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The world whizzed by outside the taxi window as it weaved its way through the traffic straight from the airport. For the girl riding in the backseat, it was a whole new country, a whole new world, and there was so much to see; and yet, blank, unseeing eyes stared out, taking nothing in, so preoccupied was she in her thoughts. She was not supposed to be here. She had not spent the whole summer sleeping in the woods, tracking down Horcruxes only to be sent far away from it all. Tearing her eyes away from the window, she glanced at the file on her lap given by the Order the day she left England.

The Order, she thought, cursing. The Order had thought it a good idea to send spies to America, and she had agreed with them. It was a known fact that Death Eaters were now being sent abroad, and spies were needed to know what the hell they were doing there. What she didn't take into account to, however, was their decision to send her.

How could they send me? she silently fumed, remembering the urge to punch Kingsley Shacklebolt's face in when they first broke the news and suddenly wanting to pummel the seat as well. She had nothing against America, but she wanted to be in the war where she belonged, right in the thick of things, fighting for her loved ones with her loved ones. Now everything just seemed wrong, and in the forty-five minutes she had spent in this cab, she couldn't help but compare everything to the English way of doing things. It was childish, she knew, but oddly satisfying.

Sighing, she opened the file and started reading, barely giving the picture of the brown haired beauty a glance. Isabella Marie Swann... age 18, muggle, lives in Forks, Washington with her father, Charlie Swann, is believed to have been in contact with unregistered Animagi and vampires. She stopped and stared at the word. Vampires weren't her best subject, having ran into one or two of the red-eyed bloodsuckers before and she wasn't eager to meet more of them, especially foreign ones. Goodness knows how crazy these Americans could be, even driving on the wrong side of the road, she noted bitterly. Unregistered Animagi she could handle. Apparently, they all turned into wolves, and she'd had enough experience with rogue wizards to know how to trap them whilst in their animal form. What she was really worried about, however, was the girl. According to the file, she attracted magic like no human ever has, despite being a muggle, and she just knew that this girl was going to be so much trouble. Great. I travel all around England destroying Voldemort's soul and what do I get? A fucking babysitting assignment. Merlin's pants! I didn't study six years at Hogwarts to become an international babysitter. She thought angrily, her head starting to throb. Despite all her complaints, however, she knew that this was more than a babysitting job; this assignment could be extremely dangerous. Muggles attracting magic was never a good sign; they didn't know how to handle it and ended up destroying a lot of things and dying.

Kneading her temples, she went over her cover story once more - she is Elizabeth Puckle, age 17, coming to live in the Swann residence as an exchange student to America. There she would observe the Swann girl, figure out her connection to the vamps and get to them before the Death Eaters did. The Order had reason to believe that Voldemort was now recruiting foreigners as well, and she, Hermione Jean Granger, had to stop them. At all costs.

"We're nearly there, miss, so you can fix that headache of yours real soon." said the cab driver, peering at Hermione through the windshield mirror. She smiled, thanking him before looking back out the window. The highways and cars were gone, replaced by trees and lush foliage. It was beautiful, but she could not appreciate it, not now.

"Oh look, we're just crossing the border. Welcome to Forks, miss." He grinned toothily at her and she smiled back. At that very second, a shudder passed through Hermione's body and in a flash, her wand was out, clutched tightly in her hand. Looking around at the forest that enclosed them from both sides, she tried to catch sight of whatever it was that caused this... this feeling of foreboding and imminent danger, but she saw nothing. Not quite willing to let her guard down just yet, she leaned back, still looking around, wand still in hand. This town looked innocent, that was true, but she knew it held more secrets than it could ever hope to hide.

In the shadows, three pairs of eyes watched the cab as it sped by before disappearing from the spot with a loud crack.

"So who's this exchange student you agreed to take in?" asked the pale young man on the windowsill as he watched the excited girl fixing up the guest room. She turned and smiled at him, making him wonder once more at the beauty that was his.

"Oh Edward, you should know. Name's Elizabeth, she's from England. Apparently, she's intelligent enough that her school sent her here to study the American culture" She said, covering the bed with deep purple sheets. "And, well, our school thought this year's valedictorian should take her in, but since you guys refused..." she trailed of with a shrug.

He smiled and in a second was next to her, holding her in her arms. He grinned, hearing her heartbeat pick up pace. "Well then, good luck, because I hear a pair of wheels just outside... and it isn't your father's." And just like that, he was gone, leaving the window curtains fluttering in his wake. She dashed down hurriedly, pausing with her hand on the doorknob while outside, Hermione paused with her finger hovering over the doorbell. Both girls stood nervously on either side of the door, each one wondering what the next few months would bring though their expectations greatly differed: one looking forward to great times with a sister she never had, the other expecting nothing less than days filled with danger. None of them could have known that at this very moment, their deaths were being planned, an elaborate and infallible plan, one that had already started.

Five thousand miles away, a hooded figure smiled as his queen travelled over the chessboard, knocking down the opponent's queen. He grinned.


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