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Once upon a time, Inspector Nakamori wanted to chuck the Kid in a cell and throw away the key, not kill him. Once upon a time, Aoko had short, messy brown hair, not really long blond hair rather like his own. Once upon a time, Kuroba Kaito bothered to try and hide his identity.

And, once upon a time, Hakuba was not a horse.

One of these versions of reality was a dream, probably. Hakuba Saguru, for the moment, was staying away from definitives. And considering the realness of the thing, the feel of the bit in his mouth and Kuroba accidentally pulling some of his hair, and the rather jarring effect of slamming down onto a cobblestoned road that was definitely real, he was thinking it was the one where he wasn't a horse that was all just a dream.

Of course, he had thought that before too, up until the point that he'd bumped into Aoko... er, the Princess. The fact that he'd had her face in his head before he'd ever met her had shaken his belief a little. Of course he could have just seen the mural in the capitol and come up with what she would look like now, but just the fact that they were exactly the same sort of discouraged that, maybe.

Well if this was the dream, Saguru might have a hard time coming to terms with some of the things he did to help Kaito, even if the end result was to help Aoko. The Saguru-who-was-not-a-horse would have never even contemplated helping to break a convicted felon out of prison. He would have talked to the police and argued logically the reasons behind letting the felon out.

Of course, the Saguru-who-was-a-horse couldn't talk, so that may have something to do with it.

Maybe all horses were romantics at heart. Yes, that must be it. It couldn't have anything to do with him as a person. It was all the horse-ness in him that got a warm fuzzy feeling when Aoko started calling Kaito Kaito instead of Kid. It was all the horse's fault. And that was why he had run to the aid of the two of them so quickly, the romantic-at-heart-horseness. And this line of thinking definitely only applied if it was the Saguru-who-was-a-horse who was the dream.

And then when all was said and done, and Aoko was back to her usual short messy brown hair and the hero had got the girl and Hakuba was still a horse, everything seemed to keep going as it was and Saguru started thinking that maybe he should look into managing to communicate that arming the castle guard with frying pans would be a good idea.

This line of thought was rudely interrupted by what Saguru would guess was, genre-savvy as he is, true love's first kiss.

Suddenly Kaito, Aoko, and his hooveless self were in a pile on the floor, feeling rather dazed. There were a few awkward moments whilst they tried to untangle themselves, and then suddenly they all remembered what had happened. Saguru and Kaito's eyes met, then in tandem they bellowed, "KOIZUMIIII!"

Then Aoko, looking like she was about to cry, ran out of whatever room they were in wherever they were. Kaito swore under his breath and ran after her, leaving Saguru alone to hunt down Akako. Which he was planning on doing momentarily. Any minute now. As soon as he forgot about how much he hated being a horse.

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