Gender Flip

Summary: So in the magna when everyone enter the Lust Chapter they get their gender swap for a while. But what if the book decided to play dirty making the change permanent when they left.

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Chapter 1: Gender Flip

The Power of the Lust chapter made everyone look like whatever they found attractive of the opposite gender. After a while the condition reversed itself. When the group sent into the Book finally managed to escape and defeat Noah they were left in their uncomfortable position, as they left the Book they were afflicted with the same lust spell but it didn't seemed to be reversing itself this time. Kim tried to use her magic to help but found she could not do anything. The only good news was that Fire and Thunder did turn back to their normal genders on their way back to the school, Stein theorized that being so young they had so little lust in them the spell brunt out, funny choice of word seeing their predicament had started to make them feel very warm. Stein continued that with some luck the spell would wear off on the rest of the group in some time, but guessed it could last anywhere from day to weeks if not more. Most the group was doing as good as anyone would expect from people who just had their gender swapped, Black Star was enjoying his new breasts, too much so according to general opinion, Tsubaki was still freaking out, Blair had no real problem with her power she could change her shape at will so it didn't matter much to her or him at the moment, Spirit was freaking out at the idea of his little girl now being a boy. Luckily for Spirit Maka knocked him out so he wouldn't have to worry, or more accurately so Maka didn't have to hear him whine. Kid was remarkably calm during this whole thing. Kid had been turned into a tall statuesque women in a women's business suit.

Kid explained "Of course I would be attractive. I would be attracted to symmetrical women. Beauty is judged by someone's symmetry."

But as Black Star pointed out, Kid apparently liked women with breast on the larger side. Even though their bodies were changed their minds had managed to keep their personalities intact, for the most part the heat was affecting them a little.

Ox promised he and Kim would research until they found a way to change everyone back, but that was probably just an excuse to spend more time with Kim.

So everyone was sent home with the promise that everything that could be done would be done. They were also sent with some money, to pay for anything they might need in this scenario, Soul tried not to think of what that might mean.

Maka's only concern right now was that she was now a he. He was tired, yes everyone will be referred to the genders they are now, Maka looked into the closet thinking that if he would be stuck as a he for while he would need new clothes. Most of the clothes in the closet were meant to be worn with skirt which Maka could not wear now. The rest of the clothes would not fit his new frame, no matter what everyone else said Maka had changed. For one thing he was taller now than and had broader shoulders. Maka put his coat onto the back of a nearby chair and untied his neck tie before placing it on the chair. Maka looked at himself at the mirror, he had short blonde hair, piercing green eyes and a boyish face but still looked a lot like when he was a girl. Maka slipped of his shoes and gloves hoping to just go to sleep and wake up with this all being a bad dream. Maka undid the top button of his shirt, then laid on the bed.

Maka tried to think up something that would make this a little less horrible "Well at least I won't have to worry about my period, things are easier for men,boxers are roomier than my old underwear, I can pee standing up, I don't have to worry about flashing people while wearing a skirt" Maka hoped saying these things out loud then they would seem real and wouldn't seem so bad but it wasn't working "at least I'm not Tsubaki."

Tsubaki in the meantime had to deal with her own issues and had to stop Black Star from groping herself. Worse for Tsubaki Black Star looked so much like Tsubaki did before the change, imagine having that in your face all the time looking at someone looking like you did. Black Star looked suspiciously like Tsubaki,her innocent looking face,impressive figure and prominent bust. Everyone knew that Black Star liked big breast and that he had peeped on Tsubaki but Black Stars new form told more. Liz and Patti were dealing with Kid, but something about being a guy seemed to be making Patti a little psychotic. Bad news for Liz she had to hide a tale tell sign when he saw Kid in her new form.

Then Maka heard a knock on the door.

"Maka" called out a feminine voice

"Come in" Maka answered

The newly female Soul stepped into Maka's room. Soul had long white hair a bright red eyes and to Maka's surprise a small chest. Soul was still wearing the white school uniform, apparently as scared as Maka was to peak at their new bodies to change clothes.

"Hey, Maka" Soul started "I had an idea."


"Why don't we switch some clothes while we're stuck like this."


"Why waste money on new clothes when we can borrow each others clothes?"

"You want to wear my clothes?" Maka asked a little scared of where this was heading.

"Not like your panties. Just like the other stuff. This way we get a little extra money. Besides I'm about your old size and your about my old size, it would be easier than shopping for new clothes we will only wear before the spell wears off."

Soul looked at Maka's clothes, nothing really looked to be her style.

Maka noticed something "You are my size."

"That's what I said" Soul told him "Not listening to your partner is not cool Maka." Soul caught herself "That was a little too girly."

Maka pushed Soul towards a mirror so they could both see each other "Soul look you look like me. Why is that?"

"I don't know."

"The book change you into what you most lust for and you look..."

Saying that out loud made both of them start to blush.

"So..." Maka started

"You look like me." Soul pointed out "Or you think I didn't notice."

"What do you mean?" Maka quickly got defensive

"I used to be a guy Maka, I know what your pressing next to me."

Maka was standing right next to Soul and not being a guy for more than a day was not used to certain part acting on their own,Maka quickly stepped back putting his hand in front of him. An awkward silence quickly filled the room along with an uncomfortable heat. Maka hopped it would be interrupted by Blair, off all people, but Blair went to to show off the new Hot Guy form.

"This is so embarrassing." Maka finally said

"Okay lying isn't cool" Soul began "Let's face facts, we both...have a sexual attraction to each other."

At this point they both started to blush until they both looked like tomatoes.

"I mean it could be worse" Maka tried to alleviate the tension in the room " One of us could be attracted to the other and they wouldn't be."

"Yeah that would be awkward." Soul mentioned "It's not like one of us has had secret fantasy of the other."

Maka's mouth dropped as he turned to Soul "What?"

"I didn't mean to say that. I think it's the lust spell."

"It's okay I know you didn't mean to say it." Maka tried to comfort Soul "It's not like you're alone there."

"So what do you-"

"Not getting into details Soul."

"Fine," Soul told "Maka it's just if we both had some of the same ideas than maybe-"

"Even as a girl Soul, you think like a guy." Maka said sitting on the bed

"That's not exactly the whole story." Soul always thought Maka as the one person that knew the real Soul, it was a horrible thought for Soul to think that Maka something else "Sure I think you're sexy but I...I... I love you." Soul wouldn't be able to have said it if the lust around her wasn't throwing her off, but Soul meant it, but Maka's silence was making it tense again


"Yes, Maka I love you"

"You're sure not just saying that because of the spell."

"No, I've loved you for sometime." Soul sat next to Maka "I get it if you don't feel the same but I felt I should say it."

Soul was about to get up when "Soul I love you too."

"Now you're not just saying that, are you?"

"No" Maka blush "I really do."

"That does take a lot of tension out of the room doesn't it."


"Not as much as a kiss would be."

"Okay one kiss, Soul."

Maka wouldn't admit to it but he was just as eager as Soul for their first kiss. Maka leaned forward to kiss Soul, as they kissed they both felt a spark of something they both had been longing for a long time. The kiss quickly turned into a full on make out as kiss do when both participants are under a lust spell. The make out session soon turned into full on gropefest. Soon clothes started to fall off. Kiss started to go into other areas besides the face and a few even turned into bites. Giggles started to turn into groans which turned into moans which started to turn into full on screams. Their souls began resonate higher, feeling each others very souls begin to merge. They held onto each other as they screamed each others names, they gasped for breath as they fell onto the bed. They held each other in their arms,they were both covered with sweat and naked together under blankets but they loved it. Maka looked at Soul,the one she loved, that one she trusted more than anyone else in the world and was overjoyed to be together.

Cuddling up to each other Maka said "I love you Soul."

"I love you too Maka. So there is nothing you regret?"

"Not a thing."

It took them a second to realize that they're voices changed. They examined each other.

"I'm a girl again!" Maka shouted

"And I'm a guy," Soul said checking under the blankets "when that happened?"

"I think it was when we" Maka hesitated "you know... finished. I guess we just used up all our lust and that broke it."

"Oh" Soul said "So when we?"


"It broke the spell."


"Well that's one way to break a spell."

"It's better than breaking the spell with a kiss." Maka joked

"It's just weird that our first time we weren't in our bodies."

Maka thought how she had trusted her soul,mind and body to Soul and he had never let her down. Maka inched closer to Soul looking at him with a predatory look in her eyes "We'll have to do something about that."

Maka kissed Soul again.

The next day Soul and Maka walked back to school, they decide to keep the fact that they were now an item a secret at least for a while so people didn't assume it was completely because of the lust spell, that and so they had time to figure out how to break it to Spirit so he wouldn't kill Soul. Soul found it hard to keep his hands to himself not that Maka minded but if her father saw them Soul would be dead so fast. They didn't know what they were going to tell their friends on how they changed back. As they arrived at school they found their friend all back to their normal forms.

"Hey you guys are back too?" Liz commented

Then Ox and Kim came running with their partners.

Ox said "Hey we figured out how-"then he noticed everyone's back to normal "So you figured it out."

"I guess they did" Kilik followed completely back to normal

"Yeah, but how did you?" Tsubaki asked

Kilik explained "I just took a shower this morning and changed back."

"Yeah" Kim started "The spell was on the clothes you just take them off. Then let the lustful heat in you, some you got from the book, just cool off get rid of that lust and the spell wears off."

"Yeah we figured that out." Liz explained "Patti got a little stir crazy last night and went skinny dippin in the pond in the backyard. When she came out she was a girl."

"You could have called and saved us some trouble." Jackie complained

"I tried to tell Kid and Liz" Patti explained "but when I found them they were in bed-"

Liz placed her hand over a still mumbling Patti "We we're asleep."

"Yes, asleep" Kid repeated

Both of them were starting to blush. Ox shrugged as everyone left leaving Maka,Soul,Kid,Liz,Patti,Black Star and Tsubaki."

Liz removed her hand from Patti "then sis broke Kids bed."

"You guys too!" Black Star shouted

"Black Star!" Tsubaki shouted placing her hand over Black Stars mouth

Then Maka noticed a red mark on Tsubaki's wrist "Tsubaki is that a rope burn?"

Tsubaki turned a deep shade of red as Black Star corrected with a big grin "No, it's a handcuff burn."

"Where did you get handcuffs?" Soul asked

Patti broke into a laughing fit "You're all horn balls! I know what Kid and Liz did to change back and it looks like Tsubaki and Black Star did the same" then she turned to Soul and Maka "I think Maka and Soul did the same to change back." The group turned to the couple which quickly started to blush "Yup horn balls." Patti laughed as she walked away.

Liz said "Well it's about time you two hooked up."

"It was bound to happen" Tsubaki added

"What we do is none of you business!" Maka told them

"So you did do it?" Black Star asked

Soul nodded as Maka glared.

Maka noticed that people were starting to stare "Okay lets just not talk about this ever again."

"No we're going to talk about this." Black Star pointed out as Kid nodded in agreement

"Okay let's just not talk about it when we're all together." Maka suggested

The group quickly split into gender and walked into school.

Liz asked Tsubaki "So where did you get handcuffs?"

Black Star was trying to get detail from Soul about his night but to Maka's delight he was being a gentleman thought he did say some complementary things about her legs. Maka learned two things that morning one she could trust Soul in every way and that Liz & Tsubaki were straight up freaks.

Authors Notes: So this is kinda my first attempt to write anything remotely sexual, I'm kinda a prude, so some feed back would be nice be kind. Anyway review tried to be funny through most of this. Someone asked me to do stories to show what Kid & Liz, and Black Star & Tsubaki went through, anyone else want to see those stories. If so should I make them into one shots or added them as chapters onto this one. Anyway let me know and review