Someone to Connect to

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Harry was afraid. Ever since Dumbledore had broken and finally told him the Prophecy, he felt as if his life could end at any second. He had dedicated his entire summer to discovering new information. He had read and reread all of his schoolbooks (even his History of Magic books-who knew the books were decent, even if the teacher was not?). He had been worrying before term ended on how he would be able to use his things, but Lady Luck had chosen to help him on this occasion—since it would be a disappointment anyways. The Dursley's had gone on different vacations all throughout summer break, leaving him alone in the house. They were only ever in the house for several days at a time. Thankfully, this meant he had full access to his 'Freaky Things' and nobody was there to bother him.

Before school let out, he had talked with Hermione about finding a spell to help make him stronger, smarter, faster, learn quicker-hell, anything that would help him survive! He admitted to himself that he was hoping that with her insane research skills and indomitable intelligence, she would find a super-powerful book filled with lost knowledge perfect for taking down Voldemort, or an ultimate time travel technique.

He had looked into time methods himself, focusing on Time-Turners. He was hoping the one he 'accidently' took when he went to rescue- 'Don't think about him' –when he went to the Ministry, could help him. After some (legal and illegal) research, he found that the nifty little device could help him- a little. He recognized instantly this was no 'Ultimate Time Controlling Machine' or anything of the like. In fact, its abilities were severely limited. The absolute maximum you could turn back a Time Turner was 28 hours. After that, you could not use it again for a week. It could turn back 4 hours for every 24 hours –one day's worth- of charging. The time did not necessarily have to be turned all at once either. He could go back 1 hour to 6:00 AM and 3 hours to 8:00 PM and the Time Turner would be ready for 4 hours use at 7:00 AM the next morning. It did not work quite like a battery would in its power usage-but it was magic, not constrained by the laws of science.

However, with maximum use came maximum exhaustion. The Time Turner exhausted the user, both physically and magically. It could be used for an hour with little to no effects several times, but once you reached over 8 hours a week it started to show. The best way to recover after the exhaustion was to use the extra time to sleep and recover, or just find extra time to sleep in. 'If I had extra time to sleep with, I wouldn't be using a Time Turner, now would I?'

Therefore, Harry had avoided massive use of it over the summer. He actually had not used it much at all. He had more time than he could stand locked in the Dursley's home, and very limited resources to look at and use. The Order (Dumbledore) had forbidden him to use Hedwig for anything out of fear someone would get a hold of her. Every third day, one of his guard would approach him and check to see if he was alright or if he had anything he learned from Voldemort. 'As if.'

He had used that time over the summer to find anything he thought could help him-and came up sadly lacking. Voldemort had most of this material as well. The books change, but the content stays mostly the same. He also had full access to the general and Restricted sections of the library at Hogwarts. Then he spent well over 30 years traveling the globe and discovering hidden and forbidden forms of magic. Voldemort had worked so much harder at his studies, since he was aiming to be powerful. I only went to the library when Hermione dragged me in there, and when I was looking for Nicolas Flamel in first year. There is no way I can learn enough quickly enough from the Library, even with the Time Turner.

Hopefully, Hermione has managed to find something. Harry leaned back in a comfortable armchair in the Room of Requirements, waiting for Hermione. It was 11 o'clock on September First- the first day of his Sixth year at Hogwarts. He had slipped out of the Common Room while Hermione and Ron were doing there Prefect duties. He had left a Harry-shaped lump in his bed, with a transfigured pillow looking a lot like the back of Harry's head. He had closed off the curtains so nothing showed but a strip that gave a remarkable good view of the back of the hairy (Harry) pillow. Now, he was just waiting for Hermione to show up.

"Harry!" he heard her call out joyfully as the door to the room closed. He broke out of his thoughts and looked up at his sister-in-spirit with a small grin.

"Hermione," he greeted her warmly. "How was your summer?" He knew she had found something amazing in her research; little else could bring about such a look and tone. With that, he let some of his fears dissipate. He hugged her gently and then sat back down with her right next to him, bouncing up and down.

She beamed at him. "It was amazing! I haven't had anything this interesting to research in a long while! The last time I had this fruitful a project, it was back in Third year, when we were helping with Buckbeak's trial and then saving Siri-" Hermione broke off immediately, shame-faced. She had touched a forbidden subject.

Harry felt his mood drop back into despair. Not overpowering despair, not with his sister there, but it hurt to think of- - Harry gritted his teeth and tried not to remember and let despair overwhelm him. He listened to her continue without her previous good cheer.

"A-anyways, I think I hit the jackpot!" She was excited once more by the end of her statement, bouncing up and down in place again. Harry just waited, looking at her expectantly. With his mood plummet, he had lost all desire to talk. "The spell I found is extremely old magic. It is actually more of a ritual than a spell, since it requires careful preparation and unlike a spell is only intended for one use. It is a bit risky, but that is the most major of the surprisingly few drawbacks. The results of the spell make it well worth the risk."

Harry raised an eyebrow. Yes Hermione, I get that you could drone on for hours about the spell and miss the most important part. "What are the effects of this ritual?"

Hermione continued bouncing. "It links you to another person! The ritual is designed for maximum efficiency so it will connect you to the person most able to help you! Of course, it's not guaranteed they will help you right away, since they will have no idea how or why someone is suddenly talking to them, but the spell won't pair you up with someone that will never help you! The ritual will create a mental connection with the being most likely to help you with the right persuasion and reasons. The ritual is so powerful that it can actually search across the galaxy and into different dimensions and realities for the best match!"

Harry admitted to himself he was very interested but he did not understand it yet. "What does that mean Hermione? How can a mental bond help me?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "With this bond between the two of you, you can talk to each other first and foremost. You will be able to communicate freely with them, trading necessary information with thoughts, words, pictures, and ideas! Over time and with permission, you can be able to tap into their senses and feel as they feel, experience a situation as if you were there yourself. In some occasions, one or two of the most powerful magic-users to cast this could project themselves as a ghost-like persona in their world, with lots of time and emotional strength in the bond. With this, skills forgotten, unknown, or unreachable can be gained at an accelerated rate! It's foolproof! Well…almost. Mostly, though! It's an absolute must of the ritual that the connected can help each other. Right now, the only problem we will encounter is the time it takes to set it up, what with our busy schedules, and it has to be done at the right time of the day…" Hermione trailed off, breathing heavily from excitement.

Harry waved the problem aside. "I …acquired a Time Turner from the Ministry. We can use it to find time to set this up. What are the drawbacks you mentioned earlier?"

Hermione calmed down at the second sentence. She studied him carefully and began hesitantly. "The major risk is failure. There's a 15% chance the ritual will mess up and kill the user." Harry nodded, unconcerned. That was a much better odd than facing Voldemort without help. "Then there's the more immediate problem of time, but you have that covered with the Time Turner."

Hermione paused, looking Harry up and down slowly. He saw her eyes trail over his old hand-me-downs, his pallid features, the bags under his eyes, and the newly repaired (Thank Merlin for reparo) glasses, and tired eyes. He felt her weighing him up. "The worst problem is…you won't ever be able to see them. Yes Harry, you can look in a mirror and see them like that, but you will never be able to go there in person if they end up being from a different dimension or planet. With this strong of a mental bond, it is inevitable you will end up caring for them in some way. Whatever the bond: best friends, friendly rivals, sister, brother, mother, father, son, daughter, precious friend, or lover, it is rare and incredibly unlikely that you can ever be with them. Throughout all of the uses, there has only been several cases in which the user found a way to make their way into the others world, or pull them into this one. The pair ends up never truly meeting. No matter how strong the mental connection, the inability to be together drives many into pain. There are some things the two cannot truly experience together, love or otherwise. They end up being sad and alone through the rest of their lives…"

Harry was silent as she trailed off with a solemn look on her face. No wonder she was thrilled when she came in! This was perfect. Not only would he be able to learn things Voldemort had no chance at learning, helping him survive- he would have someone to rely on. Someone he could safely grow close to without worrying about Voldemort trying to kill them, without Dumbledore pressuring them, without newspapers slandering them, without having a target a mile wide being painted on their back from associating with him. Hermione was amazing, but she was in danger constantly from being part of the 'Golden Trio.' She was an amazing friend and a good sister, but she was the only one he had. Sometimes, she could not understand everything that he felt and went through. She was too nice for some things, and Harry had not had a happy past. No matter how hard she tried, she could not always be there for him either.

This ritual could help him gain a comrade, or friend. Based on Hermione's words, he could predict the bond would become a close one. Even if he never met them, it would be nice to have someone there for him, helping him. What if he lost them? 'Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.' Although he did not always believe the quote, he wanted someone else to be there for him in his unsteady world. "How long will it take to set up the ritual with the Time Turner?" Hermione beamed at him, pleased with his choice. He knew she was hoping that this would make him happy.

"It will take about two weeks, Harry. I will need to make a lot of equations, and look up specific runes. I might need your input and help several times for a few small things, providing a lot of the power –which, is another reason it is not used, but I know you can do it-, and the more personal part of the spell. For now, you just concentrate on surviving school. I know you dislike Professor Snape, Harry, but you need to pay the utmost attention in his class! Unlike Umbridge, he really knows Defense Against the Dark Arts- and probably Dark Arts too."

Harry shook his head and rose. "I'll try, 'Mione, but you know how hard he'll make it. We need to get back to the Gryffindor Tower now." Hermione stood up and joined him under his Invisibility Cloak. They carefully made their way to the tower, staying silent the entire trip back for fear of being found. They were both half asleep by the time they made it into the Common Room. They split up and gave each other a quiet "Good Night," before making their way up separate staircases. Harry quickly checked to make sure no one would see him as he slipped into bed and de-transfigured the pillow. He lay under the covers and marveled at the chance Hermione had presented him with.

He would be able to talk with somebody. They would be able to help him. They would help him, after persuasion and time. He might be able to help them. They would probably become friends. They might grow closer. They would have no preconceived notions of him. They would help him, to learn and to survive. He would have someone to connect with- even if they never met.


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