A young man sighed as he dumped his reasonably heavy bag on the patterned commercial carpet that was common in airports like the one he was at, at this time. He sunk into the not-so-comfy navy blue chair as he waited to board his flight for America. The usually raven-haired man wasn't going for a holiday, it was to get away from his so called 'peaceful' life. He snorted at the thought, which made and old couple near him look at him funny, but he ignored them in order to go back to his purposeless brooding that seemed to be the only action he did these days.

He sighed again as his hand twitched for his ever-faithful holly and phoenix wand until he realised he hid it in his suitcase so security wouldn't confiscate it. He looked around warily for what movement triggered this reaction, until he saw a toddler screaming because he hurt his knee.

He took a deep breath to once again try and relax himself as he was still too...paranoid after the war.

Which brought him back to why he was leaving again.

He couldn't stand the ever cheerfulness that seemed to resonate in the wizarding world. He had saved them all -yay- now we are going back to our prejudiced ways again. He swore they never learnt, and because the terror was gone they could act like the animals singing 'its a small world' and continue to support their corrupt government.

So he decided he was going to leave.

He was going to finish muggle school and study to do his NEWTs when he finally returned to England once more. At least in muggle America it wouldn't have Ron, Hermionie, Ginny and the rest of the wizarding world on his case to go back to Hogwarts or become an auror or play professional quidditch. He didn't want to do any of these things, he couldn't go back to Hogwarts because all he could imagine was the war there. He couldn't be an auror for he had fought for too long and seen too much bloodshed to want to doing anything like that. And quidditch was fun and all but it wasn't something he wanted to do for a living- he didn't want more fame than he did currently.

So he studied near constantly, and did a couple of cheats like temporary memory increasing potions which allowed you to memorise (and somewhat understand) the material perfectly. Took his GCSEs and passed with surprisingly high grades for a wizard and applied for a visa to do his sixth form in America.

He had chosen a small town that apart from its renowned rain had nothing particularly special about it, so he was unlikely to be found he of course had taken his grades and put them under a new name as well as his passport and glamoured himself slightly so his face was a softer shape and dyed his hair to a dirty blond with brown highlights and dulled his vibrant emerald green eyes to an sea green that still held a person's interest and the odd colour but not as much as his previous colour had.

He was glad he had discovered his metamorphagus talents he thought musingly as it meant he would have to a glamour on which could be easily removed but he still dyed his hair though because as soon as he had discovered how to change his hair colour, it did so seemingly randomly and dyeing it seemed to only change the tone of his hair (as he discovered when his dirty blonde hair at the time turned platinum accidentally when he realised he could leave Britain) so he kept his occulemency shields tight to avoid any apparent colour changes.

His wandering mind came back to him when the tannoy announced his flight was boarding. He stood swung on his standard black rucksack as he walked towards departure gate 13 as he strode hopefully into a new and better life did Mr Harry James Potter think,

'Perhaps I will have a normal life after all...'