This is based off of one of the most epic parts of the whole Harry Potter series. The concluding Battle of Hogwarts. This is after Harry Potter has defeated Voldemort, and Ginny has gone to the top of the castle to think to herself, trying to escape her sorrow.
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Ginny Weasley's POV:

I gazed out the window, listening to everything: the screams, the shouts, and the cries of heartbroken souls, with the never-ending atmosphere of pure agony.

It gave me a lonely spirit, with an empty feeling inside me. I felt bitter, wishing that those who were dead would come back. I was desperate to hear laughter, singing, joy... love.

Although Voldemort was dead, and the battle was over, I still wished that something could bring back those who were gone.

I remember watching as the bodies were slowly carried away. I remember seeing my brother's empty face, his pale skin, and his eyes frozen in time, with that ever-remaining glint of happiness that was still apparent in his eyes. My heart ached while listening to Percy's wails and George's sobs. They took him to the Great Hall, where I didn't want to see my parent's reactions. I didn't want to see all the dead bodies lying there. The poor families finding out their sons or daughters, and friends were gone.

At least the one I love is still alive. My heart aches for him: to hug him, to feel his loving touch. His voice assuring me everything will be okay, telling me that nobody else will die.

But before I could give myself his love and satisfy my longings, I had to do something.

I turned away from the window, realizing how many tears had fallen to the ground.

My tears.

I started to make my way toward the staircase. I walked and walked, past the few dead bodies remaining. I was too afraid to look and see if it was somebody I knew.

Nobody minded me. Everyone was intertwined in his or her own misfortunes, as was I.

I barely made a sound as I walked down the cold, stone stairs. I could practically see, feel, and hear all my past years here. I longed to hear happy voices, voices that were free of pain. Completely dissolved of worry.

I picked up my pace, and started to jog. I had to finish what I was planning and then get to the Great Hall before my family started worrying. They didn't need to think they had lost two of their own children today. But first, I needed to make a quick detour.

Without apparating, I told myself.

Now running, I hurried even faster down the flights of stairs. Most of Hogwart's walls were gone, windows were shattered, and fires were blazing down hallways. Yet I could start to feel the hope that was starting to linger throughout the castle as the news spread of Voldemort's defeat; of Harry Potter's victory.

Almost there.

I reached the front of the castle, where no door remained. I could just walk freely into the open air. At last I was outside, and the cold air had finally reached my skin. I could no longer hear the shouts of pain and the screams of sorrow. All was quite in the peaceful stillness of the night air.

I headed for a grassy field that was close to Hogwarts yet out in the open. I suddenly relived the moment when I saw Harry's limp body coming from the forest. When I thought he was dead, and all was lost.

"HARRY! HARRY! NO!" as my loud screams pierced the air, and Hermione's desperate shouts, full of longing and fear screaming in hate toward Voldemort.

But I didn't come to remember past pain. I came to bring hope, and remembrance to those who are still here.

I unsheathed my wand and closed my eyes.

I pointed it at the sky above, slowly moving it around me, conjuring up a spell.

I thought of happiness, joy, laughter, friendship, and love. I thought of all the people who lost their lives fighting, here today. I specifically thought of the people whom I knew personally: Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Creevey, and the many others who would be missed dearly.

Then I moved on to those who also died at the hands of Voldemort and his followers:

Lily, James, Sirius, Dobby, Mad-Eye Moody, Cedric Diggory... and the many others.

I poured out my memories to my wand, and my wand poured them out to the air.

I sucked in a gulp of air. And opened my eyes.


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