Gender Switch

Summary: Afterwards stuff.

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Chapter 4: Gender Flop

Blair was leaving the apartment, it had been a while since her gender was switched back, she was heading out to work. Blair stopped for a moment and looked back into the apartment. She looked onto the the couch were Maka and Soul were currently sleeping, their arms around each other. Blair smiled happy that those two finally found each other. Watching the couple nuzzled together, Blair thought to herself how they needed to sleep during the day considering how much noise they made at night. They thought she didn't notice but Blair heard what they were doing at night, she would say something except that she was happy that they were together plus she's nocturnal anyway. But Blair was content she knew that both of them were happy to be together. Blair left the apartment quietly leaving the young couple to themselves and to any activity they might have planned.

Elsewhere Tsubaki and Black Star had just finished certain activities and where resting while they held each other.

"I'm hungry." Black Star told Tsubaki

"Me too" Tsubaki said "But I'm too tired to get up to get something to eat."

"So what do you want to do? Order some food?"

"How would we get to the door when it gets here if we're to tired to get up?"

"Ok just let me rest a little." Black nestled himself between his favorite pillows and doze off

Tsubaki sighed "We can get something to eat later."

Tsubaki fell asleep smiling holding onto Black Star.

Later at night Kid and Liz slipped into their pajamas and into bed after they finished spending most of the night in bed. Liz loved when they were naked together but they couldn't sleep like that every time Kid felt her smooth skin against his he started to get warm and things would keep going and they would never get any sleep. But as they slept in Kids large and soft bed they were happy together. After of few hours of sleeping Liz felt Kids arms snake around her waist slowly undoing the knot of her pajama bottoms belt.

"Oh Kid" Liz moaned

"No! None of that tonight!" Patti said

Kid and Liz turned to see Patti in her Giraffe pajamas laying next to them.

"What?" Kid yelled

"How long have you been there?" Liz asked

"Don't worry I didn't sneak in until after you guys were finished and dressed and asleep." Patti told them

"But why are you here?" Kid asked

"Oh" Patti chirped "You guys kept going at it and being so loud I couldn't get any sleep. It wouldn't be such a problem if Kid didn't yell so much. So I figured sneaking in her after you guys were done you wouldn't go at so much and I could get some sleep."

The couple just stared at her in shock.

"Now you two knock off the funny business so I can sleep. Night-night."

Patti laid down her head and went to sleep. Left with little options the two curled up together to sleep, trying to give Patti plenty of room.

If anything came from the the curse is that it forced them to confront their emotions. It gave them a look of the other side of things and forced to see what they really wanted.

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