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It's been a week since the episode Excalibur event. I felt so proud of myself for finally changing an episode and for the better. Plus, getting the overgrown lizard's shocked face and his apology will forever be planted in my memory. It was great to relax and not worry about evil in Camelot for once.

Morgana, Gwen and I had gotten even closer. We even had a picnic near the sunflower field (with soldiers standing guard of course). When I was on break or finished my job in the garden, I sneakily grabbed my horse, Midnight, and rode into the forest to practice my taekwondo.

But that couldn't last forever.

On a beautiful morning, I was carrying a basket of lilies to the market to deliver them to our flower seller John. After finding the stand and handing him the flowers, I turned around and noticed Merlin was hugging a woman. Merlin soon caught me staring at them as he pointed at me. The woman turned to me, and I gasped to see who it was. The woman was Hunith, Merlin's (and supposedly my) mother. I couldn't believe how much Hunith looked exactly like my real mom back in my world.

I stood still as a statue. I did not know how to react. Hunith rushed over to me with Merlin trailing behind. I held my breath as she placed her hands on my cheeks and she started to cry.

"Oh, my beautiful Samantha. You've become a beautiful lady," she said softly.

All of a sudden, I felt something come over me, and crash into me like a tsunami to the shore. I missed my mom back in my world so much that Hunith was the closest thing I could have to a mom in this one. I dropped my basket and slowly wrapped my arms around her. I cried in her shoulder, and I whispered, "Mom, you're here."

I felt her kiss my head before I released her. My smile dropped when I noticed she had a bruise under her eye. "Mom, you're hurt! What happened?" I asked.

Merlin grabbed Hunith's shoulder to examine her. His face turned red as he asked, "Who did this to you?!"

That's when I realized this was the beginning of the episode, "The Moment of Truth," and this one is going to be hard.

While Merlin took Hunith to Gaius, I ran to find Arthur. I remembered Hunith was able to talk to Uther in the show, but I thought it there might be a better chance to gain real help in the village if Arthur sought the meeting with the king and court. His request would carry much more weight.

When I found Arthur on the battlefield practicing his sword fighting skills with Leon and Richard, I ran to them and called out, "Arthur, I need to talk to you!"

The men paused their fighting and stared at me. Arthur looked slightly happy to see me, but it quickly flashed away into arrogance.

"Sam, we are in the middle of something here. I don't need to help you on which color dress Morgana should wear for the banquet in two weeks."

Some of the knights laughed at Arthur's comment, but Leon did not. He grabbed my arm and asked quietly, "Sam, what is the matter? You look frightened."

I slightly smiled at Leon's concern. Leon has become a dear friend of mine. Besides Merlin, Leon also knew that I sneak into the forest to practice my fighting skills. Who do you think helped me sneak Midnight from the stables? He even volunteered to teach me archery, without the other knights and Arthur knowing.

Arthur glared at Leon's hand that was placed on my arm. However, his glare faded when he saw my red eyes and tear marked cheeks.

"Sam, what happened," asked the prat.

I looked at both as said, "My… mother just arrived from… Ealdor. My village is under attack by ruthless bandits and this last time, she was hurt. I need your help, Arthur. Can you talk to your father to set up an urgent meeting for my mom to seek council?"

Arthur looked hesitant for a moment. I was worried he would decline and Hunith wouldn't plead her case in front of Uther.

"Sire, I think you need to do it. Sam is our friend and I've never seen her this frightened," said Leon.

Even Sir Richard matched forward and said, "Whatever you decide my Lord, we are behind you. But I agree with Sir Leon for letting Samantha's mother speak to the king."

I was grateful for them speaking out and surprised that Arthur didn't reprimand them. I looked at Arthur trying to do my best puppy pout on him.

With one look, I knew I had him wrapped around my little finger. "I will set up a council meeting right now for your mother."

I smiled and without thinking, I wrapped my arms around the prince's waist. It took me a few seconds (and an awkward pat on the back from Arthur) to realize what I was doing. I immediately released him and apologized. Arthur cleared his throat and told me to get my mother to the throne room in one hour. I thanked him again before rushing back to Gaius' chambers to tell them the good news.

As promised, Arthur was able to get a meeting with the Uther in less than an hour. I stood beside Merlin as we watched our mother plead in front of the king and his court. I could tell she was frightened by her shaking hands. I've may only remember Ealdor for one day, but it still felt like it was my home.

"The winters are harsh in Ealdor, and there are many children. Some of them just won't be strong enough to survive. We barely have enough food as it is, and if Kanen takes our harvest, our children won't live to see another summer. Please, we need your help," Hunith begged Uther.

I looked up at Arthur to see sympathy in his eyes for 'my mom.' Morgana and Gwen seemed to especially felt empathetic towards her cause. Uther, however, had a calculated look on his face.

"Ealdor's in Cenred's kingdom. Your safety is his responsibility."

Hunith shook her head and replied, "We've appealed to our king, but he cares little for the outlying regions. You're our only hope."

Uther bowed his head, listening to Hunith's plea for help. "I have the deepest sympathy for you and would have this barbarian wiped off the face of the earth."

Hunith smiled slightly, thinking Uther will save the village. "You'll help us?"

Her smile dropped when Uther said, "I wish I could."

I closed my eyes in disappointment. Why was Uther always so stubborn?

As he sensed my disappoint, Arthur turned to his father as asked reasonably, "Surely we can spare a few men?"

"Resources are not the problem."

"Then what is?" Morgana asked while trying not to scoff at her king.

Uther looked at his ward and replied, "Ealdor lies beyond the Ridge of Ascetir. For an army of Camelot to enter it would be an act of war."

Hunith suddenly fell to her knees and begged, no, prayed for him to help her. "I know you're a good king, a caring man. I'm begging you, help us, please."

I looked at Uther for his answer, but just like in the episode, he said with authority, "The accord we've struck with Cenred was years in the making. I cannot risk hundreds of lives for the sake of one village. I'm afraid Camelot cannot help."

Hunith lowered her head as she silently wept. I looked at Merlin to see him stare at his mother with so much pity but in utter rage at the king. Morgana glared at Uther before she helped Hunith up and escorted her out of the throne room. With one more look at the king, I shook my head with disappointment before following Morgana.


After bringing Hunith back to Gaius' room, Sam decided to stay with her while Merlin searched for Arthur. He found the prince on the battlement, looking out over Camelot. He was deep in thought about what happened in the throne room. Arthur turned his head when he saw Merlin walking up to him. Neither of them spoke; just stared at the beautiful afternoon sky.

"How's she doing?" Arthur asked, breaking the silence.

Merlin sighed in answer, "Not good. She's heartbroken. Sam's with her now to make sure she's all right."

Arthur nodded his head before saying, "I'm sorry. If it were up to me, we'd be on our way there now."

"You tried. And thank you for getting an audience with the king," said Merlin. "Sam said you helped when she asked and we are truly grateful."

The future king of Camelot was not convinced. He should have spoken up more. "I wish that Camelot was able to help people regardless of how far away they lived."

Merlin took a moment before admitting, "We're going back to Ealdor."

Arthur whipped his head to Merlin, his stunned expression catching Merlin off guard. 'Going back,' Arthur thought. 'Did that mean Merlin and…. and Sam were leaving Camelot? For good?'

"We… you mean… both you and Sam are leaving?" Arthur managed to ask, receiving a slow nod from Merlin in confirmation. "But you're both coming back, right? I mean… Mrs. Glover will be heartbroken if her best flower gardener was not returning."

Merlin smirked to himself. Right, ONLY Mrs. Glover would miss my little sister terribly.

"Arthur, Sam and I have to go home. She is our mother. I have got to look after her before anyone else. I know Sam would be worried sick about our mother and our village that if I tried to leave without her, she would take Midnight and probably beat me there." Merlin tried to laugh, but it was too serious a conversation. "Sam wants to be there for mother, and so do I… You understand?"

Arthur did not know what to say. He was not only going to loose his manservant (and in all honesty friend), but he was also going to loose the girl who had changed him in a way he never thought possible and by doing so, secretly stole his heart. Arthur looked down on the stone wall that he gripped beneath his hands. The mere idea of never seeing Merlin or Sam again was devastating. If it became a reality...

"When will you both be departing?" he asked softly.

Merlin looked back at the horizon and answered, "We're leaving before dusk."

'Before dusk?' thought Arthur. 'That was only a few hours away.' He tried to push his feelings back down his throat before they could manifest as tears. Arthur took a deep breath and knew he must let him go. "I'd do exactly the same and I will inform Mrs. Glover that Sam will be leaving her post."

Merlin smiled at Arthur before the prince cleared his throat and went back to his normal teasing self. "Well, you've been terrible. Really, I mean it. The worst servant I've ever had."

Merlin chuckled and shook his head. "Thank you, sire. I'll tell Sam you said your farewell."

Merlin started to head back to Gaius' when Arthur stopped him. "Merlin. Good luck."


"Gwen, thank you so much for letting me have the sword."

Gwen smiled as she examined my bow. She shook her head and said, "I still can't believe Sir Leon gave you private lessons on archery. What if Arthur found out?"

"Well lucky for me, Arthur is so oblivious to even notice. And besides my taekwondo, I wanted to learn something else to defend myself." I looked at Gwen and asked, "You still remember the self-defense move I taught you?"

"I have been practicing," she said proudly.

The door opened as Merlin walked in. Without needing to ask, Gwen handed Merlin a sword for him to test. He started to reach for the blade before Gwen sucked in her breath to stop him.

"You're supposed to grab the hilt, Merlin." I said as I looked at my sword.

Gwen giggled while Merlin rolled his eyes in embarrassment. He grabbed the hilt and started testing the sword. I could tell he wasn't comfortable, since he looked like a fish out of water.

"Tell me how it feels," Gwen asked him.

Merlin nodded his head and said, "Yeah. Yeah, that feels...that feels really good. It's very, erm, you know...swordy."

Both Gwen and I raised our eyebrows at my brother. "It feels… swordy? That's the best you can come up with?" I teased, trying so hard not to laugh.

Merlin shrugged his shoulders as Gwen continued to pack. I smirked when I saw there were four bags. "I've packed some armor for you," said Gwen.

Merlin looked confused when he saw the bags of armor and supplies. "Sam and I won't be able to carry all that."

We heard the door open to see Morgana enter the room, wearing trousers and a corseted tunic. She smirked at us and said, "You won't have to. We're coming with you."

"Are you serious?" I asked, pleased that was still her decision like in the episode.

Morgana smiled and nodded at me. However, Merlin was still confused.

"You're going to need all the help you can get. I can mend armor and sharpen swords. Plus Sam has been teaching me some of her self-defense moves," said Gwen.

Morgana continued by explaining, "And I know how to fight."

I was all for this, but Merlin was not convinced, "But y-y- you can't. I mean, why would you?"

Gwen grabbed Merlin's hand and replied, "If it was the other way around, you'd help us. You already have. You saved my life."

Morgana walked up to me and said, "And you helped me get the druid boy out of Camelot. We owe it to you. Both of us."

I looked at my older brother and said softly, "Merlin, we need all the help we can get."

Merlin looked into my pleading eyes before agreeing with us. The girls and I cheered. Morgana told us to meet at the stable in one hour so we could leave immediately.

Hunith was with Gwen when Merlin and I returned the physician's chambers to collect our things. I made sure I packed my notebook with the art supplies, our magic book and of course my clothes. I wrapped my invisible cloak around my neck, making sure the hood wasn't on my head. I was about to leave my room when I noticed I left my blue gem necklace on the bedside table. I remembered Arthur returning it to me when Sophia stole it. I grabbed it and placed it on my neck. I looked in the mirror and caught my reflection. I lightly traced the gem, thinking that this is the only item that came with me from my world. My real mother gave me this necklace on my 13th birthday, and I had never taken it off since, well except for that kidnapping incident. I really missed her and my dad… and even my older sister, Courtney. Even though I was still pissed off at her for choosing Josh's side over mine.

I took a deep breath and walked out to see Gaius helping Merlin pack.

"You got the food I prepared for you?" Gaius asked my brother.

Merlin tried not to roll his eyes as he replied, "Yes."

Uncle Gaius looked at me and asked concernedly, "Did you pack sleeping draughts, just in case you have nightmares again?"

"I have everything packed," I answered.

Gaius nodded his head before handing Merlin a big bottle of wine. "Be careful with the wine. You know what you're like. One whiff of a barmaid's apron and you're singing like a sailor. And do not let Sam have the wine. Her allergies will flare up after one drink."

I rolled my eyes and groaned. "Gaius, that was one time and I do not drink."

Merlin picked up his backpack. "We'll be fine."

"Are you sure you don't want an extra blanket?"

I touched his arm for reassurance. "Gaius, we will look out for each other, and we will be fine."

Merlin touched my shoulder and said, "I promise to look after her and mother."

Gaius cleared his throat trying so hard not to cry. "Well, make sure you're all right. Do whatever it takes."

Merlin and I smiled at him before he grabbed both of us, pulling us in for a hug. I felt a tear hit my shoulder and I hugged him even tighter. It was going to be a while until we saw him again.

"We love you Gaius," I murmured into his shoulder.

"Thank you for being a father to us," Merlin said trying to be strong.

Gaius released us before placing his hand on my check. Now I was crying.

"I love you both so much," he said. A moment later, he cleared his throat and said, "Now, go home and protect your village."

Merlin and I grabbed our backpacks and departed from the room. Gaius stared at us leaving and I swear I heard his heart break as the door slowly closed behind us.

We met up with Hunith, Morgana and Gwen at the stables. After placing our packed items on our horses, we galloped out to the road that led to Ealdor. I pulled Midnight's reins to stop her for a moment. I looked back at Camelot's castle one last time. I didn't understand why I felt so sad to leave, like I would never return. I knew we would, but in that moment, the loss was overwhelming. I heard Merlin calling my name, so I shook my head and kicked Midnight to trot to the others.

After a few hours of riding, and the sun had set, we all stopped to set up camp to rest a while. Morgana and Gwen instantly fell asleep in their medieval-ly makeshift sleeping bags. I sat near the campfire, trying to warm up when Merlin and Hunith sat down next to me.

Hunith placed her hand on my head to comfort me, softly saying, "You should get some sleep."

I kept my eyes focused on the red sparks of the fire. "I'm not tired right now."

Hunith sighed before looking back at the sleeping girls. "They shouldn't be here. Especially the Lady Morgana. Isn't she the King's ward?" she asked us.

"Not that you'd know it," said Merlin as he picked up a stick to poke the fire. "She's the only person I know who isn't frightened of him."

"It won't make any difference to Kanen that they're women," Hunith said grimly.

"Women can fight as well as men, if they're trained. Plus, we are smarter than them," I said smugly.

Merlin glared and pointed at me accusingly. "Now that is not true!"

I smirked at his childishness while Hunith giggled at us. "Oh, how I missed you both. It hasn't been the same since you left our village."

My smile dropped and brought my eyes back to the fire. Merlin touched his mother's healing, but still bruised cheek. His eyes were determined as he firmly said, "I want to make him pay for what he did to you."

That's the one thing I loved about Merlin. His protectiveness for his friends and family. Hunith grabbed her son's hand and shared her worry. "Promise me you'll be careful. No one can find out about you or your sister."

I reached over to grab her other hand. "We'll be alright. No one knows about our gifts."

Satisfied with my reply, Hunith bid us goodnight before she laid down to sleep. I scooted closer to my brother as he picked up a burning stick from the fire. He blew on the flecks and watch as they flew into the air.


Merlin's eyes glowed as the flecks turned into the shape of the Pendragon sigil. I smiled before saying, "Swifyics."

The Pendragon flew to Merlin and swirled around his head before disappearing. Merlin smiled at me before saying softly, "Best gets some sleep."

I nodded my head before laying down on my blanket. I looked at Merlin to see he was still sitting by the fire before closing my eyes.

It was a couple of hours since the fire smothered into smoke, and I kept tossing and turning. I missed my bed at the castle and the hard ground kept poking into my back. I sat up and cracked my spine. I knew I was going to have circles under my eyes in the morning.

I was about to lay back down when a heard a snap in the forest. I looked to see everyone, including Merlin still asleep. Without waking anyone up, I got out of my sleeping bag and tiptoed to the sound. I moved some branches to see if anyone was there and once I stepped into the clearing, I didn't see anyone, just a bunch of squirrels running up a tree.

I went completely still when I suddenly felt someone grab my shoulder. Without thinking, my taekwondo instincts kicked in and I tornado kicked my supposed attacker in the stomach. I heard a groan as I got into my fighting position. However, in the next instant, my eyes widened at seeing Arthur bent over in pain.

"Arthur! Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I thought you were a bandit," I explained as I helped him to his feet.

Arthur grunted as he placed his hand on his abdomen. "Next time, use a weapon instead of your…what do you call it again?"

I sighed and said, "It's called taekwondo and I left my weapons at camp."

Arthur looked at me before shaking his head. "You are an idiot, Sam."

"I thought you only called my brother an idiot."

Before he could reply, we heard someone walking near the bushes. Arthur grabbed his sword and then my arm for us to hide behind a tree. To our disbelief, it was Merlin, holding his sword like a baseball bat. Arthur put his finger to his lips, and I couldn't help but smirk as I remembered this scene from the show. It's one of my favorite Merlin/Arthur moments.

Merlin had his back to us when Arthur placed the tip of his sword on my brother's back. I watch as Merlin froze with fear at the feel of the blade and Arthur saying, "I'd ask you for money, but I know you don't have any."

Merlin smiled as he said Arthur's name and whipped around with delight. Arthur had to duck down as Merlin's sword nearly clipped his head and just as quickly, Merlin's smile dropped when Arthur glared at him.

"Put the sword down, Merlin. You look ridiculous," sneered Arthur as he took Merlin's sword out of his hand. "Sam, it's just your idiot brother playing knights."

I smiled and walked around from my hiding spot to join my boys as we walked back to camp.

When we returned to camp, Merlin lit the fire again while I wrapped an extra blanket around my shoulders.

Arthur picked up a stick and asked us, "How much further is it?"

I looked at Merlin and said, "I believe we have a few more hours before we get there."

Arthur looked very calculated before asking Merlin, "How many men does Kanen have?"

Merlin was contemplating the question before answering, "Erm, I'm not sure. I think, from what my mother said, maybe as many as forty."

Arthur nodded his head before saying to us, "You should get some rest. It's going to be a long day tomorrow."

Merlin agreed by yawning before he got up to find his place to sleep, leaving Arthur and I alone by the fire.

"Arthur… you didn't have to come. But I know Merlin and our mother are grateful that you did… and so am I," I said softly.

Arthur looked right into my hazel eyes. He wanted to say something, but he could not get the words out of his mouth. He cleared his throat as he stood up. "Get some sleep, Samantha."

I watched as he grabbed his sack and walked to the other side of the camping grounds. I smiled slightly and was touched that he did show up. I stood up and laid back down on my blanket. Without a second thought, I drifted back to sleep.

The next day we rode on our horses a couple of hours all the way to Ealdor. My heart started to speed up when I not only saw the village but heard screams and commotions. Arthur kicked his horse faster and we followed behind him.

I could see Kanen raising his axe to strike a man on the ground to kill him. I reached for my bow, but Arthur beat me to it when he threw his sword. Kanen jumped when Arthur's sword smashed right into the post behind the leader. Kanen looked confused when he saw Arthur dismount his horse and grabbed his extra sword. I pulled Midnight's reins to make her stop and quickly dismounted her. I pulled my sword out while the others came to stop their horses.

Kanen narrowed his eyes as he shouted to his comrades, "Kill them! Kill them all!"

Arthur and Merlin were fighting their own bandits. One of Kanen's men ran to me with his sword. I slammed my sword against his, pushing with all my might as he stumbled. I sheathed my sword and grabbed my bow and arrow. The bandit regained his stance before he rushed right at me with his sword raised. He was ready to kill me.

I looked at his sword and hissed out, "Nota killa."

My eyes heated as my magic made him 'accidentally' drop his sword. Without hesitation, I released my arrow. My eyes widened when my arrow had a direct hit to his chest before he fell down dead. I smiled and mentally thanked Leon for those lessons. What I was unaware of was that someone saw me using my magic.

I heard a scream behind me, and to my horror, one of the bandits had his arm around Gwen's neck. She looked petrified. Before I could use my magic, I knew there was another way to save her.

"Gwen, stranger danger!" I screamed.

Her eyes lit up in realization. Remembering her self-defense move I taught her; she back kicked the bandit's shin. As he groaned in pain, Gwen used her elbow to slam his nose. The bandit hollered in pain and released Gwen. She sprinted away from him and rushed to me. I was so proud of her!

I looked to see Merlin killed his attacker before I heard a shout. I turned to see another bandit about to attack Arthur from behind. Thankfully, his guardian angel aka Morgana parried the attack. Arthur was stunned when Morgana killed the attacker.

Morgana looked at the prince with a smirk. "Bring back memories of when I used to beat you?"

Arthur scoffed and explained, "That never happened."

I heard another shout from behind me. I turned to see the bandit that attacked Gwen was holding a little girl hostage. I could hear her mother screaming for help and the girl was crying. Without thinking, I grabbed another arrow and launched it. The arrow pierced his head. The bandit fell down dead. The little girl ran back to her mother, and they embraced. I smiled to see the reunion.

Kanen mounted his horse in a rage. "You'll pay for this with your lives! All of you!"

He and the remaining bandits fled the village. I took a deep breath as suddenly felt the adrenaline flooding my system. I dropped my bow and grabbed a post to help still myself. Hunith rushed to me and held my face.

"Sam, are you alright?"

I took a deep breath and replied, "I'm fine. Just trying to catch my breath."

She smiled before we heard a commotion behind me. I looked to see Merlin hugging someone. The person looked behind Merlin's shoulders and his eyes landed on mine. I realized it was Will, Merlin's best friend. I stood in fear, knowing what his fate would be at the end of the episode. Merlin released his friend when he saw Will was looking at me.

He walked up to me and I felt a little nervous since I didn't know what my relationship was with him.

"Um… Hey Will… How was-"

Before I could utter another word, I squealed with surprise when he grabbed me in his arms and spun me around. I started laughing before begging him to put me down. He finally set me down and he placed his hands on my checks. "I've missed you so much, Sami."

I lost my breath when he placed a kiss on my forehead and pulled me back into his embrace, nestling his face in my neck.

What was my relationship with him?!

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