Just something I thought of for fun. I have yet to read the book (I'm on the waiting list at the library), and as much as I want to, have not seen the whole musical, so this list is based off of the songs I've managed to find on the magical site known as Youtube.

I will not ask Elphaba if she's channeling her inner Kermit.

I will not tell Nessa that Boq has a thing for ballerinas. (That's actually quite terrible of me to say, but oh well…)

I will not tell Glinda that everyone secretly hates her just to see her reaction.

I will not give Glinda and Elphaba swords and leave them with the words, "Winner gets Fiyero…"

ON THAT THOUGHT: I will not tell Glinda and Elphaba that Fiyero hates them both just so I can have him to myself. …on second thought…

I will not paint myself green to see if I can get Fiyero to kiss me too.

I will not sue Fiyero after a tap-dancing injury with the claim, "He told me I should dance through life!"

I will not tease scarecrow Fiyero by telling him Elphaba shacked up with Boq.

I will not ask Elphaba if she's related to Yoda, and then insist that she phrase it, "Related, I'm not, young padawan."

Okay guys! I'm going to continue this, but I need your help! Leave comments or send me messages with more "I will not…"'s for the next chapter(s). I'll give you guys credit for whatever you send in!