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Renesmee, Edward, Alice and those two big guys (the big burly vamp and the tanned non-vamp) were loosely surrounding him in otherwise empty corridor.

Chapter 10

Harry wanted to sigh, or even whine a rather pathetic 'come on'. But he didn't. To do so would show weakness-more so than the vamps and that tanned guy surrounding him.

He blinked allowing his magic to fill his body lightly- just enough for him to be ready to fight, but not enough to give away his location (again) and be not overtly threatening.


He resisted the urge to gloat as the majority of his family surrounded the strange enigma. He was a little irritated that the boy had made his family seem less than perfect to Mr Varner- it would not do for the smart man to look too closely at them- but shrugged the thought off in favour of analysing the male or Harry as it was supposedly named.

He seemed nervous, a little hunched up and tense. His eyes were constantly flicking from person to person and slowly moved into a non-threatening defensive position. 'Interesting' he thought, before speaking very low and quietly (and completely below human hearing) to his family, "seems like he is only capable of fighting us one at a time." He thought a little on this, 'Curious. He was a lot more powerful last night- maybe he is just a one trick pony?"

Edward took a full stride forwards towards Harry, ignoring the feeling of the pressure rising subtly.


The strange kissy vam- Edward stepped forward and in that moment Harry just knew that he would do anything to attack himself, if he could get away with it.

Harry knew that he had to make a decision.

If he moved one step forward, all will attack and most likely we will all be discovered.
If he moved a step back, Edward alone would probably attack him- and again they would likely all be discovered.
Try to negotiate and avoid conflicts, but probably end up fighting? 'Seems like a good idea'

He slowly moved his left foot in line with his right, adopting a neutral pose s he did so. He watched as minutely the vamps and the tall guy relaxed. Yet Edward tensed a little. How odd.

"What do you want?" He bit out. It came out a bit more tersely than he was going for and could probably phrase it better too.

In return they blinked at him as though he would know what they wanted- or maybe they thought he would just attack? He didn't know. Harry frowned a little at this reaction.

The silence lasted for an uncomfortable few moments, before a single sound was made.

Edward half growled "what are you?" Harry sighed, annoyance briefly flashing across his face. "I thought I told you that was my own business." He paused, not willing to sound rude, "but if it means so much to you, you could always try researching what you think I am."

Again it was Edward who replied (Harry briefly wondered why it was just Edward if he wasn't the sire but quickly dismissed it) "You shouldn't exist." A cold anger in his tone.

An eyebrow rose with a chuckle he was unable to bite back, was his response to the cold statement. Harry forced himself to calm down so he wouldn't go in to full blown laughter. "Not real you say? Look at yourself! The majority of the world believes you are mere horror stories told to amuse. If you exist, then why in your logic can't I?" Amusement spilt out of his tone.

The big burly vamp (whom he still didn't know the name of) snorted at this. A little bit sharply but that is expected in such a situation.

Seeing that Edward was going to speak again he was rather happy that the quickly half-stepped forward. Every eye turned to the new speaker who froze a little at the attention.

"Why do you want to fight us? You are outnumbered."

Harry raised his head slightly at the question. "Ah, you see this is the little misunderstanding. I am neutral. I want no part in this fight, actually if anything I want to be on good terms. I, however, don't particularly like people sneaking into my house at some god-awful time at night."

'There' Harry thought, 'try arguing with that.'

Most of them seemed understanding, even if they were still wary of him. It was suicidal after all to trust so easily.

"LIAR!"- Well apart from Edward, shouting as loud as the vampire dared. Edward snarled and his posture changed substantially in to attack. Harry saw this from the corner of his eye and pushed a considerably large chunk of magic into his legs. He then proceeded to mould some more magic into an invisible physical shield around himself. It wasn't a great shield but would withstand a couple of heavy blows before fracturing.


I could understand where this apparently human was coming from, not many people liked having others invading their homes. The human thing had an odd smell though. It wasn't the mix of bleach and overly sweet scent of the vampires, nor the musky woods smell of the pack. It wasn't even similar to the perfect scent of Nessie.

His scent was the new smell of burning (like a bonfire) and thick oozing honey. It was not a bad smell, but it wasn't a common one either.
"LIAR!" Edward! God dammit, this guy appears to be neutral and we outnumber him. Yet you still continue trying to fight this guy, which directly contradicts keeping Nessie safe.

As soon as Edward moved threateningly, the tension increased. Each vampire tensed, Emmett pushed Nessie back slightly behind him (at which she rolled her eyes) Jacob though was more interested in the smell of honey increasing until it was virtually all he could smell, smothering his sensitive nose.

He watched stunned as Edward moved (almost a blur to his eyes as he charged forward) whilst the human thing or Harry moved a few steps out of the way. Edward seemed to swerve away from him jarringly within a few feet of Harry as if he had crashed into some kind of force field. Edward only just stopped in time so he wouldn't slam into the lockers.

The human stepped back a bit more with his focus on Edward, only occasionally glancing around. He didn't move much more though as it meant putting his back to the rest of us. Smart kid.


Edward was seething.

This Harry was infuriating; he was coming up with new tricks every time.

"You lie." Edward growled again after he physically restrained himself from making a human shaped dent in lockers 258 -262. Harry just raised an eyebrow back and said, "Prove it."

"You said you wouldn't fight us." Edward prepared to attack again.

"I am neutral." the Harry sighed, "I've already told you this; I have no wish to fight you."

Edward was triumphant, he had caught him in a lie, "but you have attacked us!"He said a little too smugly.

Harry had a little half smile as he replied "if you call self defence, attacking." Edward snorted and had taken two more steps forward when the entire group froze.

The surprisingly loud sound of a doorknob turning that turned into the squeaky sound of a door opening, echoed down the hallway.

It was a rather amazing feat as all changed positions into casual stances as the grouping changed, trying to look as human as can be.


He bit into an apple as he finished his grading. Or what he had to mark anyway, considering most of it wasn't handed in/ was incomplete with some half-arsed excuse as to why it was in this current state.

So rather understandably he was in a non-happy mood.

It didn't help that his mind kept flickering to the new boy- what was his name again? 'ah yes Harry Potter'

He seemed like a nice kid even if he was trouble given by the way he acted out in his lesson. He was rather quiet after that outburst however taking notes and ignoring the rest of the class. It was rather surprising how vehemently he refused to sit by him but as he was the teacher it was his classroom, his rules and he wasn't going to let one idiot destroy his established regime. He was the boss of his classroom after all despite what the governors might say.

It was interesting talking to the boy away from his peers though. He was rather meek and tame compared to the fiery spirit earlier. He probably just played up for the rest of the class to seem 'cool'. The boy seemed honestly confused as to why he was located next to the Cullens. He dismissed the comments against them out of hand and decided to keep an eye on the boy. He was most likely just jealous of the Cullens- God knows many people are.

He picked up his trusty briefcase and laptop (he had no more classes in this room today) and chucked the apple core at the bin.

He opened the door (he needed the caretaker to oil the hinges) and...

Well if that was not suspicious.

People who are quarrelling are all together in an empty corridor whilst they should be in class.

Hmmm he better put on his best 'mean teacher' voice.


Yep. That would do nicely.


He barely avoided flinching as the booming sound came out of his maths teacher's voice- he didn't do so well loud voices. Or loud sounds in general.

The non-vamp scratched his head with a rather awkward "Err..." came feebly out.

"Do You Think I Was Born Yesterday, You Idiots?" 'Well judging by the wrinkles...' "I can quite clearly see a fight a hundred miles away." Harry just wanted to get out of here. His second day here and already the potter luck had kicked in. - A teacher hated him and he was in trouble again.

It was days like these that he wanted to a scream 'why me?' to the heavens. But he didn't obviously. Saviours weren't allowed to do that.

"...WELL, What have you got to say for yourselves, hmm?" Spittle was flying everywhere during his speech. It was rather..disgusting.

A deafening silence.

"We err were... umm yeah..." the big vamp trailed off.
"Quiet Cullen, what say you Potter?"

Harry froze as he was put into the spotlight, simultaneously having a Snape flashback.

He decided he would speak honestly (on his part anyway) "A truce."

"Speak up boy, don't mumble when you talk." mini flinch, hopefully not too obvious, but repeated his previous sentence a little louder this time.

"And what pray tell necessitated a truce in the first place? You have been here but two days, I believe."

There was no answer.

Mr Varner sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Well hurry up then, finish your little truce then."

Again no one moved an inch, with not a word spoken, as they all stared at their teacher.


He glanced at the unresponsive teens in front of him. He knew he wouldn't be able to get them to talk now.

He glanced at his watch; he was 10 minutes late for his daily black coffee drinking time.

"Look, I want all of you to settle this and for me to hear no more about this, understood?" A set of synchronised nods from the students, "and get to class, this is a school not a mall."

Mr Varner stood there and watched as they slowly trickled away in random directions. Once he was sure they were out of earshot he moved in the direction of the ratty staffroom muttering a rather distinct, "I'm getting too damn old for this."


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