Daniel stood there with both of his hands on both sides of the door. Breathing heavy in- and exhales. He looked a little confused and flushed at the same time. When he looked at Jack he began to stand straight. He took one deep breath and tried to calm down. When he eventually had his steady breaths back he straightened his clothes.

'Jack, I tried to call but you wouldn't answer… Sam is gone, I didn't found her at her house, have you seen her?' Daniel looked a little scared at him. Running away in this time wouldn't be a good solution for Sam. And when Jack didn't answer he was afraid he was gone also. So this morning when he found out about Sam he went straight to Jack. It made him calm down a little when he saw Jack's car. But I did made him restless when he didn't answer the door. So he was glad he opened it and he was home.

'Relax Daniel she's here. In the night she came to my place, asking to sleep at my house since she wasn't able to fall asleep at hers. So take a few calm breaths and take it easy buddy. She's alright. A little sleepy and confused but alright. Okay?' Jack said to him, taking in his appearance. He must have gone through everything with his mind, he saw how his friend was worried. But it kind of annoyed him too. They were grown-ups and could take care of themselves. Even though Daniel just wanted to help, he had bad timing from himself. And he hated that, so much!

'Thank you… I thought we were about to call SGC, asking for help.' He said relaxing in his surroundings.

'No need to, she's upstairs dressing up… so you wanna come in or keep standing there for the rest of the day?' he asked Daniel. Daniel smiled and went through the door. He took off his jacket while Jack walked to his kitchen.

'I was about to make pancakes… you want some too?' he asked Daniel. Daniel smiled when he walked to the kitchen.

'That sounds great! So how are you both doing? Feeling better or worse?' Daniel asked Jack while he leaned against the counter. Jack took the pancake mix out of his kitchen cabinet read the inscriptions. Then he took a saucepan out of his lower cabinets and took the milk out of the refrigerator.

'We're alright Daniel… but for now let's just take a different subject. We have down-time buddy, we don't need to think about those things. We are just happy that we have some time to rest. Some time to ourselves. So please don't heavy our burden. While ya?' Jack asked him pleading. And looked at him to search for agreement.

'Alright, it's fine with me, I just want to make sure you are alright. That's all.' Daniel said to him and went to set the table.

'We are. And that's very nice of you, but we can care for ourselves Daniel. You know that.' Daniel nodded and seated himself in one of the chairs. He took the newspaper from yesterday and went to read it. It couldn't harm knowing a little more about what was going on, on their planet. Hmm a new design of the mobile phone. Interesting. I-phone 5, seems kind of cool. Just when he was reading the paper Sam came walking down the stairs to see Daniel sitting there.

'What smells so great in here! I hope it tastes as good as it smells… Hi Daniel' she said while looking at Jack and he smiled in return. Then she looked at Daniel and took a seat next to him.

'So what have you been up to ?' she asked him settling herself comfortable on the chair and relaxing. She looked at him. And saw he was taking in her appearance. At first he looked serious at her but then she saw he let the subject go.

'Just sleeping and relaxing that's all, and you?' he said while putting up his glasses and smiling at her.

'I'm fine, the sleep did me good though, felt like I haven't slept that great in a while. ' she said while taking good inhale again. Then Jack came with a good-looking stack of pancakes on a plate. He seated himself too and gave everyone some pancakes. The three of them ate their pancakes with pleasure and had a nice conversation. Just like friends do. No worries about work or etcetera. Just friends, and making jokes and sharing nice moments.