Someone to Connect to

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Yu-Gi-Oh - The innocent of prophecy

"…with dark and light, win this game called my life."

The magic swirling around him paused momentarily, before a strand of shadowy magic joined in and twisted the magics into new heights, spinning so rapidly that the colors shifted and blended psychedelically. Harry was forced to close his eyes as nausea threatened to turn his stomach, but the colors chased him behind his closed eyelids. Harry felt the magic rush through him in one final surge, and then everything fell still.

Harry was standing in complete darkness, in utter silence, the magic swirling carefully behind him. He turned blindly to look, only to see a door standing tall in the otherwise complete darkness. Magic swirled behind him once again, and he spun around to see a corridor light into existence. Harry took a step away from (his) door, towards the two other doors he could see.

One was already open, spilling light into the never-ending hallway. Past the welcoming frame was another door, heavy with steel, and Harry could just barely see the eye insignia inscribed on it from his angle some distance away. While the open door was light and beckoning, this door was dark and foreboding. Harry compared them both to the door behind him – the door he instinctively knew was his own. His door was made of the same polished holly wood as his wand, his doorknob the polished gold of Gryffindor and the Snitch he so frequently captured. His door was cracked open slightly, nowhere near as welcoming as the first, but still much friendly than the last.

Harry felt the magic hum reassuringly as he began walking to the open door, leaving his own behind. As he came closer – for such a short distance, time was stretching out oddly long – he felt a different magic springing from his surroundings. It was the same dark (but not Dark) magic that had joined the ritual; protectiveness and wariness seemed to radiate from the very air around him.

The magic suddenly coalesced together and a dark figure suddenly strode out from the open door. It was a man wearing a leather outfit, taller than Harry, with colorful spikes of hair that made him even taller still. Somehow, Harry thought, the wild colors suit him rather than making him look crazy or childish. His face was firm and serious as he stared directly at Harry. "Who are you to trespass in our soul?" he demanded.

Harry, already having stopped moving when the figure appeared, froze entirely. He was intruding…in someone's soul? He supposed that made sense, with how the ritual worked, but never had it sounded nor seemed so terrible until the other had phrased it as such. "Ah – I guess I am, sorry," he replied, sheepish and feeling rather harshly reprimanded.

At that the other drew back, suspicion narrowing his violet eyes. This guy just seems more and more colorful the longer I look at him, Harry thought. Maybe that's why he's dressed all in black leather, with… are those belts crisscrossing his torso? "Speak of how you came here and why, and I might permit you to escape with your life." The man stepped forward menacingly, and Harry forced himself to hold his ground and not fall back to his intimidation.

Harry could feel the conviction of the other's statement, and silently cursed to himself as he felt his face pale slightly in fear. Well, nothing for it but the truth. "I came here using deep magics, seeking assistance and guidance." Harry carefully lifted his hands from his sides, palms face up and open, and shrugged. "I apologize if I've invaded, but this is one of my last hopes. I had no idea of how I'd be connected to whomever or whatever the spell found as my guide."

With that, Harry realized he hadn't introduced himself. "Right, sorry, I'm probably doing this all wrong. My name's Harry Potter and I'm a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I just turned sixteen two months ago, and I sought out help so I'd be able to live at least until my seventeenth birthday, hopefully. The circumstances are weird, sorry about that, but it's probably nice to meet you…?"Harry trailed off, hoping the other would respond in kind with his own name. Maybe he should have specified 'not dark' in his list of requirements, rather than 'light and dark'.

His hopes remained unfulfilled, as the other simply glared at him in silence. Harry was trying to figure out what he could say to at least let him leave here intact, when a young voice sounded out of the darkness. "My other self?" All at once, both Harry and the other turned to see a slight figure hovering in the still open doorway. Harry instantly noticed the same crazy hair was on the smaller person as well, only it seemed slightly more tamed upon his far shorter head. Harry took a moment to mentally judge the height and distance, and internally let out a quiet cheer as he realized that his own height exceeded that of the newcomers. "Who are you talking to out there? It doesn't sound like Shadi again, so is it another Millennium item user?"

Harry felt his heart soften a little as he noticed the kid rubbing at his eyes as if he'd just been woken up, and the fluffy pajamas he was wearing only supported the idea. In opposition, the other had only tensed up and was casting warier glances back at Harry as he spoke to the boy. "Partner, go back to where it's safe," he said in a much softer tone of voice than the one he'd been using with Harry. "I'll come back to you when I know it's safe for you." Harry could practically feel the protective instincts screaming out at him, and wondered if the two were siblings.

The younger one straightened up abruptly, sleep vanishing from his eyes as his outfit swirled and changed into a smaller version of the same leather getup the other was wearing. Harry immediately began revising his label of 'cute, cuddly, and not dangerous' and realized he should reeeaaaally not begin judging until he had a better handle on whatever situation the ritual magic had dropped him into. "You know I won't let you go off into danger alone, especially when it's in our soul!" The youngest looking of the three gathered in the hallway looked highly offended and rather irritated.

The oldest twitched slightly, seemingly torn between softening and apologizing or tensing and demanding the other to stay back. Harry, really not wanting a fight that was mostly his fault, decided he should probably cut in. Maybe the younger one would be a little politer? "Erm, I don't mean to be a danger here, not really. I came looking for help, not to harm." Harry shifted nervously on his fit, tugging awkwardly at his robes which only looked even more out of the normal when compared to the tight leather outfits the other two were wearing. "I didn't mean to intrude?" he offered tentatively.

"Then get out," was the Other's quick response. Harry instinctively bit back his first reply, which was that he really needed the others help – it was a matter of life or death! That would be the simple solution, but it would leave Harry in no better a position than he had been in before he'd appeared here. He was facing probably death, whether he stayed here or left immediately, from either this protective stranger or from Voldemort. Wasn't staying here a disservice to the other that so clearly wanted him gone, though? Was his life worth such an intrusion on a soul that was innocent and completely apart from his situation?

Torn, Harry glanced back at his door, then back to the two by the pair of doors. Taking them in from the distance, he realized that each door seemed suited to one of them – the light one to the kid, the dark one to the protective other. He worked his jaw for a moment, trying to find words to say that might plead his case, but he was interrupted before he could even begin. "Hold on! What do you mean, you came here for help?" The kid came forward, ignoring the older one's attempts to hold him back. "What kind of problem do you think we could help you with?"

The other snorted disdainfully, but Harry focused on the determined look in the softer face. He felt his own soften in return, and he imagined he could almost feel a twin to his own 'Saving People Thing' staring back at him from those indigo eyes. "A dark lord is trying to kill me, since I'm supposedly foretold by prophecy that I'd be the one to defeat him." Harry grimaced as he recalled Trelawney's words, and when he looked again, the younger seemed more worried while the other seemed far more interested and slightly less forbidding. "Since I'm only sixteen and he's over seventy and apparently immortal and incredibly powerful, my friend and I searched for something to balance the playing field even slightly." Harry's lips twitched upwards as he thought of Hermione, who would no doubt assail him with questions about this experience the moment he returned. "We found a ritual that would supposedly connect me with someone else that could help, and that I could help in return; a give and take relationship of support, assistance, and friendship."

Harry watched in hesitant amusement and hope as the younger turned to the older. The older interrupted anything the younger might have said with a short, "No." Harry bit his lip to keep silent as he recognized the tone – the other knew that he would be convinced in the end, so he was trying to head it off at the pass and stop the argument before it began.

The younger clearly sensed the weakness as well, verbally pouncing on it instantly with a, "But, Pharaoh!" Pharaoh? Harry wondered at the title. Is the other really a pharaoh, or is that their own personal nickname for him? I'm not exactly seeing any golden adornments aside from that giant pyramid pendant they're both sporting, but maybe it's a difference between dimensions? "What if he really needs our help?"

The other twitched, before slowly meeting the others enormous upturned eyes. Is… is he giving the 'Pharaoh' the puppy-dog eyes? "Yugi… we can't know –" he trailed off as the eyes seem to grow even bigger and wider, even from Harry's sideways perspective.

"Not until we ask him!" The kid – Yugi – interrupted brightly. The Pharaoh closed his eyes, and Yugi perked up instantly. The argument had seemingly been won, with just those few lines. No wonder Pharaoh tried to get the first word in, Harry realized. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have managed to get a single word in before he capitulated. With a grin for the Pharaoh, Yugi spun back to Harry, eyes relatively normal sized once more. "So!" he began brightly, "let's hear more about this dark lord and how we can help each other." With a pause, Yugi peered at the door behind Harry. "Um, we should probably mention the new door, as well. That doesn't really look like it's going away anytime soon."

Harry nodded to Yugi as he gave the door a lookover of his own. It was solidly set into the wall, neatly filling in the end of the corridor. It somehow seemed like it belonged there already, as if it was right to have these three doors in the same endless hallway leading to nothingness. "Sure. So, I guess I should just go ahead and start talking out here…?" He trailed off. There was no real reason not to, but this didn't seem like the best place to be talking. He got the impression that this was a connector, not a space to sit down and talk.

Pharaoh's eyes lit as he leaned forward. "I think you should host this little party… perhaps back in your own soul?" he 'requested' with a 'beckoning' gesture at Harry's door. It kind of made sense, what he was insinuating. Pharaoh had mentioned intruding on his soul in the beginning, and each of the three people had a door. They probably represented each of their minds – or souls, as Pharaoh had put it. This hallway would be a connection between, no actual soul or mind space itself; somewhere to travel through, not to linger.

Not really seeing a reason to deny the Pharaoh turnabout as fair play, Harry shrugged. "Sure. Er, this is the first time I've seen it, so I've no idea how it'll look…" He trailed off, then began heading towards his door. A slight chill ran down his spine when he felt the two pairs of eyes land on his back. "But there's no time like the present to find out, so come on in… I guess." So saying, he reached out and pushed open his door, prepared for anything that might be inside.

This ritual seems to be turning out as almost as much trouble as Voldemort is!