I'm Sorry, Angel


Seth / OC + Werewolf

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, etc.

"Brady, would you please get the door?"

"Sure thing, Lexi!" Brady headed to the front door and, without bothering to check who it was, opened the door. He grinned and greeted his pal with a slap on the back. "Hey, what's up, man?"

"Nothing much," Seth replied with an easy grin as the two men walked into the living room. "Leah's coming next week to visit—I think she imprinted and she's coming to introduce us to him."

"About time!"

"Yeah, finally. Though I can't help but want to intimidate whoever the guy is."

"Well, at least she'll quit whining about everyone else who's imprinted and be happy for once."


"Brady!" Alexia called from upstairs. "Who was it?" Brady grinned at Seth before heading upstairs, motioning for Seth to follow.

"No one, just some girl scouts selling cookies," he answered.

"And you didn't buy any cookies?"

"Sorry, honey." Alex let out an indignant huff from whatever room she was in. There was a small, girlish giggle from the same direction. Brady walked down the hallway and into one of the rooms, and a little girl ran out from there. She bumped into Seth, her large brown eyes lighting up once she saw him. She hugged him tightly and he motioned for her to be quiet.

"It's alright," Alex was heard saying to Brady, "I was just craving cookies today. I haven't had anything sugary in weeks!"

"It's been days," Brady corrected.


"Okay, okay, you're right, it's been weeks. Months."

"There you go."

Seth hung by the doorway, just out of sight. When he heard Alexia heading his way, he ambushed her just before she turned the corner, his hands over her eyes. Alexia's screech was hilarious to his ears.

"What the hell!" Her hands tried to pry his hands off her face to no avail. "Hmmph. SETH!" Seth and Brady burst out laughing at the incredulous look on Alex's face. She glared at Seth when he finally moved away.

"Whoa, Lexi, I think you better hold off on the sweets," Seth teased.

"Very funny," she retorted, placing her hands on her very pregnant belly. "I'll have you know, I'm eating for two here!"

"Maybe even three," Brady added, elbowing Seth.

"You'll have your hands full," Seth commented.

"Good thing you're our babysitter, then," Alexia stated, smirking. Seth held his hands up.

"Now wait a minute—when did you get my consent on that?"

"Sierra said you'd be more than willing to baby-sit." Alex patted the head of her four-year-old cutie. Seth mock-glared at her before sweeping her up and ticking her. Sierra giggled uncontrollably at her godfather's antics.

"Alright, give me that one," Brady said cheerfully, peeling away his daughter from one of his best friends. "She's got to eat lunch, this one."

"Can I have corn?" Sierra asked. "And potatoes? And apple juice? And bananas? And—"

"I swear, Seth, you're rubbing off on her," Alexia said as Brady carried Sierra downstairs, the latter still listing food. Seth grinned. "Come here." Alex reentered the room—which was, Seth discovered, the new nursery for the baby, or babies, on the way. Seth assisted Alex in folding and putting away baby clothes and things, then helped her into the rocking chair, and sat on a chair nearby.

"How're you doing, Angel?"

"Amazing," Lexi replied, smiling. "Although, I can't wait to pop out these babies—being pregnant is such a drag. It makes you all moody and tired and hungry and—"

"So, basically, no different than you normally are, right?" Seth joked, ignoring her playful glare.

"Yes, of course," she said dryly. Then her eyes lit up. "But it's amazing, when you first hold your kid in your arms. It's amazing, when they see you for the first time. Your heart just stops—you're so happy, and it's like, here's a person who depends on you completely, whose only terms for loving you are if you carry them and feed them, but even then they're very forgiving. It's like, here's a person so tiny and fragile, that you helped to create, that is a part of you… It's so hard not to love them, I can't imagine how anyone would be able to resist them."

Seth smiled, then looked away, at the nursery. There was a part of him that longed for a child, too. After all, most of the pack had grown up and had children already. Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim, Paul and Rachel, and even Jacob and Renesmee had a kid or two. Claire wasn't anywhere near old enough to marry, or even fall in love with Quil. Leah had just imprinted, but no doubt that she would have kids in a few years. Embry had just found his imprint a year ago, so the same was true for him. Collin still hadn't imprinted, and neither had the seven younger pack members—the ones that had joined Sam's pack for the "battle" against the Volturi to ensure Renesmee's safety. Where did that leave Seth?

"What about you, Seth?" asked Alex. She was looking at him with hidden emotion—was it curiosity? Was it pity? Was it sadness? Was it yearning? Was it confusion?

"What about me?"

"Well… You never tell me about your imprint—or lack thereof, whatever the case may be. Do you want to have kids?"

"Of course, Mrs. Fuller," he answered, though he wasn't entirely sure about the response. Did he? Sure.

"Well?" Seth raised an eyebrow. He smirked when he realized Lexi was, yet again, curious about whether he had imprinted or not. Ever since she and Brady had gotten together and she had found out Brady imprinted on her, she had asked Seth every few days whether or not he'd imprinted. This went on for years until, tired of giving the same answer, Seth decided to keep it a mystery. And it would be kept that way.

"Sorry, Angel, you're not getting it out of me," he sang, grinning wolfishly.

"Oh, come on," she pleaded. "I'm dying of curiosity!"

"Sorry, dear."

"Will you at least tell me if you're still shifting or not?"

"I am," he answered. "Then again, so is Brady, so that doesn't really help you." Her eyes widened.

"BRADY!" she yelled. "YOU'RE STILL SHIFTING?" Without another word, she'd barged from the room. Seth, slightly startled, listened to the mad ranting of a pregnant woman downstairs and to the weak replies of her whipped werewolf husband. He chuckled, smiling to himself.

Would he ever imprint? Had he imprinted? Perhaps Alexia would find out in the future, when it became more obvious. It was fun to keep his best friend guessing, though. And he was glad she was just that—his best friend. Sure, it was hard to leave her—that day when they broke up was such a painful memory for him, and such a vivid one, too—but it was for the best. She would be happy—and was—with Brady. He would be happy, too, with his imprint. Perhaps, one day, he'd introduce them. Then again, they already knew each other.

For now, at least, Alexia Fuller was his Angel—and would always be, even if he had found another Angel.