Bruce Meets Wally

This is just a quick little thing it may turn into a story…only if you like it and if you review. I hope this is good. They are not superheroes sorry!

Bruce Wayne's POV

Bruce was taking a walk in Gotham when he bumps when he sees a red haired boy being attacked by a group of gangsters. He walks up to them and says "I'd leave him alone if I were you guys." W-Were s-s-sorry B-Bruce we wont do again we promise…were leaving now." Says the leader " Good now shoo get out of here!"

"Hey are you ok? What's your name?" "Yeah im names Wally." "Why was that gang attacking you?" Wally looks down ashamed "I-I don't now."

"Well what do you say I take you to eat and we can talk there..ok?"

"Sure that sounds nice. What are we going to eat?"

"Do you like Italian food?"


"Then Italian food it is, come on lets go."

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