The joining of beloved

As they entered the planet, Sam felt a cold wind rush over her skin. It was cloudy, very dark clouds were spinning round all in the same direction. Like an upcoming tornado, they were spinning like a rollercoaster taking a loop. Jack was aware of the thoughts Sam was thinking about, he felt the same. Daniel soon spotted some remaining rocks on the upper side of a hill. He knew they maybe could be old ruins, with some language of the ancients. And if they were lucky they could be old artifacts they Daniel and Sam could exam when they were back. Teal'c was aware of the same thoughts as Sam and jack. He too felt that this world might be a little bit weirder than the other many ones, they visited before.

'Well campers, let's get moving!' Jack said nodding towards Daniel. Daniel knew he was saying this because he gazed at the ruins.

'Jack shouldn't we check out the ruins over there, might be some valuable information about the old ancients of this planet, if there even once lived here… maybe there still live here.' He thoughts while saying it out loud.' Please Jack!' Daniel begged him, he knew he would always get in protest.

'Daniel! Don't make me say it! We're heading for something else right now! don't ya think going down that road again!' Jack warned him.

Sam wasn't paying attention at the conversation of the guys. She was captured by some trees. Not normal trees, no. might as well say color-changing trees. Every 5 seconds its changing from its color. Four colors actually, basic blue, green, black and dark brown. It wasn't only the center of the tree, no, including the leaves. She actually was amazed, only by the changing. She was thinking how the entire tree could change. The tree must contain a substance that will have deal with any extraterrestrial mixture between naquada and alien technology. But she wasn't actually thinking of an explaining for it. She was just gazing at it. Meanwhile Teal'c just stood there watching the discussion of Jack and Daniel.

'No, we are not going to your doohickeys Daniel!' Jack shouted out of anger. 'We came for the people down here, to switch some information, for thrust. Alliance d'oh, just stop it Daniel! Talking about them, T did you noticed any life signs on this planet. Normally these funky guys show up at some point. Don't you think T?' Jack said while looking for any movements in front of him.

'Indeed O'Neill, the civilians normally reveal themselves, and question us' Teal'c said while doing the same thin as Jack.

'Carter, check up some life forms on this planet, would you!' Jack shouted, while looking forward for any movements.

Sam wasn't paying any attention at all. All she did was gazing at the trees. When she heard the colonel she wanted to move, but couldn't. she felt something climb up her legs, but couldn't look down. Attempting to speak and aware the guys of the situation she was in, wasn't succeeding.

'Carter!' Jack responded to her for not confirming his question. When he turned to her, he saw the trees just changing. When he looked at Sam, he saw she stood as frozen as a tree. And saw something crawl up her legs. A limb of a tree, for certain.

'Carter!' Jack shouted to aware her. When she didn't move he walked up towards her, nearly running actually. When he got there, he could see she was as stiff as a tree.

'Carter!' he shouted again. When she still didn't respond he pouted her on her right shoulder. She was cold and wet. Like she just jumped in a river. It wasn't raining was it… no it doesn't. he confirmed himself. Oh god, for crying out loud! Why always these stupid mystics on these planets.

'T, get here! Daniel what the hell is wrong with Carter?' As Daniel and Teal'c stood next to Jack. Daniel narrowed his eyes on eye-level with Sam.

'Sam? What's wrong?' He asked her. When he saw a little worry in her eyes, he looked concerned to jack. Following the concern in Daniels eyes he knew that there was something wrong. He walked up to the other side of Sam.

Gazing at her, he turned around and looked at where she was looking at. Trees… wow, how fascinating, he thought. When she still didn't move or talked, Jack decided to push her, at least get her to move.

' T buddy, help me will ya' he said to Teal'c. They tried several times, but couldn't get her to move. Jack looked down, only to see the limb grew faster than it did before. It was wrapping her in or something.

'Jack, I don't think any of this will help. There has to be something else to get her free. Maybe if we…' Daniel wanted to say something, but Jack interrupted him.

'No Daniel! First we have to free carter. Then we'll see for your thingy alright! Jack told him.

'Jack you've tried already to free her, if we don't look for anything else, she might as well get into deep trouble. That limb is growing like a train jack! Not long, and it will reach her head. If you want her to be free, you might as well let me check for any explanation in those ruins. It may tell a little more about this! Those trees aren't normal. And it seems to me she's in a kind of trance, by the colors of the trees. Their movements hypnotize you, or something like that. Just let me check and as soon as I found something I'll head back, I promise' Daniel told him.

'Why! Geez, why always like this! Alright T go with Daniel, I'll stay with carter to make sure nothing goes wrong. As soon as you found a solution get your butt back here, understood?' Jack told Daniel.

'I'll even insist to carry DanielJackson out of the sacred place of the ancients, O'Neill.' Teal'c ensured him.

'I wasn't even doubting you T' after waving his hand as a sign to go he turned around and walked up in front of Sam to ensure her he would be with her.

'Hey Carter, why you always get into trouble?' he tried to make a sarcastic comment to her, to make the seriousness a little less. 'You always try to make things more spicy don't you?' he tried again. He just wanted to make her laugh at some point. Just to see any movement of her, see she's still in there.

She wanted to say something, she wanted to move, but couldn't. Something was holding her. Yea… she could hear them. She saw them, but couldn't respond. At least she could figure out what made her act like this. She also saw the colonel in front of her. Heard his sarcastic comments, refusing the situation

She got herself into, and try to change the mood. Not exactly the kind of rescue plan she thought of. Leaving Daniel alone would've gone wrong. It could take hours, which she didn't even have. Let alone hear the colonels' comments, for god's sake! This was not a day she hoped it would be like. Why she always gets herself into this trouble. The colonel was right she is a fool, a wondering butterfly with high brains. Who doesn't use them if needed. Why does her curiosity always take the lead of her entire brain and body. God! When this is over, she has to change that.

'At least we can rest now' Jack whispered to Sam. He was looking straight in her eyes. She felt the heat rush against her skin. Another few seconds and she knew he could see her blush. Looking at her deep in her eyes. He saw she felt uncomfortable. So he slightly turned his head to the trees.

'What's so mystic about trees! Well of course they're changing. But… well at least the colors aren't that bad. Black… green… brown… blue! Yea the last color's good. But it's weird… changing trees… wouldn't think of that, now would you Carter?' he smirked. And suddenly he was mumbling in himself. He forgot she couldn't talk. Well at least now she doesn't.

'Sorry Carter, forgot you couldn't talk' he was cursing himself sometimes. He could pick such stupid moments for his sarcasm. Smart-ass what he s, she's gonna payback me with this one, sure she does. She isn't stupid. She is smart god she is. And she's way beautiful.

Beautiful? Did he say beautiful? Was he really saying this? I think he doesn't even know he did say it out loud. Ow god, this is awkward. Yea… defiantly, very awkward. Maybe I should stare at him to make sure I still hear him.

'Carter you know you stare at me right?' he looked confused at her. He sw she was thinking, bur clearly staring… at him!

Yes as the matter a fact I do. Too bad you couldn't hear me. If you did, you could probably hear me laughing at you… sometimes he's just too cute when he feels uncomfortable. God, he is yep. Yea… you're very cute when you look uncomfortable.

'Carter! What did you say?' he was shocked. He heard her say, that he was cute when he felt uncomfortable. Was he just hallucinating?

What? Did I say that out loud? Couldn't be! How could he have heard me? This is strange, even more awkward than before… maybe… well I can try… maybe we can communicate via each other's thoughts. Well let's try this. ' Sir? Can you hear me?'

She was thinking again, of course that's what she does. Thinking straight like she always does. If this isn't a typical thing about Sam I wouldn't think of something else. Well… the way she smiles and thinks. I adore that. 'Sir? Can you hear me?' What the! What's this. Where does her voice come from?

As he heard her voice, he turned to look at her. She didn't moved at all. He tried to catch a sign that she was really trying to talk to him. As he saw a little nod, and her confirming eyes. He knew for sure. So he tried.

'yes as the matter a fact I can… what do tou do in my head?' Jack watched sam as she was looking at him, and obviously listening to him.

'I can ask you the same thing, sir. Well… it seems that I can connect with you in some kind of way. That's why you hear me, sir.' She told him.

'Well… I don't like it, get out!' he told her. This was really weird. They could communicate via thoughts. This world's only getting stranger.

'I'd like to, but I can't sir… Sir, at least I don't have to think by myself why I'm stuck. You haven't one clue how to get out of this, right sir?'

'Wow! Samantha Carter is asking me… Jack O'Neill… what's going on… wow this is strange… where is the carter I know, what did you do to her?' he asked her teasingly and a little bit shocked.

'Sir, stop that! It's not like I like to be in your thoughts. You're in mine too, so you're stuck with me now!' she told him.

'Great!... well… what exactly did you do?' Jack asked her, he really didn't know.

'When we entered this world I had this feeling that It was strange around here. Guess you were all thinking that too by yourself. Well… then I just watched the trees change. I was just gazing at them, and then I felt something crawling upwards my legs. So I wanted to move, but I couldn't. I think Daniel's right about the part that I'm in some kind of trance. I heard you talking. I followed the conversation, I just couldn't respond. Well… sir, do you know what those colors could mean?' she questioned him. She saw he wasn't too fond of the way she was talking to him. But hey! She couldn't do something about it. 'As far as I know they're basic colors. Nothing weird about them. Well… about the fact the entire tree changes, not that's important now. maybe they're just some colors that symbolize the planet' she told him, she didn't know anything. She hoped Daniel would show up anytime.

'Well… yea if you say so' he couldn't think of anything else.

'Jack! I found it! I found it!... but it's gonna sound strange!' Daniel shouted at him while running down the hill, with Teal'c behind him. He was watching Daniels steps, Daniel could fall over his own feet if he didn't watched out.

'Well tell me, by the way, Carters ok. It seems we can read each other's mind. We were just talking about you.' Jack told him proudly.

'Teal'c I think we're too late, they're already joined. Oow… alright Jack, it says that the ones, who feel something for each other, will be joined. It says that the old ancients called the At'reth always believed in the joining of their first married couple. Called Ke'ran and his wife El'rah. The couple symbolized great love. The At'reth people were tired of their behavior, and made this old force by thoughts, you see it's quite amazing… it's like a magnetic field that feels the emotions of beloved, so when the two beloved step foot on this sacred ground, their knowledge of love will be tested. By passing the test called: The joining of beloved. Well called in the At'reth as: the hearts adventure, known as Cappo Amure d'elleta… I studied it a little further… and as it shows and Teal'c and I observed this magnetic field is only there when it feels, these… well these strong emotions… I didn't quite figured out how they can feel that… but I suppose…' Daniel was talking through of it like it was nothing. But jack began to feel irritated.

'Just… Daniel… Just stick to the point!' jack said to him.

'Right, yea… sorry!' putting his glasses higher on his nose as he began to explain the how to get out. 'Where was I… well this couple, what wasn't jet a couple, they always hide their feelings for each other. When they are joined there won't be a way out. Well… there is, but I don't think you'll like it' Daniel told jack, with an unsure voice.

'Why do there always live crazy old lovers in these ancient world! I hat eit! Why won't it be somehow just a quiet little mission?' Jack said out loud.

'Because, sir. It wouldn't be as fun though. Somehow this si a dream job, isn't it? Although can you ask Daniel the solution im quite tired of gazing at these trees. I've seen them long enough now! I can even draw them a billions times over and over again, for god's sake! Just ask him, sir1' she thought to him, quite frustrated.

'Wow! Carter a little frustrated aren't you!' he shouted out loud. 'Carter wants to know how she can get out of this mess, so… Daniel tell us.' He said to Daniel.

'As I told you, you're not gonna like it' he said.

'Well I don't care right now. Just tell it!' Jack shouted back at Daniel.

'The only way out is to reveal each other's love' Daniel pleated him. Unsure if it was a good option to tell him.