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Chapter 2 : Hold You Tight

A look of uncertainy is playing on Hermione Granger's pretty face.

She is still standing close to Draco Malfoy, but she swears she sees primal lust in Draco Malfoy's eyes.

It is still present.

Draco Malfoy on the other hand is reading Hermione's mind by using Legilimency. Amused by Hermione's over-analysis on his eyes, he decided to interrupt her thoughts:

'I do want you darling' Draco Malfoy smirk.

Hermione gasp, this is followed by a blush, which in turn is followed by panic.

'If Malfoy can read my thoughts what if he knows about...'

The though popped up before Hermione can prevent it:

The first month of Hermione's life at Beauxbatons, she didn't dream about her life at Hogwarts, she didn't dream about her life at home, and she didn't dream about what should have mattered to her the most.

She dreamt the most marvellous dream of dating Draco Malfoy;

She dreamt the most heart-warming moments of being with Draco Malfoy;

And certainly, she dreamt the most wonderous dreams of her and Draco being together.

In each and every dream Draco told her she is his 'precious' and more 'treasured' valuable. He would hold her in one whole dream, he knew how to cherish and spoil her, but most importantly he listens to her.

If it weren't for the fact that dream Draco never spoke about himself and focused on her, Hermione would think the real-life Draco would be the same as her dream.


Draco inwardly laughs darkly. He saw everything flash through Hermione's memory like flipping through a slide show.

She didn't know that he started to change the year she was away.

She didn't know that his mom wanted to save him the same way she saved his father.

She didn't know that he suffered both day and night haunted by good and evil.

Truth and reality.

Dream or nightmare.

She didn't know his screams for her when the poison ran through his veins, when he suffered intense psychological trauma by the hands of Lord Voldemort.

It was only his mother who had a concept of what is going on behind closed doors.

She believed to do what she did to Lucius, she arranged that every night when Draco is resting, he would connect with the girl he desired most... and perhaps she will be his salvation.

Draco, not knowing about his mother's meddling, believed those noctunal visions were his way of repenting for all his misdeeds, and if not, it was his way of staying sane.

He can do what he wanted in his dream, and what he wanted most was to see Hermione and make her the happiest woman in the world.

He did that night after night; holding her and listening to her, she was so real. Sleep was all he looked forward to do in his trapped life.

He took things slow with her, he took her on dream dates, he didn't show her his pain.

And the most beloved dream Draco had was when Hermione turned towards him with the most sweetest smile and said the three most precious words.

He could just die and go to Heaven.

Voldemort noticed a month after Draco's 'training' that he still has goodness in his heart and pure delight. He observed that Draco is more enthousiastic when he can go to bed.

Draco hasn't mastered Occlumency.

Draco didn't mastered it in time.

He was Crucioed over and over again until his voice was hoarse and raspy from his blood-curling cries.

His link to Hermione has been cut.

His daily consumption of Voldermort's corrupting toxin increased.

He became cold and numb.

He started enjoying killing anything. He relishes in inflicting pain.

He posseses unmeasurable amount of skill and intelligence.

He became a monster.

From the day he lost Hermione came the day where Draco Malfoy drowned in darkness, never to resurface again.


'You said you love me,' stated Draco so casually.

Hermione blushed furiously and dropped her handbag. Lowering her head and bending down to buy herself time, Hermione struggled trying to have a firm grasp on her fallen handbag's straps.

Draco waited patiently.

For once Hermione is speechless, and this surprises Draco a bit. She's not only more lady-like, she is somewhat refined and a tiny bit reserved. What has happened to her iron will?

While Hermione is avoiding eye-contact and fiddling with her bag straps, Draco took further notes on her physical appearance. Besides the fact that she's thinner, (from the famous lean diet at Beauxbatons) nothing about Hermione appears different.

'Hmmm... Interesting.'

Draco stood up and stepped forwards a few paces until he is right in front of Hermione.

Hermione automatically stood and looked up.

Draco is by far taller than she last saw him. Before Hermione can control herself she noticesso many changes in Draco from when he was a boy until now.

His hands are bigger and more calloused. His arms and biceps (underneath rolled up cuffs) reveal a story of their own, they are no longer pale and skinny. His chest and torso are well defined through his buttoned-up shirt, they aren't bonny like before. She manages to skip her line of sight towards his expensive and fine taste in Italien shoes, his trousers compliments his legs in which she can assume are well toned. Her gaze travelled to his manhood, but she quickly looks away. Finally Hermione looks at Draco in the face. She can still feel her body is extremly warm from his earlier comment, but she still notes that his bone structure is sharper and more defined as there is no more trace of baby fat. His hair is fair and pale as before, but it is no longer slicked back... and his eyes... his mouth... his lips...

Automatically Hermione shivered in anticipation.

Draco Malfoy is a man.

But despite all this, in the farthest corner of her mind where she shoved her reasoning side, she can't help but sense a nagging feeling.

Something is off about Draco Malfoy.

His behaviour changed immensly from back then. So did his mannerisms. And his eyes brood right into your soul.

Draco watched all the emotions flash across Hermione's face. Impressed, fascinated, lust, wonder, a frown, uncertainty, and definitly curiosity; so she is still the same except that she's more temperamental. He knew what will happen next.

Hermione has tried to calm down considerably, but roses still reside in her cheeks because of Draco's close proximation. Inhaling a shaky breath, the words flew out of Hermione's mouth:

'Why haven't you called me Mudblood, yet?'

Draco expected this, and being many steps ahead of the game he retorted:

'Would you rather I address you Mudblood? I find this endearment inappropriate. '

'No,' Hermione hesitated and her eyes widened while she flushed again, 'wait what!'

Draco smiled and stepped closer to Hermione while wrapping his arms around her warm body.

Hermione opened her mouth to say something but Draco stopped her with his finger. He licked his lips and bent down to kiss her. Due to surprise, Hermione's mouth was open and this gave free access to Draco's tongue.

Heat travelled and swirled in the feminin part of Hermione's body. Slowly like liquid, fire came into existence within Hermione. All the while her mind started to shut down.

She felt her head being tipped backwards and Draco's tongue became more aggressive. Hermione's hands expored Draco's chest towards his broad shoulders and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Draco pulls back. And Hermione whimpers. Their breaths were completly out of synch.

'Not here pet...' Draco jerks his head towards the astronomy tower.

When Hermione looks, she sees Irving Cram... instead of glaring he has a panic look in his eyes and... fear?

'Come,' Draco pulls Hermione which caused her attention to redirect towards him. He takes her to a dark corner of a school corridor. Pushing her against the wall, Draco leans his left hand against the wall, trapping Hermione. They continue where they left off, but now Draco's right hand starts slidding up Hermione's skirt, up her inner thigh and up her -

'D-Draco... please,' Hermione panted from his lips.

Draco slid his fingers up her wet panties, 'You have no idea,' he traced the entrance, 'how long,' he started slipping in, 'I wanted to touch you like this.' His fingers went deeper and deeper until...

Hermione moaned against Draco's lips. Her knees buckled, she wanted to run away, she wanted to stay. She couldn't think and she couldn't breath. She felt trapped yet she was soaring.

Draco growls and bit her lips, 'you're so tight, you're mine.'

He pulled out of her, than went back in softly, one finger than another.

'Hermione,' Draco said with a breath, 'do you like this?' and he abrutly jerked his fingers within her walls causing Hermione to suck in a breath, leaning into Draco for support.

'And,' whispered Draco while slipping another finger in, 'this?' He pulled his fingers out slowly and quickly slipped back in, only he pushed further and harder into her. Hermione is on the verge of fainting from pleasure. She can't stop hyperventilating.

Her rough pantings surrounds Draco and his own hard arousal is pressing into her left thigh. She tried touching him, but his left hand grabbed her wrist and pinned it above her head as he continues to play with her wetness.

He starts scissoring and Hermione can't stop moaning softly. Draco starts to trail kisses on her nose, on her left cheek, and he bent forward to murmure in her ear:

'Welcome back.'

He nibbles that left ear. Hermione can feel Draco's long fingers explore further, pushing more and more. He groans when he feels her clenching his fingers, trying to keep them in. He kept thrusting his groin into her left thigh and she's riding on his fingers. Draco can't surpress his groans, Hermione is driving him over the edge.

'D-draco!' Hermione can't stop her cry of pleasure.

And it all came to her like waves.

Her first orgasm.


'I'm telling you Harry, Hermione was right from the beginning!' Cried Ron is exasperation.

'Seriously Ron,' Harry said, 'you're telling me that Hermione told you, that Victor Krum only pursued her to become closer to you, and to make you jealous...?'

The two best friends were just stolling about, catching up on old times.

'Exactly Harry! Hermione only kept up the good act because she was mad at me, and Krum wanted me!'

'Who would want you?'


'Calm down Ronald, wasn't he your roomate at Drumstrung? You were like all ecstatic in your letters'

'Yes, I was extremely happy. But then I found out he's kind of... weird. Than he told me he was interested in Hermione to find out more about me. And then...' Ron's face turned a dark shade of red to the point where Harry can't distinguish where his hairline starts or finishes.

Ron said something unintelligible.

'What? Can you repeat that mate?' said Harry, with an amused expression. Ron threw his hands in the air due to frustration.

'He told me before I left Drumstrung -'

'He told you what, mate?' apparently Harry likes to tease Ron. Ron is starting to turn purple.

'- he told me he loves me,' squeeked Ron.

'Brotherly affection, so what?' Harry said this with an eyebrow raised.

'No no no no, Harry you don't understand. Here, I'll show you. You be me and I'll be Victor -'

'Oh so now it's Victor and not Krum. I'd rather not be purple thank you.'

'Harry, shut your trap. Anyways, he turns to me slowly right - because we were at the Hogwarts equivalent of the Black Forest - and he looks into my eyes seriously like this,' and Ron looks at Harry seriously, 'and he said, "I vas alvays vith hermy-own-ninny because I vanted to know you. Ven I heard you vill be attending your education here, I vas so happy I ran to Karkaroff and kissed his hands! Ronald Veasley, I love you." Harry! Quit laughing! He goes on and on about how he feels about every little thing I do! It's creepy!'

By now Harry I'm clutching his side, tears threatening to fall, he's roaring with laughter.

But when they rounded the corner, a cry of female pleasure stopped them in their traps. Both men were instantaneously aroused. After standing at the exact same spot for a while, they went in search of the owner of that voice.

Quickening their pace, they rounded another corner which lead them to see Draco Malfoy getting it on with an unidentified student. Both were panting heavily, the cute female rolled her head to her left, for she was leaning against the wall while Draco Malfoy tried holding himself up with his hands (still trapping her between them), her darkened eyes widened when she spotted Harry and Ron.

Her face broke into a huge grin and breaking free from Draco's grasp, she ran into their arms.

'Harry! Ron! I missed you guys!' Hermione started to arm lock with the other two.

They looked at her with her rumpled hair, than at Malfoy whose expression they can't decipher, and they put one and one together.

Anger flowed through Ron and Harry, Malfoy was torturing Hermione!

'MALFOY!' They both shouted, 'WHAT DID YOU DO!'

Hermione is confused, 'aren't you guys happy to see me?'

Harry turns to her, and she notices how pale he is, and she clearly heard his harsh tone when he said, 'Mione, did this bastard do anything to you?'

While Harry searches the answer in her eyes, Hermione feels herself blushing ferociously. Turning her head to look at Draco for confirmation and assurance, she flinches. His eyes were looking at her arms linking with the other guys, and he felt rage and jealousy burn within. Hermione can see Malfoy's eyes are dark and hard which contrasts to his laid back pose. He looked at her, and sharply, his voice cut through her thoughts:

'Come here now.'

Hermione can sense danger lurking beneath Malfoy's cool exterior. Slowly, Hermione lets go of Ron and Harry and stood in front of Draco. Sighing, she turned towards her most cherished childhood friends, and said: 'No, Draco was welcoming me back...'

Ron clearly looked confused, but he quickly hid it. If Drumstrung taught him any important lessons, it is to hide his vulnerability in front of enemies, who at the moment is Draco Malfoy.

Harry remains skeptic, he knew what he has heard was Hermione crying out in pain. At this, Harry grips his wand tightly and points it at Draco.

'Potter,' Draco said calmly, seeming not to notice the wand pointed at him, 'You ought to tend to the astronomy tower.'

As Draco stated this, the a loud explosion was heard coming from the astronomy tower. Everyone looked, except Draco who stayed in the same position.

All was silent.

Harry started to sweat coldly and Ron looks like he'll throw up, they can see something red trailing down the tower walls.


Hermione whispered so swiftly, it brought Harry and Ron out of their stupor.

'No... Irving Cram.'

Both boys broke out into a run to investigate.

But Hermione was already in a tight hold by Draco.

After struggling, she looked at him.

His face was calm, but what he said remained in Hermione's head. Even long after she set her bags in the same room she had before she left Hogwarts. Even as she layed her head upon her pillow.

'He was sent to kill you.'


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