Hello! This is SuperBlackdeth666!

So, I've officially completed my first story on (Yay!)! As you all know, it is a twisted and depraved tale of murder, hatred, tragedy, friendship, and love. What's pleasantly surprised me is that in spite of how grotesque and perverted this story is, it's gotten unexpectedly positive feedback from readers (although one user claims to have been grossed out by the killing in Chapter 6, heh heh heh)! But regardless of what anyone else thinks, personally I think that this is an excellent story, and a great way for me to get started on this website.

Will I write any more fanfics? It's possible. I've been flirting with a few ideas in my head. Don't know if any of them will be as sick as this one, but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Oh, and if my work does gross anyone out, then I've done my job well!

Anyway, I figured I'd end this crazy fic by going over the things that I put in it, where they're from, why they're there, etc:

The title of this story is obviously derived from The Number Of The Beast, which is what 666 is. This could also be construed as a reference to the Iron Maiden song, "The Number Of The Beast."

Necropedophile is named after the Cannibal Corpse song, "Necropedophile."

There is an extremely rare congenital deformity called diphallia, which is when a man has two penises. This is what Necropedophile has, although the real thing isn't nearly as dramatic as how I depicted it.

Listen to the song "Trash-Hole," by Lord Gore, and you'll hear the exact words that were spoken at the end of Chapter 1.

I had Numbuh 666 drive a Cadillac CTS-V because it's the world's fastest sports sedan, and because it would at the same time be able to hold him and all of Sector V.

Numbuh 666 quotes a line from South Park when he says, "What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anybody. Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Chapter 4 contains two Star Wars references. The compartment in the floor that Numbuhs 83, 84, and 86 hid in is like the ones in the Millenium Falcon that Han Solo and company hid in. And the moment between Necropedophile and Numbuh 666...well, I shouldn't have to explain that!

Listen to the song "Addicted To Vaginal Skin," by Cannibal Corpse, and you'll hear words that describe exactly what Necropedophile did to Numbuh 83 after he killed her.

The real names of Numbuh 666 and his parents are references to the manga series Hellsing.

I chose Fredericksburg, VA as Numbuh 666's hometown simply because it's a straight shot down I-95 from where Sector V is supposed to be located. I originally had no idea that it was a Civil War battle site.

Numbuh 666 quotes political commentator Glenn Beck when he yells at Numbuh 362.

Necropedophile quotes a line from Talladega Nights when he says "Hakuna matata, bitches!" as he's kidnapping Numbuh 5.

The reason why I chose Greenwood, SC for the KKK's hideout is because I have relatives there, even though none of them are involved with any hate groups.

In Chapter 8, when Numbuh 666 is briefing the others on the rescue mission that occurs in the following chapter, he sneaks in an Arnold Schwarzenegger quote that you should be able to find.

Obviously, the KKK were about to lynch Numbuh 5! Surely you know that!

Speaking of the KND and the KKK, there's actually a KND Youtube Poop out there called Numbuh 9,001 and the Book of KKK. Look it up if you want to.

If you don't know which site Numbuh 3 was redirected to, get off the Internet!

All the bands mentioned in Chapter 10 are real. Don't believe me? Look them up!

Part of the description of Necropedophile's basement refers to the Cannibal Corpse song, "Meat Hook Sodomy."

Numbuh 666's last words are loosely based on what Numbuh 1 said to his team in the series finale, "Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S."

And finally, the last chapter is named after the Pantera song, "Cemetery Gates." The song playing on Numbuh 1's boom box is "In This River," by Black Label Society.

(P.S: To the reader who brought it up a couple of times, nobody got pregnant, okay? No babies were involved in the making of their love; that would've made things too complicated!)


So that's the story in all it's glory!

Cheers to zorua, Lord Anubis Judge of the Dead, DarthWill3 (long live the Sith!), McQueen 2.0, and anyone else who read and enjoyed this fanfic.