Rainy Days

Maybe it was the way she walked.

Maybe it was the way she looked at him.

Maybe it was the way her eyes started to shimmer when she noticed him passing by without saying a word.

But maybe it was just his own head that stood in the way. Just his way of thinking that brought them apart. Maybe it was the way he was born.

A prince. He was the future king of Camelot.

She was a servant girl.

Yes probably that was were the problem had begun.

His hands were folded over the leather of the throne he sat on. The weight on his shoulders made the big chair seem uncomfortable and in some way hard. The prince shook his head. There was no maybe.

Actually there also was no doubt. That was the way it went. And it was the way it would always be.

There was no way out of it. The prince's look focused on the dark empty wall in front of him. But his thoughts seemed to be somewhere else.

There were sunny and there were rainy days.

And the rain fell down like water over his body and made him sink and fall.

Even through the rain the barriers of humans stood still like a mountain in the storm and they would not fall.

The prince shook his head again as if he even doubted the reason life was for.

His view fell down on the crown on his hands he hadn't really noticed until now. It was lying there, shining with gold. Its light felt almost harsh in his eyes.

But out of a sudden there was a voice in the prince's head. A voice of someone he cared for. The voice of the one he loved.

"Maybe when you are king... things will be different."


The prince lifted his head and the look in his eyes changed for a moment.

Maybe this was the way it should be.

What happens when rain meets sunshine?

A slight smile touched the prince's face expression that quickly was gone again. But it was a sign of hope.

When sunshine meets rain there is a rainbow somewhere far away.

Maybe it was time for a change.

And maybe those rainy days would fade away.