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"No, sorry about bumping into you. I didn't mean it! I tried to stop but I couldn't! So, sorry!" Luffy smiled.

Zoro was seething. Fingers twitching as if he wanted to get his swords out and thrust it into the boy or to just strangle him, plain and simple.

"Naaa, Zoro, calm down." Usopp tried to ease Zoro's anger towards Luffy. "He said he's sorry."

Luufy grinned at Zoro's direction. "Sorry, really!" he apologize again and turned to all of them. "Sorry for bothering all of you and thank you for the help." he bowed and bolted at the direction he was heading before the impact.

"Hey, wait!" Franky tried to stop him, his hand outstretched. But he was already gone.

"Do you need something from him, Franky-san?" Brook inquired. Franky turned to him and said, "No, but he forgot something." He opened his hand upside-down and something dangled from it...

A key pendant.


"Not here, not here... not here! Oh, damn, where is it? WHERE IS THAT DAMN KEY?" Luffy cried while checking his pockets and insides of his shirt. After Luffy accidentally bump into one of those people, he tried his best to bolt out of their presence before someone saw him with them and stopped beside a tree. He panted heavily and put it on his chest, upon doing it he never felt the lump of the key at his neck. His heartbeat doubled up. He fell at his knees and started checking everywhere.

He never found it.

"Where~?" he asked no one, trembling. And he remembered the incident earlier with the green-haired man. "No..." He stood up and rotated back the same direction he came but he was blocked by a voice.

"There he is!" a loud voice yelled out.

Shit! He bolted back at the direction he was supposed to go. I hope they won't throw it away.


"Tell me again, why didn't we throw that away?" Zoro asked, still pissed off about the incident a little while ago.

Name scowled at him. "Because it's made of pure silver with a touch of gold!"

"No, Nami, it's because that isn't ours and the boy might be back for it." Usopp sighed.

"Why do you think he'll be back for it, Usopp?" Chopper asked. Usopp looked at him and started his own version of why.

Robin smiled and answered the question. "It is a key, so it must be important to him and it is made of silver and gold." She acknowledged, sipping the coffee.

"Yes..." Franky started analyzing the key. "It is a well-made key and it is not, certainly not made by a planetary tribes. And it is made from silver and gold." He seconded Robin. "Maybe the boy was a member of constellation tribes..."

"Or the star tribes." Sanji added.

"Or the satellite tribes." Brook continued.

"Yes..." Franky said, slowly. "Because silver and gold are hard to find with the planetary tribes. Mainly, it is found with satellite tribes and sometimes with the star tribes."

"If he is a member of any clan mentioned, then he must be an aristocrat." Robin concluded.

"Aristocrat?" Usopp seemed to have abandoned his story-telling when he heard the word. "Aristocrats aren't supposed to walk without a guard and have you seen the boy? He looked like he was from a common clan." Usopp said, Chopper in his side.

"Yes, now that you mention it..." Sanji acknowledged. "He looks like a commoner." And he exhaled a smoke.

Zoro grunted. "Whatever."

"Have you found the boy?" a female voice questioned.

"No, he was fast." a male voice responded. "Damn, we need that key of his."

"We must find the boy first and then...get the key." And the both of them run at the other direction. "Then, we imprison him."

"The boy? The key?" Chopper repeated. "Imprison him?"

Brook sipped his tea. "That must be the boy who collided with Zoro-san."

"And this key..." Franky said, slowly. "I could understand why they wanted it..."

"It's silver and gold." Nami nodded.

Usopp turned to her, knees shaking. "But to imprison the boy?"

Nobody answered him.

"We must find him. Fast." Zoro rose to his feet.

"Now, we know why he was running that fast." Sanji did too.

"He was being targeted." Robin stated.

And all of them ran at the direction the boy run off to, hoping he was alright.


"Hand over the key, boy!"

"I don't have it!"

He was too busy running away from the owner of the voice and his key to notice that someone had already caught up with him. So, it was a surprise to him when someone tackled him from behind to the ground with a resounding thud. Straddling him, the man demanded the key from him. And, of course, Luffy accidentally lost it somewhere, so he answered negatively.

Not that he'll give it to him anyway.

"Liar! You have it! YOU ALWAYS HAVE IT! Being the..." He was cut off by Luffy's roar of "I SAID I DON'T!" followed by a harsh push that made him lose his balance and landed on his butt.

"Why you, bratty bastard!"

"I'm not sorry," he taunted and grinned. "Don Krieg."


"Has anyone of you had seen him?" Nami asked, after they had regrouped.

Met with negative response, she grimaced.

"Don't tell me he was already caught by them?" Usopp shrieked, afraid for the boy.

"Must be." The ever-morbid Robin agreed, which made more contortion than reassurance.

Then, out of nowhere, a resounding blast that could have been created by a detonation of dynamite or something was heard from their left. Disoriented and confused, the only thing that the group of rowdy people was to see what happened. They went to see who the hell made the explosion. Upon entering the premises, they notice that the place was scorched and the trees were burned to crisp.

"Whoa!" Usopp exclaimed.

"What happened here?" Chopper cried.

"I think someone fought here." Robin proclaimed. As if on cue, another explosion reverberated in another direction.

"Let's go!" Zoro was first to see what the hell was happening. There, they saw the boy they were looking for fighting a man wearing a golden armor who wields different kinds of weapons within his arsenal, according to the weapons scattered at the ground. The spear the golden-armored man was wielding had a creepy looking purple liquid dripping down from it. A poison. They were too petrified to move, they might become the victim of the poison.

"YOU'LL GIVE ME THE KEY OR I'LL KILL YOU!" the man growled.

The boy, Luffy, just gave him a dead-pan look and snapped, "You'll still kill me after getting it though." And gave him a raspberry. Furious, the golden-armored man charged at him with a roar, brandishing his poisoned spear.

Luffy readied himself before pouncing on the man with his arms behind him.

The group just watched how a punny little teen beat the crap out of the huge golden-armored man with just his fist. After some unknown minutes, they were snapped out of their awe when Luffy stumbled and fell on the ground; the golden-armored man on the ground was close to him, bleeding hard.

"Hey, are you alright?" Young Chopper, being the doctor that he was, was the first one to react and be by the side of the wounded boy.

"Ahhh... I'm fine." Luffy grinned.

Chopper didn't agree upon seeing the numerous wounds that he sustained from the battle. "No, you're not!" the sweet boy yelled at him. "You sustained many injuries! Especially, this bleeding side of yours that seems to be affected by the poison!"

"Ahh... yes... he... impaled me with it..." Luffy seemed to be losing too much blood and consciousness.

"WE NEED A DOCTOR! QUICK!" Chopper yelled, panicking.

"YOU'RE THE DOCTOR!" The group yelled back.

"Oh!" Getting back to the boy, he noticed that he lost consciousness. "Gah! We need to get him to a hospital! Quick! "

The group scrambled to help Luffy from Death's deadly poison. And also to ask why some people seem to like him dead.

"Let's go!"

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