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Harry got to his bedroom wall, turned towards the door and resumed pacing. When he was half way across the room, he sighed and flopped listlessly on to his bed. He lay on his back and stared disconsolately at the ceiling. It would been like this for the whole month he'd ben at Privet Drive. The Dursleys had decided that the best thing to do with him would be to lock him in his room. Without any chores to distract him, he'd taken to pacing back and forth across his small room to keep his mind off the end of the third task. After a few minutes of this he would lie down and sink into the familiar, depressing memories.

Harry sat up feeling surprised, somehow he'd fallen asleep despite his morbid thoughts. He looked down at his watch to find out how long he had slept, only to be shocked once again. His body lay beneath him, his eyes were blank and empty.

"Am I dead?"

My scar doesn't hurt so it couldn't have been Voldemort. Maybe he sent one of his deatheaters? Well Snape and Malfoy, will be happy, Harry thought numbly.

"No, you are not dead, my son."

Harry looked in the direction where the soft, musical voice came from. For the third time in a minute Harry was stunned, an amazingly beautiful woman stood in front of him. She had long raven-black hair and eyes like silver pools of moonlight.

"What do you mean? How can I be out of my body if I'm not dead?" Harry asked, bewildered.

He watched in confusion and awe as his words appeared in front of him in golden light with purple outline.

"You are not dead," the woman repeated gently, "your spirit has been freed for a short time so I can speak with you and lead you to your destiny."

"What do you mean? my destiny?" Harry asked, feeling even more confused and nervous. Then he cheered up, "Will you help me kill Voldemort?"

"Relax, my son and I will explain," the woman smiled and Harry relaxed, the hopelessness that he'd felt since Cedric's death and the worry and irritation at not understanding what was happening washed away to be replaced by a feeling of peaceful acceptance.

"You will have the power to kill Voldemort, but you don't have to," the woman smiled comfortably at him, "do what you think is right, you will choose well."

"But I'm not powerful enough, I couldn't protect Cedric," Harry said despairingly.

"That was not your fault," she said, looking concerned, "there was no time for you to do anything, you were confused and you didn't expect an attack."

Harry immediately felt better, then he remembered something, "before, you called me your son, why? who are you?"

"I call you my son because you are the heir of an ancient magical bloodline and of one of my children, you are a mix of the ancient magic and the modern world, in spirit you are my son."

"But who are you?" Harry insisted.

"I am known by many names, changing woman, Gaea, Madam Spider and dawn, your world call me Magic but they have forgotten that I gave them their powers, you will know me as Nyx."

Harry gaped, awestruck by the great power which manifested as silver swirls and waves undulating around the wo... Nyx. He vaguely remembered hearing that name when he learned about the ancient Greeks in primary school but he couldn't remember much. The goddess of night? but that was just a myth... wasn't it? But what did she say about being magic, magic wasn't a person, it was energy and what did she mean, 'gave them their powers'?

"Are you talking about wizards?" Harry queried curiously.

"Yes, on this world my children are known as wizards," Nyx replied.

Harry nodded, he'd been surprised to much in the last few minutes to feel anything but curiosity. He looked around for the first time and he realised that he was no longer in his room at Privet Drive. Instead he was in a large hall which was open to the night sky. Then Harry noticed that there were five tables placed in the same positions as the house and staff tables in the great hall at Hogwarts. He looked round again more closely and saw that there were banners over the tables but in place of the house symbols there was a grey lightning bolt, a red flame, a blue wave and a green leaf.

Harry opened his mouth to ask where they were but Nyx touched his scar with the index finger, Harry shut his mouth, his forehead tingled. Nyx kissed his scar in the place she'd touched it.

"And now you are truly the son of night," she said softly.

The strange tingle in his forehead increased.

"When you awake you will find your soulbonded and together you will discover your destiny."

Harry could feel himself fading away from the familiar hall but before he returned to his body he asked "What about Ron and Hermione?"

"You will not be alone," Harry heard Nyx say as he was pulled back into his body and his world went black.

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