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Story thus far...

The Golden Trio were sent to train under the three great headmasters of Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrung.

Each hero has returned with maturity earned through life experience; regardless all three friends resumed their position in one another's life - reliable and deep golden friendship.

Hermione has become a beautiful and an elegant French girl, Ron has become a tall and proud Bulgarian-worthy man, and Harry has fitted into an image of a gloomy degrassi (caused by the death of Dumbledore, his favorite professor and most trusted friend).

Draco Malfoy has also been trained under another great master - the Dark Lord, Voldemort, himself. The boy has grown into a man through harsh labourship, torment, and a drug that has yet to be identified. So far, it is discovered by Luna that Draco has played the role of Voldemort's eighth horcrux, and he has destroyed it, killing his own goodness in the process; as he claims.

After Draco saved Hermione under a' false pretense' of already claiming her his slave, the gang consisting of Harry, Ron, Luna, Hermione, and Draco have escaped the Ministry along with freed muggleborns and Slylazar Slytherein's locket.

And in the previous chapter, the gang is now located at Blaise Zabini's vacation home somewhere in Scotland...

Chapter 6 Luna and Blaise

Breakfast was long ago; it wasn't awkward nor quiet. It was more or less the Griffondors and Luna having a normal and happy conversation, while the Slytherein men observed the lively interactions.

Now it is noontime, the two men, Draco and Blaise, have retired to Blaise's study in order to find a way to destroy the cursed locket. Ron and Harry at first insisted to help, but they were denied such a priviledge due to the fact they have soft hearts which can be easily manipulated by Voldemort's soul. Hermione and Luna wanted to contribute as well, but they were simply locked out of the room by unknown jinxes casted by the arrogant men who love them unconditionally.

Thus Harry and Ron decided to go take an overdue nap - this may seem out of character, but they have little to do as no one is allowed to plan the next move until the locket is destroyed.

'Hermione,' calls Luna after the two Griffondor men have left the main entry, 'Please accompany me to some tea and crumpets.'

Hermione shrugs her shoulders, and walking beside Luna the two girls exit from the main entrance, through the halls, and into the courtyard.

Upon stepping into the courtyard, Hermione held her breath.

That morning, everyone ate breakfast somewhere in the east part of the garden; that was when and where the sun was rising and they all enjoyed a soothing and welcoming atmosphere (of Luna's custom).

The inner courtyard is an entirely different matter - while the east section seemed tasteful for everyone's satisfaction, this courtyard is like the secret garden from that muggle book about a secret garden; yet with a twist of Luna's taste for romanticism and colors. The furniture is white and victorian styled, the flowers that surround the white pavement are colors of spring, yet newborn colors as there are light shades of blue, pink, or yellow. White daisies are sprouting everywhere, and the rest of the decorations... it seems to be all from a forgotten childhood book illustration.

In short, Hermione really feels nostalgic and safe; Luna knows how to touch a comforting cord within people.

'Do you like this garden, Hermione?' responded Luna with a twinkle in her eyes.

'Absolutely,' replied Hermione breathlessly as a monarch butterfly flutters accross her path.

'I constructed this garden,' she responded, while bending down to inspect a daisy, 'With my mother and my own childhood memories of her in mind.'

'Luna,' smiles Hermione, 'That's lovely and very profound of you. I understand she passed away... yet here is a garden full of memories and surrealistic effects - the sunlight bounces off the white making the colors closer to a shade of white. Did you meant to make it like a dream from a faraway land?'

Luna has a influence that make anyone comfortable with talking or voicing any thoughts running through their brain.

She shakes her head, and with a soft spoken and melodious voice, she replies:

'I was inspired by a muggle book my mommy has read to me, of how the spoiled boy in the novel had a mother who owned a special garden, and when she died her grief-stricken husband locked it up along with his own emotions. It's a beautiful story, I taken you have read it?'

Hermione nodded her head, with a wistful smile.

'This garden, I originally meant for it to have darker meanings in it,' Luna said in a gentle manner, 'the expressions "pushing up daisies" are true to their word - the allusion of death. Here, my mother's presence remains. Strange isn't it? This is not her garden, but mine. At the same time, I built this garden to share its meaning with Blaise.'

Luna looked up to a window on the third floor, Hermione followed her gaze and saw Blaise there, along with Draco. The two men seem to gaze intensely in wonderment at the sight in front of them, but they left the window to attend there business of uncrackling the locket.

Luna stood and beckons Hermione to follow her to the center table.

'Blaise and your relationship, will you tell me?' Asked Hermione in a quiet whisper.

Luna nods with a secretive smile, 'Our past romance and present is relevant for your relationship with Master Malfoy. There will be foreshadowing, I warn you, and similarities. Although both of our relationships are distinctively different. I do hope you understand, and I cannot give you any answers for your own future. All I can give you is more insight on my character and Blaise's. Not many people understand us, and Hermione you are my dearest friend. I want you, of all people, to know me by what I show you.'

Hermione is a little confused, Luna speaks in egnimas, yet she's wise. There is always more to Luna, but it's her choice what she wishes for people to see in her.

'With respect to Blaise, I can only reveal a little. But knowing him, he'll forgive me for telling tidbits that he'd never let anyone else know. First, I'll give you a short summery of what happened to us when you were away at Beauxbatons. Crumpets, dear?'

'Thank you,' Hermione reaches for one. The darling child is curious and interested in what Luna is teaching.

'Good, the darling little treats they are. Anyways, Blaise has caught me in his arms as I was tripping when Pansy Parkinson bumped into my petite frame. When we locked eyes, I became lost in his endlessly dark soul... I know most people cannot read Blaise, but daddy tells me I am fortunate enough to inherit the gift of insight. To continue onwards, Blaise aroused in me a curiousity,' at this Luna smiles fondly. 'I wanted to know everything about his nature; how is it that he carries a cool exterior, when interior he is closer to an endless abyss. I want to know how to provoke him, I want to make him come alive, with Blaise I want to understand his type. This was before Draco became like him.'

Luna stood and starts pouring tea for Hermione and herself.

'Luna, you mean to say that Blaise is already dark in nature... and Draco has changed in that year? Wait, why were you attracted Blaise?' Hermione leant forward, she is enraptured by Luna's tale.

Luna decided to ignore the question about Draco, choosing instead to focus on her and Blaise.

'Many reasons in which I cannot name. The only theories I have, perhaps I was seeking adventure. Perhaps I am attracted to my opposite,' at this Luna's voice became intensely quieter, 'But I understand that by decomposing Blaise, I can explore the darkest part of my own nature. He and I are alike, but he has already fallen and I have not suffered as badly as he has. I grew up in a happy and nutruring environment. Blaise only knew neglect.'

Hermione glanced up at the study room, but she can't see past the glare reflecting on thes glass.

'I became closer to Blaise throughout the year, sitting beside him in all our shared classes, requesting to be his partner in most of our classes. He hasn't pushed me away; as he eventually admits that he too is attracted to me. My own nature complexes and enrapts him as well.'

Luna sighs, 'I wish to recount all our little moments to you, but I musn't for they are intimate and irrelevant to your story. Maybe one day, when there is more time. I can tell you this, Hermione, getting closer and closer to Blaise has proven to be riskier and often dangerous, as his love is close to destructive. I am unable to leave him anymore, yet I am insane as I want to stay with him all the more.'

Hermione sips her tea, and closes her eyes and Luna laughs lightly:

'I know too much about that man... I'm just as obsessed with him as he is with me, maybe more?'

Hermione sat her cup down and calmly points out:

'Luna, I thought you love Harry. It seems perfectly obvious, I can tell by yours and his affectionate gestures. You went together to Slughorn's christmas party, too.'

Luna smile bittersweetly with a look of forlorn.

'I love Harry, but Blaise do I love.'

Hermione decides to leave it at that.

'Harry is sweet,' Luna explains, 'But Blaise excites me on so many more levels; he is the one who is my equal, but he will improve me as a human being and with him he and I will grow wiser. I am serious with my Blaise, Harry is more or less my puppy love that will come to pass.'

A soft breeze seemed to have picken up its pace.

'Luna, you gave up on something more with Harry?' Hermione is astonished beyond comprehension.

Luna smiles in knowledge.

'I have already done more with Blaise.'

At this statement, Hermione blushed furiously; Luna implies many meanings, but one implication is crystal clear. Luna isn't innocent anymore. Luna smiles her usual smile - the cheery loopsided yet dreamy smile.

'Well, seeing your discomfort, I won't go into detail of my and Blaise's personal pleasures. Returning to topic, earlier in Sixth year, I have gotten closer to Blaise by tailing him around Hogwarts and chatting a conversation sufficient for the two of us. He is the silent type; eventually he did inquire why I harbour such interest in him.'

Luna took a sip of her tea, and a hummingbird zooms above Hermione's head.

'I answered as honestly as I can muster. I told him truthfully that I want to beable to understand him entirely - inside and out. He was not offended nor defensive, just amused that I have taken an interest out of my world and into his. That being said, let's snack on sandwiches as I continue this tale. If you do not mind a house elf, of course.'

Hermione knew it better to keep her mouth tight about the subject; her loyalty still lays in S.P.E.W, but she has to lay it down for more important issues. Besides that, she is desprately hungry as it is lunchtime.

And with that, Luna summons a house elf and requested two platters of egg-salad sandwiches. Along with that request, Luna plucks a few peonies and gave it to the house elf as a reward to express her gratitude.

'Continuing, I knew I have gotten under Blaise's skin, and he has gotten under mine. In a way we developped a telekinesis connection; as we coincidentally meet in the same places and can complete each other's sentences or predict what the other will say. I know he feels a special bond to me, but oh, Hermion, I forgot to mention to you that I love Harry that time as I was mystefied by Blaise.'

'Luna, I don't understand. You love both of them now, but what about before...?'

Luna grins as if she expects this from Hermione, 'There are many types of love, and all loves are different, all loves developes differently. With Blaise, we click naturally, but our love grew drastically from learning one another's weaknesses and strengths. I love Harry through his kindness and good human nature - but I see myself standing beside Blaise years from now. He and I complete each other. With Harry, I can predict that we'll only end up friends. There's nothing between Harry and I; I never encourage any other affectionate behavior and we never spoke about any possibility of dating. I know the Christmas party was, on his part, an act of genorousity - he bore no interest in me until later on that year.'

Hermione does not see the point here, but that sounds like Harry - he always goes for the underdog and Luna was unfortunately a prime target of peer tauntings and bullyings because she is different.

And usually, in Harry's time of stress or need, he grows a deep fondness which he confuses with a crush, to any girl who represents a type of mother figue - he liked Cho Chang during fourth year because it was the Triwizard Tournament, and she was the only one who supported and encouraged him, while Hermione avoided him for Ron's sake. Athe end of sixth year, Harry desperately was trying to learn about Tom Riddle and neither Ron or Hermione were there to help him. Knowing Luna, she probably cheered for him to do his best, and he mistakenly thought his feelings of appreciation for her are deeper.

'Poor Harry,' laughs Hermione, 'I'm sorry, Luna. But that is just like him to do something so kind.'

Luna laughs heartedly, 'Yes, but Blaise's feelings for me have awakened before mine.'

And then, Luna's face saddens, 'He was insanely jealous of Harry,' Then Luna's cheeks turned into dark rosy shades of pink, in comparison to the baby pink roses behind her. 'Blaise, he took me away from the party and trapped me in a closet down the hall. We- we- we kissed for the first time.'

Hermione couldn't help, but shift uncomfortably in her seat.

'I'm sorry, but I must describe this for your own good. He was - and still is - ravingly passionate in regards to that aspect of physical pleasure. Of course Blaise thrives on my affectionate gestures, but at this first kiss, he was possessive and a little aggressive. Dominant too, and his hands -'

Hermione chocked on a crumpet, and made jerking movements. The house elf finally appears with sandwiches, although instead of being simple egg-salad sandwiches, they were complicated and fancy enough to suit a king. Luna went over to Hermione to pat her back, and to grab a sandwich. The platters are placed in front of Hermione.

'Hermione, drink this cup of tea. Also, help yourself to some sandwiches. Thank you, Zipipi.'

With that, the house elf bowed and disappears, along with a second boquet of flowers from Luna. Hermione groans.

'Luna, please, how is this important for me to know?'

Luna chuckles as she goes back to the chair she was previously occupying:

'Simply put, the way Blaise expresses his affection is how Draco expresses his. Except, Draco is gentler and more considerate for whether or not you are ready. Blaise, he, umm, he is very zealous in woo-ing me. His intentions are always lovely. But as I've said, he is possessive, sexually dominant, and rough. As well, I mentioned his love is almost destructive; we'll get to that experience later on.'

Luna took another sandwich and nibbles on it as she continues her tale:

'We went far, in that little closet. His hands... they went everywhere.'

Hermione turned red. After a pause, Luna continues:

'He whispered in my ear to come spend half of winter break with him. The offer was so tempting; not in the dirty way, but I really wanted to explore what he calls home, and gain a sense of his childhood. I agreed, I knew Daddy needed to work to meet deadlines that time, so for my second half of Winter holidays, I spent them with Blaise.'

Luna looks up fondly at the window of Blaise's study.

'It really was simple, I interviewed all of the portraits that he moved into this castle - they are all connected to the manor he originally was raised. Like how that portrait in Dumbledore's office connects to Mr. Black's house. Which reminds me, I have that portrait somewhere in this pouch.'

With a chuckle, Luna pulls out the portrait, but Hermione stops her:

'With all due respect, Luna it would be very dangerous if Phineas Nigellus slips our hiding spot to professor, err I mean Headmaster Snape.'

Luna nods her head and puts the empty portrait back into her little beaded pouch. Hermione smiles, Luna's little bag is muggle made.

Luna stood up:

'Here, let's continue our talk as we walk around the castle,' sighs Luna.

With a quick glance at Blaise's study, Hermione walks out of the inner courtyard with Luna.


Blaise is standing at his window's edge. Simply watching Luna with transfixed eyes. As she glance back up at him and gave him a wave of her hand, he smiled briefly - one of his rare smiles.

Blaise turns his attention to his best friend, Draco, who is hovering over the locket, and holding a random book in his hand. Draco is trying to find a way of breaking a horcrux by research.

'You can help me now that they will be entering the building,' said Draco to his childhood friend, without looking up.

Blaise smirks and replies, 'You seem fine doing all the work yourself, you are always second in honor roll. Remember those late nights at the library? Stalking her?'

Draco starts to chuckle in sarcasm; the thing with knowing someone as atrocious as Blaise, he'll shove any of Draco's wrong doings down Draco's throat. And Draco is just as wicked, the way these two get along is through wit and dark humor.

'Stalk is too much of a harsh word. I prefer to acknowledge it as multiple attempts to catch her well-deserved attention.'

Blaise snickers under his breath, 'Studiousity is a trait she is attracted to - remember that Bulgarian quiditch player? He used to show up coincidentally wherever she goes, and catch her eyes full on, and he bloody studies her. Like you do, almost, except you were always calling her from behind. She started ignoring you around fourth year...'

'Blaise, do not mention that scum of a man, ever. He's a fairy anyways, he never had a interest in her. I know he only used her for his own personal gain. The bloody son of a bitch.'

At that, Draco's hold on the book tightens. Blaise casually leans on the window edge, his full attention on his equal.

'Alright, sensitive much aren't we?'

Draco lifts his head, and meets his frenemy's unwavering gaze. And with a full smirk, he responds:

'I could say the same about you, and Potter.'

And like a gasoline has been lit, Draco can feel the fury burning out from Blaise's cool exterior. With Blaise, much like Draco, one has to watch the twitches in his fists - as if he wishes to punch the nearest object, and smash it into smitherins.

'Don't mention that pitiful sad excuse of a wizard,' said Blaise coldly and calmly, 'It's bad enough that I'm sheltering him.'

Draco leant forward, he know he is playing on dangerous territory, but getting Blaise upset thrills him; in the past he could never get any form of response besides indifference from Blaise. But now that Draco and Blaise think alike, they can manipulate each other, but with great difficulty as if two prodigies are playing a long game of wizard chess.

Provoking Blaise is Draco's game, aggravating Draco is Blaise's.

'Admit it, Blaise,' said Draco without flinching, 'You lack the confident that she'll forever remain by your side. She may appear daft, but she has a deep and sympathetic heart, while yours is hard and unmoving. And perhaps your lack of human nature will repell her, given time.'

'Draco, don't push your luck this time. I won't be able to control myself if you go further.'

Draco's lips curled sadistically.

'Blaise, Blaise, Blaise,' said Draco mockingly, 'Potter has so many better aspects than you. He's well-known to be a bloody Griffondor, who are courageous and friendly. He is rich, possibly richer than you with the older currency in his Gringotts vault.'

Draco pretends to study his nails, and he delivers the final blow:

'Potter knew her before you did, and he was much kinder and gentler in his treatment of her. I'm surprise the bruises you gave her do not show.'

Blaise just stood quietly, and with a deadly steady calm voice, he stabs Draco with these words:

'I never called her a Mudblood. Hermione doesn't trust you Draco, even you do not have the confidence that she'll be yours. You keep telling yourself that, but it's not definite, your plans are never clear and they definitely don't fall through.'

Blaise strolls around to a bookshelve on the side of his study, and he said without turning back, laughing a mirthless laughter, knowing Draco slammed his held book closed:

'Hermione does not love you.'

At this remark, Blaise cooly turns to Draco. They stare long and hard at each other, hating each other so much with vehemence, but at the same time they understand that they have to hurt each other; to make their weaknesses less vulnerable.

And that's another reason why they stick to each other for so long, they have mutual agreements to toughen the other one.

All of a sudden, Draco drops the book he held in his left hand. And even though Draco still stands in his usual posture of relaxation and arrogance, Blaise can see Draco's left fist curling. This means the Dark Lord is calling.

Blaise nods to Draco's left arm. Before Draco apparates away, he quietly requests to Blaise:

'Tell her I'm busy.'


Draco apparates right in front of Voldemort, and bows onto one knee.

The half-snake demon is lazily sitting on a one seat couch; this couch is an ancient piece of furniture that dates back to the mid Midieval times, and with the Dark Lord sitting on it, the chair looks like a throne. His body language suggests that owns the place, and his face reveals an expression of boredom.

The Dark Lord signals Draco to rise, and beckons him to approach. Voldemort address Draco, and while crackling his neck he seems to hiss:

'My, my, my. 'You have prolonged the mission long enough.'

Draco remains calm and numb, dulling his nerves and heart to let his mind take over.

Voldemort taps his arm rest impatiently with his left index finger, in the room there is only Voldemort and Draco. No other Death Eater except the Malfoys know of Draco's position to Voldemort.

'You haven't killed Harry Potter's helpers, yet.' Said Voldemort with contempt, 'What is delaying your task? I understand you enjoy some creativity when you kill, but that does not excuse the fact that they are still alive. I have told you countless times, and I warn you now because I have my patience, Weasley and Granger, Potter's strengths and side-kicks, you must track them down to find Potter, and kill them. Snape tells me they dropped out of Hogwarts, pity because Seventh Year was the most significant year for me. Draco, I know you know how to track them down, it can't be hard. A filthy blood traitor,' Voldemort spat, and he narrows his already small beady eyes, 'And a Mudblood.'

Voldemort pauses, and Draco immediately used Occlumency as his Master uses Legilimency.

The evil and maniacal and mirthless cackle can be heard down further corridors of the Malfoy Manor.

'I trained you well, my boy, your reflexes are quicker than expected. Tell me, why are you postponing your chores?'

Draco closes his eyes, and opens them to look at Voldemort in the eyes, the Dark Lord misses nothing.

'My Lord, I-'

'MY LORD!' Shouts an annoying and squeeky voice.

Peter Pettigrew, or as Death Eaters nickname 'Squirmtail' shuffles in, carrying the Daily Prophet.

Immediately, of his interruptions, Draco mutters 'Excuse me, My Lord,' and blasts the dreaded fellow out of the room, up the stairs, far far away. Than with a flick of his wand, he shuts the door and locks it tightly along with using Mufilato.

The Dark Lord chortles echo off the walls, menancingly would they sound to the human ears. Draco knows Voldemort is entertained, despite the bored look on his disorted face.

'Draco, you have spared me of lifting this wand,' Voldemort pulls out a wand that he has hidden somewhere in his robes and he carresses it, 'It is a waste of casting magic on that vermin. Now, Draco I wish to have you work by my side. You are my most faithful servant, better than that scum of a father of yours.'

Draco stays standing proud in front of Voldemort; personally Draco does not care about Lucius, the man did nothing for him except kill the only father figure Draco had in his life, his grandfather Abraxas. All the same, Draco does not wish to be the coward his father is, and that is what Voldemort can see in the boy. Lucius is a failure, he is weak and doubtful. Draco is a genius, equal in wits to the Dark Lord. The boy is very unlike his father, Draco is confident and charming; no doubt the spitting image of Tom Riddle himself.

But Voldemort is better than Tom Riddle; that boy was trapped by the boundries of law and ignorance.

'But you prove not to be efficient, where is Potter?' At this demand, Nagini appears to wrap around Voldemort's shoulders. 'Why are those he cherish still alive? You have not reported them dead, and they can't simply be missing. I sent that foolish son of Cram, did he accomplish the goal? You killed him, and you explain that you want the prey for yourself. Yet, you do not show your appreciation that I gave you the opportunity to find Potter!'

Voldemort hissed all of these spitful words, his patience appears to be wearing thin. Draco is still calm, and he nods.

'There are finer methods than tortue,' Draco pauses, 'My Lord, I have them, hidden away where I want them to be. They are mine to kill, and Irving Cram was unfortunate and stupid to get in my way. You appointed them as mine to destroy, not his.'

And Draco leans forward with a hand on his chest, as Nagini swirls around his legs:

'I am possessive, Lord Voldemort. I, as well, must keep up appearances. I am part way in gaining their undying trust; a task requiring great time and patience, given my past history of being a spoiled prat. I understand you are eager to annihilate Potter; but my Lord, rest your body and prepare an army. You of all people should know, Griffondors have alliances; Potter is no exception. Build your strength, your army, your power. Plan many strategies, all of which have no loopholes. And I am simply buying you time, as killing these waste-of-lifes will only trigger chain reactions if their deaths were to be found out or left unclean. I killed Irving Cram as a statement to Death Eaters who do not follow orders or act out of place. I will kill the ones you want dead, but more subtlely and slowly - no one will suspect anything.'

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named leans back and smirks a Malfoy worthy smirk. Clearly, he is impress by Draco's smooth talk, but regardless, he is still restless. Before Voldemort lashes out his tongue, Draco continues:

'I know you already are doing what I suggested before. Bear in mind, time heals everything, and time is important. You must be in a rational mind in order to defeat Potter. And I need time in order to follow his every move. Relax, my Lord, everything is under my control. I prove to you, I am meant to succeed you when the time comes.'

Lord Voldemort starts chuckling very darkly, and for a long time. Looking at the boy more closely, the Dark Lord cannot tell if this boy is telling the truth or smooth talking. However this child is, he is more and more like the Dark Lord everyday. Draco Malfoy is a charming boy, and smart, the Dark Lord can use him as one of his most powerful tools.

'I agree, continue on what you have in plan, I shall no longer interfere. I have called you here for this,' And the Dark Lord holds up a small vinyl bottle with a liquid looking like black ink, yet there are darker shades of black swirling within the solution; these effects create images of screaming people.

'My Lord,' said Draco, kneeling and with an unreadable expression, 'This appears to be a stronger dosage than the rest.'

Voldemort laughs harshly and wickedly, and grins at Draco's antics, Voldemort enjoys his company.

'Yes, you are fully grown, but your youth gives you an advantage, still. Drink this, let it consume you, and your soul will darken further. This bottle is filled with hate, anger, control, power, magic, and the cunningness of those this wand has killed. Snape has added a drop of my own blood. Tell me, are you grateful Draco?'

Draco stood, and took the bottle from Voldemort's chalk white hands. He drowns the bottle effortlessly, and he retakes his posture of relaxation, although overwhelmingly anguish and other chagrin-like sensations are gripping and spreading through his body, causing him inward pain and an overflow of uncontrollable emotions that are not his own.

It is as if he is being swallowed further into an unknown dark abyss, drowning in the hatred of others which are becoming his own hatred. His own misdeeds, torturous to his soul. Unbalancing his good heart, overpowering it.

Voldemort nods, 'You can endure the pain, the torment, and the suffering. Do you enjoy it?'

Draco's lips curled upwards, even though he staggers a little, 'Never had been better, My Lord.'

And with a wave of the infamous chalky white hand, Draco is dismissed. He apparates out.


Luna and Hermione are stolling along the great hall of portraits; alining with rows and rows of Blaise's ancesters or any other wizards who were aquainted with the Zabinis over centuries.

Luna stops in front of a portrait of little children angels, fluttering about in their painting. Turning to Hermione with a big smile, she introduces the little darlings one by one to Hermione.

And then, Luna proceeds with her lecture:

'I was sent to spend the Christmas break with Blaise earlier than expected, and luckily Blaise accepted the fact. The day after Christmas, I arrived here by fireplace. At first, Blaise was his usual, but the longer I stayed here the more I notice that he's more at home. Yet, he seemed so lonely to me, always solitude. I took to hanging around him and just talking - I did not mind that it seems I was speaking to myself. I know he listens, he always listens. But I knew somehow this castle isn't his birth or childhood home, when he greeted me he told me that this was his personal summer vacation home. Before, so still today, Blaise answers questions straightforwardly, but they never satisfy my thirst for knowledge.'

Luna merrily skips to a table, and sits on it. She pats a spot beside her, but Hermione found it best to sit on a chair, beside the table. Swinging her legs, Luna cheerfully continues:

'I knew Blaise runs a pourcentage of his family's income, and the study is where Blaise does his training work; he communicates with his uncle through the owl system. Well, let me explain Blaise's complicated family history. Please be aware that I've taken to speaking with the portraits, most of whom knew Blaise as a child from his birth home.'

Luna stops swinging her legs, and Hermione sat up straighter.

'To cover basics, Blaise's current mother is actually his step-mother. His birth father remarried some time after the death of his mom when he was six years old. Almost ten years ago. His step-mother, she is his aunt. A year after the marriage, Blaise's father went missing... and it was his father's cousin, who inherited the family stock and financial assets belonging to the family as a whole. That person is Blaise's uncle, who is preparing Blaise to inherit the family fortune and watch it grow. I met the elderly man, he is very kind, he and Blaise connect fairly well.'

Luna stood up, and walked to the windowsill.

'The sad thing, though, was that Blaise was raised in a cold home when his mother died. His father withdrew into work, neglecting his son; and his father made the decision to remarry to have a mother for Blaise. Blaise's step-mother is his deceased uncle's wife, and that is how his father knew her. Blaise's father firmly believed a widow would be able to understand what Blaise is going through, and since Mrs. Zabini is healthy and happy, Blaise's father has enough reason to believe she is past grieving.'

Luna sat down on the window's edge, and she closes her eyes in remembrance. Hermione watches her in enchantement because Luna is a captivating storyteller:

'Blaise's step-mother is not bad, but she does not feel any maternal love for Blaise. On the contrary...'

And Luna bit her lips, at first Hermione thought Luna was annoyed, yet Luna burst out laughing her twinkling laughter:

'There was a time she made a pass on my Blaise, but that's another story.'

Hermione has a stunned expression - Zabini's step-mother did what!

'Well, essentiallys the woman could care less about kids, she perfers big boys,' Luna smiles at ger own inside joke, Hermione ushers her to continue.

'She let the house elves raise Blaise. You ought to know, house elves are often busy with domestic chores; only specially trained house elves can serve as nannies. Although Mrs. Zabini did not care, and she commands Blaise to call a house elf is he wanted something. As his step-mother was off pretending to grieve over his father while finding a new source of allowances - because she claims Blaise's uncle gives her an unsatisfying amount of spending money - Blaise was left alone in the huge gloomy house for days on end. Blaise is a very intelligent and has many morals, even from early childhood. When Mrs. Zabini came home a week after Blaise's father's funeral, Blaise asked her to organize his education. Mrs. Zabini sent Blaise to a boarding school.'

At this, Luna quieted down and Hermione can see that those bright blue eyes are forming tears.

'After that, none of the portraits knew what happens. They described to me that Blaise came home to an empty mansion where elves would only listen to his inquiries, perform it, then go back to work. They told me that they would rather he became tyrannical, anything to express himself. But as time went by, Blaise stayed silent, and reserved. He withdrew, yet he stays alert and observing. He was always a perseptive child, the portraits claimed that when Blaise was born in his parent's room, he did not cry, even when smacked on the behind.'

Hermione and Luna giggled, but the serious tension returns.

'I used to imagine Blaise was a fanciful child, but in reality I can picture him, a well-groomed rich kid, reading a mature and educational book. The portraits claim he was a serious child, and he still is, it's just that he talks less as a child. He has no social problems, but I fear he has issues with expressing himself in a healthy manner.'

Luna leaps off the edge of the window, and she leaned against it. Hermione stayed seated, perfectly comfortable.

'I inquired Blaise about his life at boarding school for young wizards, and he told me none of it is important. Although, I assume he had to fight hard to survive, as it was an all boys school, and upon researching I found it was a school like Durmstrung, almost military-like. Blaise is quiet, but I know he has a deadly nature, he has hidden strength, Hermione, he can lift anything.'

Hermione rubs her face with her hands, 'Luna, you compliment him too much.'

Luna went over and pats Hermione's shoulder:

'Of course, he's the love of my life. And well, I learnt most of his child home that winter break, and I felt closer to Blaise. And we, our intimacy became... more. It was not merely a physical connection, I'm sorry Hermione, please try not to run. Our intimacy was more on a emotional and spiritual turf. He knows me more than I know myself; I reveal more to him than anyone else and the same goes for him. Although, before, he really held himself back. But now, I wonder if his self-esteem keeps him from giving me his all. I know he dislikes parties and crowded spaces - maybe from his days in boarding school where he shares a room with nineteen other boys.'

Than Luna looks to Hermione with the most solemn face Hermione has ever seen.

'Hermione, you and Draco will do it. And it feels, it is simply wonderful. To have that experience for the first time, with someone you truly and deeply care about. Someone who is your other half. You may not believe this, I know it seems untrue. Hermione, Draco is for you. Not by choice, it just is. And I know you can't accept it, it is too sudden and you are still longing to be a child. But our childhood has passed, and we are forced to grow up for an upcoming battle that decides the fate of both our worlds - wizards and muggles alike.'

Then Luna adapts her usual carefree aura.

'There is too much, just so much I want to tell you about me and Blaise. For now, there is not much time as a storm is approaching, and I may lose the time to tell you what you need to know.'

Luna went and sits at a chair opposite Hermione. She puts her hands down on her own lap and held Hermione's gaze.

'Hermione, I had not realize how zealous Blaise is in his intentions some time ago. I... I made the mistake of loving Harry and letting Harry love me more and more. Somewhere near the end of the year, I tried to end my relationship with Blaise. For us students, in terms of frivolous matters, Blaise and I are not offically dating. But we have a illicit affair consisting of an abondant quantity of extramarital sex...'

At that word, Hermione blushes and shifts again in her seat. Luna's gaze remains unwavering, and Luna smiles.

'Blaise would not let us end just like that. I wanted to leave, for Harry's sake because I knew something awful would happen and Harry would need the moral support. Harry was already depress without you or Ron, and it was all of us from Dumbledore's army that became his trusted friends. We all love Harry, and I wanted to be there in his time of need.'

Hermione understands when it comes to Harry, but she is unable to see where this conversation is headed.

'I tried to see Blaise less and less, but that is difficult as we have so many shared classes. We usually walk to each class. I started making excuses to Blaise, I was secretly seeing Harry more often, at first I believe Blaise suspected nothing. Although, after a week Blaise showed signs of his suspicion. I should have told him to trust me, but instead I ran out everytime. And then...'

Luna finally looked out the window, where it was cloudy. Strange as the sun was shining earlier.

'The misfortune I predicted came true. The misfortune happens to be when Dumbledore passed away,' Luna bit her bottom lip. 'I knew Harry's depression evolved into a near suicidal pain, his grief and guilt over his godfather had been fading away, but with Dumbledore's death, all of Harry's sense of security died. I knew Harry needed me. He needs his friends and their love.'

Hermione felt so guilty, she believed Harry's letters when he said he's fine. She felt like an insensitive and inconsiderate friend for choosing to stay at Beauxbatons then to return to Harry's side.

Luna continues, without any smile on her face:

'Then... Harry asked me to be his girlfriend.'

Hermione's eyes widened.

'I knew that he desperately needed so much love, even if it's not the right time or type of love he needs, because what he craves may be false on both parties, I wanted to let him believe that he can move on as long as I am there to be with him. News spread fast, although I hadn't notice it. And one day, at the library, Blaise for once asked me to stay when I told him I was going. I was so thrilled, I was so happy he did something unpredicted, out of character. But, even though I wanted to grant him the request and to encourage that kind of behavior, I had to go see Harry. That was the day I had to give Harry my answer.'

Luna's hand shook slightly, and a blush appears on her pale cheeks.

'I told Blaise I had to go, I told him I couldn't see him anymore. That was my mistake. I stood, and he told me to stay. He stopped his work and he looked directly into my eyes, with his command. And I bid him farewell.'

Luna took on a faraway look, the look that Hermione is used to. She waits patiently for Luna to continue.

'Blaise stood, and told me no. I turned and walked away. When I reached the doors of the library, I heard an ear-splitting shatter. And I turned to look at Blaise. He smashed the window behind him with his bare hands. Hermione, this it serious. Those windows were supposed to be unbreakable against anything, especially if a buldger smakes against it. His hand bled so much, I ran to repair his wound. And...'

Luna's eyes looks like they were dreaming a nightmare.

'He simply said that I would always come back to him, no matter what. He said this in a patient tone, as if it were law, it's as if it was always obvious. Hermione, this is how Blaise's love is destructive, and violent. The deeper and more involved in his personal affairs, the more I can't leave. I knew Blaise slept with woman that his step-mother associates with, but he never had any close relationships with them.'

Hermione remains speechless. Blaise is calm and collected, how is it that someone like him can explode in a rage? Would... Draco do that if she were to love someone else or to leave him?

Luna continues, 'What you need to grab from this, Hermione, is to accept Draco for who he is. He isn't perfect, and he is falling. You can't catch him, no, but he will change himself in order to catch up to you. I eventually told Harry I can never be his, but that I'll always be his friend. This morning, you saw when I ran into Blaise's arms in front of Harry. It's cruel, I know, but it's the only way I can make it clear to both Harry and Blaise. I choose Blaise, and I hope both men can understand it.'

Luna stood and so did Hermione.

'With that being said, Hermione please take my experiences and analyze them however you want. Recently I've spent more time with Blaise than my own father, but it can't be helped as daddy wants me in safe hands in case anything happens.'

Hermione raises an eyebrow, and Luna smiles dreamily.

'My family is in financial jeopardy, and Blaise made a wonderful donation to save us indirectly - through the Quibbler - in exchange for my hand in marriage. It seems I'm after Blaise from a sense of debt, and it isn't. I find what Blaise has done is his way of gaining daddy's trust, he wants to be accepted into my family.'

'If Draco ever does that to me,' Thoughts Hermione with her lips tightly together, 'I'd smack him, and give all the money back to him.'

Luna continues, 'I even introduced Blaise to my mommy's grave. Remember the daisies in the garden? Blaise and I share the loss of our mothers... and the extra patches of daisies are to represent his father. I want the fragrance to linger long after the flowers wilt. Literally and metaphorically speaking, of course.'

Luna sighs wistfully, both she and Hermione turn to look out the window, and all they see are fields and fields of Luna's flowers.

Hermione feels as if she could drown in the strong 'fragrance' that Luna declares the flowers leave behind.


Draco stumbles a little when he apparates into the hallway at Blaise's summer home.

His hands are clammy, he is sweating cold sweat, his heartbeats accerated. his vision is blurry. And he feels way too much to bear.

He is falling, yet he still stands.

He is spinning, yet he is staring straight.

He is flying, yet stays rooted to the floor he stands on.

And to cope with these horrid effects of the poisonous and abnormal drug Voldemort has fed hin, Draco swiftly walks to where he will find irreplacable comfort.

He bursts into her room. Slowly, Draco shuts her door, and he scans the room, loving how he suddenly calms, in where her presence lingers. The room represents her personally, little details like her organization; how nothing is on the floor, as she leaves little knick-knats on her desk. He can see that her slightly damp towel from her shower that morning is hanging on the door to his ajoining room.

His body feels so hot, and his breathing is ragged, he feels scared that he might die. He walks over to the towel, and gently rubs it between his fingers. The slight dampness soothes his childish worries a bit, and he instantly fantasizes Hermione's skin against the soft material. How she would moan at it's comfy texture.

His lower groin hardens in his pants. And a shudder of delight runs through him.

Slowly he lets go of the used towel, and wanders over to Hermione's bed. Draco feels so exausted, this concentrated toixin is the worst he's ever had, although the main pain is gone, the after effects on his body makes him physically uncomfortable, and mentally insane - he feels paranoid and fearful, despite that he has nothing to worry about. On an emotional level, the after effects make him crave something; he cannot name it but the desire is growing and climaxing, make him shift constantly, and his erection throbe so badly.

As Draco approaches her bed, he unties his tie and slips off his shoes and socks - he never wears socks in bed. He slips of his jacket and discards it with the other pieces of clothing onto the floor. He starts unbuttoning his shirt, his body is too hot, he desperately needs the cool air.

When he reaches her bed, he slowly descends upon it. Ravishing in her scent that fills his nostrils, Draco tightly clutches her pillows and bedsheets, rubbing his face and body on her bed, wanting her sweet intoxicating smell to stay with him and soothe his pain and calm his discomfort. To make him feel safe, and to chase away the paranoia that is engulfing him.

'Hermione,' Draco breaths out heavily. He closes his eyes and groans.

'Hermione,' He whispers pleadingly. 'I need you, so bad.'

Draco sits up, and leans back, landing against the headboard with a thud. He jerks her pillow against his chest. Tilts his head up, as if he's praying, he moans:

'I can't control myself any longer. I need to make you mine now.'


Hermione snaps her head, towards her left.

Luna looks at her with a knowingly smile.

'Luna, I - I - I,' Said Hermione a little unsure, 'I feel like I need to check something in my room...'

Hermione starts fidgetting with her wrists, and Luna nods reassuringly.

'Go ahead, Hermione, I know you have some unfinished business to attend to.'

Hermione hastefully gives Luna her sincerest apologies along with a look of confusion, and quickly walks to the direction of her room.

It wasn't long until Ron and Harry approaches Luna, Ron groaning about being hungry and unable to find the kitchen in this 'Bloody Big Building.'

All of a sudden, lightening strikes, and all the lights in the castle vanish.

The sound of so much rain drops showering against the castle walls and windows can be heard, blanketting over everything. It's as if the water is swallowing Blaise's summer home.

Harry jumps, and Ron exclaimes:

'Blimey, Harry, calm down. Besides the lights at Hogwarts, most magical lights conflict with lightening or any muggle electrical devices - thus causing this black out. Dumbledore has found a way past this, you know how smart the man was - is - but his formula is so complex that it's best to hire someone to perform the task of casting the spell, but it takes too long. Blaise is probably to lazy to fix the lights here. Our best bet is to summon a candle and light it with a fire spell, lumos does not last long in this weather.'

Luna smiles to herself and turns to face the oncoming couple. She laughs upon seeing Ron holding a candle - he probably took it off the wall down the hall.

'Harry, Ron, the outcome of this storm will determine whether my plants will have a happy fruitation and harvest for many years. We'll see by looking at the sky after the deed is done.'

Harry looks at Luna quizically, and Ron snorts. Before Ron can retort anything, Luna cheerfully and purposily beats him to it.

'Ron, Harry, follow me. The kitchen is this way,' says Luna, leading the two men down the corridor, opposite the direction Hermione took.

With one final glance out the window where the heavy droplets of water hits, Luna's heart quickens when she sees and hears a bolt of thunder.

'May Hermione succeed.'


To be continued in the next chapter...

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