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Everywhere I looked I saw them: memories.

They were floating around me with the same grace as a Patronus, with the same white, foggy texture. It was truly incredible.

I looked at all of the memories: Dumbledore's Army practicing in the Room of Requirement for the very first time. I saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron laughing. I looked at Lupin and Tonks hugging. I smile on Fleur and Bill's wedding, the dancing, and the music.

I start to twirl under the moonlight, and I find myself laughing. Everywhere I look a new memory comes, a fond moment of my life is relived.

I realize that I can never really truly bring back those I love in the flesh, but I can always remember. As long as there is a memory, they are always there.

As I had hoped, people started to notice. My memories started spreading out, flying into Hogwarts, and toward the Great Hall. Going high in the air. Soaring wide and far toward what seemed like the clouds and beyond.

I had done what I came to do. My memories were flying upon everyone. I wanted to get to the Great Hall before they did.

So, I started to run.

I wanted to see my family, see my friends... see Harry.

I ran, and ran. Even straight through a memory of laughing with the Gryffindor Quidditch team. It felt like mist upon my skin, but made me have a warm happy sensation inside.

I rushed through the Great Hall doors. Finding myself enveloped by people.

I had beaten my memories to the Great Hall. Now I needed to find my family.

I looked around and saw sadness, joy, love, relief, every feeling imaginable was right there in the Great Hall.

I finally saw the red hair, and the many people surrounding something: Fred's body.

I grabbed my Mother's hand, and saw the relief fill up on her face. Then the hug came:

Warm and loving.

"Ginny... thank goodness you're okay..." My mother sighed, "My dear Ginny..."

I could see her tear stained face, but I also saw her happiness and relief that it was all over.

And then the gasps came.

My mother's hug ended abruptly because of what was flying through the room: the memories had arrived. My memories.

They soared through the room, flying in between people. They released happiness. They sprouted joy. I wasn't expecting it when Wizards and Witches joined in by adding their own memories to the pool. More and more memories started emerging from wands, laughter from them all echoed throughout the grounds, peaceful happy times relived even in the midst of chaos.

I rested my head against my mother's shoulder. I could feel her chuckles as she watched as Ron found out he was going to be a Prefect.

I finally started looking for him. Searching for Harry. Where was he? I looked toward the air and saw one of my fondest memories fly by: Harry and I kissing.

I didn't mean for that one to be up there...

I smiled because the House-elves had started playing music, and people started singing.

Then a light tap was on my shoulder. I quickly turned and saw him.

"Oh Harry!" I grabbed him in hug. Finally we were together, with nothing separating us. I looked up and kissed him. All my fear had ceased, my sadness fading. I was with him, hearing laughter, hearing the singing, feeling the joy that was within, and I certainly was feeling love, my love, with Harry Potter.


Everyday since that Battle of Hogwarts I have remembered the suffering and sorrow felt, but also I remember the love and bonds of friendship that never ceased. I think of it as one of my saddest but also fondest memories. It showed how people came together, especially in the hardest of times. Today, I am living a wonderful life. And all is certainly well.

That last line was based off of the official Harry Potter books, at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.