back in our chamber. I changed out of my ruined dress and into my nightgown. I put my wavy brown hair into a messy bun.

I walked out of the bedroom to see Gaius was at his table brewing a medicine for someone. Merlin walked into the chambers looking very tired and worried.

"How did Arthur feel about Sir Owain taking the gauntlet?" I asked.

Merlin sighed and said, "Not good at all. He felt dishonored and stress at the whole situation."

Without looking up from his work, Gaius replied, "I wouldn't blame him. Today was a very important day for him and that knight literally crashed the party."

Merlin looked at our uncle and asked, "Have you ever seen this Black Knight before?"

Again, without looking up Gaius replied, "I don't believe so."

Merlin and I shared at look as we both thought at the same time, 'He is lying.' "You didn't recognize his crest?" I asked.

Gaius stopped his work and looked up at us. "Crest?"

"Which house is it?" Merlin asked this time.

"I'm not sure. I didn't see it that clearly."

"But he's not someone you'd forget in a hurry, is he?" Merlin asked persistently.


"So you don't think he's from around here?"

"That would seem likely."

"Then what's he doing here?"

Having another of his nephew constantly asking questions, Gaius glared at him and said firmly, "Merlin, your faith in my all-seeing knowledge is both touching and wholly misplaced. Maybe if you've finished your work, you could go to bed and leave me to finish mine."

"OK, I'm going."

I watched as Merlin stomped into the bedroom like a pouting child. I was about to follow him, but I turned around and said, "Gaius?"

Gaius sighed and rubbed his forehead. "What is it Samantha?"

"Do you think Owain can beat him? Do you think Owain can kill this knight?"

Gaius paused for a moment and the five words that I did not want to hear. "We'll find out soon enough."

I nodded my head and bid him a goodnight. Merlin was already asleep when I got into my bed. I pulled out my journal underneath my pillow. I quickly but quietly turned to one of the blank pages.

I stared at it and whispered, "Noel satra killopa."

Instantly, I felt my eyes warmed up. All of a sudden, words appeared on the page. Just think of Tom's journal in the Chamber of Secrets… only this is not a bad demon journal. On top of the page it said "Season 1 Episode 9: Excalibur." I had bullet points of what I remembered that happened in the episode.

Arthur is crowned Prince of Camelot

Black Knight (aka Ygraine's dead older brother Tristian) crashes the celebration.

Tristian initially challenges Arthur but Owain grabs the gauntlet

When I got to number 4, what I knew what will happen tomorrow will sadly come turn.

Owain does stab Tristian but doesn't kill him. Tristian kills Owain.

I whipped my hand over the page and the words disappeared. I really wish there was some way I can save Owain from his fate. I don't want him to die. Sure, he is arrogant and cocky, but he is a human being. I spent a few hours trying to think of ways to save him, but I've always end at a road block. Maybe the dragon was right. Maybe it's my fault these people are dying. What good am I here if I can't save anyone from my knowledge of the show? Feeling tired and distraught, I placed my journal back underneath my pillow and tried to get some sleep. Maybe I can find a way to save Owain and change this episode. Little did I know, that this episode was going to test my humanity and wit to the end.

Hmm, should Sam figure out a way to save the knights from the Black Knight or let the episode continue the way it is? You tell me!

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