The little blue pill

by Stareagle50

Usual disclaimers apply

Chapter 1

"Anthony DiNozzo, you are a pig… a sex crazed, sexist, scoundrel. I wouldn't go out with you again in a million years." She closed the phone connection with a snap and muttered epithets about the parentage of one Tony DiNozzo. She thought he really liked her, but the only thing he really wanted was to get into her pants. As her fury grew, she plotted her revenge. He fancied as himself such a playboy and lover. UGH!

The bullpen – 7 AM

The elevator doors opened on the quiet empty room. Spying DiNozzo's desk and scanning for anyone that might be behind a partition, she noticed a cup of coffee on the corner of the desk. Placing the back of her hand on the side of the cup, it was very, very hot. On impulse she changed her plans. Ripping open the foil packet in her pocket that she had intended to plant in his desk or locker, she dropped the little blue pill in the steaming liquid through the opening in the top. Grabbing a Kleenex, she used it to pick up the cup and give it a swirl, placing it back on the corner of the desk. Then she dropped the empty foil packet in the waste can. Reaching around to the drawer, she slipped a few more of the foil packets in the desk. Then she quickly retreated to the back elevator and continued on her way to the accounting dept muttering, "That will teach that lecherous creep. He'll have to run around all day with a raging libido that he won't be able to hide from Gibbs or Ziva. I hope he is miserable."

A minute later, the doors to MTAC violently opened and a frustrated Leroy Jethro Gibbs emerged followed by the raised voice of Leon Vance.

"Go ahead and do it your way, Leon: you always do. When it lands back at our door, I will personally dump the whole thing and the paperwork in your lap," replied Gibbs. Spying his coffee on the corner of Tony's desk where he had left it after his summons to MTAC, he took the steps 3 at a time and strode over to the desk. Tearing the top off, he tipped the cup to his lips and chugged the steaming brew to fuel the head of steam he'd developed from his encounters with the politicians in MTAC. He noticed a slight after-taste, but dismissed it as a result of the Leon's unpalatable assignment. God he hated paperwork and being pulled out of the field for political and bureaucratic nonsense.

The Bullpen – 8 am

Gibbs slid his glasses off and rubbed his temples – the damn paperwork was giving him a headache already. He loosened his top button and eased out of his jacket, feeling unusually warm.

"You okay, boss?" McGee asked, noticing Gibbs increasing agitation and redder than usual complexion.

Looking up, Gibbs snapped, "McGee, the reference documentation for the Reynold's case is all screwed up. Get it fixed. Ziva, go over to Legal and find the bozo who arranged the warrants. The case file is missing the server forms – I don't want this getting bounced because of paper work. DiNozzo…"

"Yes boss"

"Go to accounting and find out what they did with the money we found. Did they return it to VA state or is it still tied up in evidence? "

"Boss, that's more McGoo's kind of thing, he is good at following the money… or I'll go to legal and…"

"Is there a problem in accounting Dee-No- Zo?" asked Gibbs, knowing that gossip from that department had been circulating regarding a blonde that Tony had been lusting for.

"No, no problem Boss, just… " the volume and tone of Tony's voice dropped lower . "No problem."

"Good, I'll be in Abby's lab checking on ballistics." Gibbs rose slowly, still rubbing his forehead and passing a hand over his eyes. Grabbing the folder, he spun on his heel and stalked to the elevator.

Abby's Lab

The music had a deep bass rhythm with a volume that vibrated the fillings in his teeth, much less the pounding in his head. "Abby," he yelled as he crossed the threshold to find his lab tech doing interpretive dance, with what could only be described as a predatory stalking 3-step and a shimmy timed to the bass line. Her short , very short skirt flew up as she twirled around greeting Gibbs enthusiastically. The V of her blouse left very little to the imagination and Gibbs was shocked to discover his body had reacted with alacrity. Involuntarily he dropped the folder to cover the bulge that instantly tented his pant as he felt his face flush. No sound came out as he tried to tell her to turn the sound down.

Sensing his distress, Abby grabbed the remote enveloping the room in a silence as dramatic as the music it replaced. "Gibbs! What's wrong? You don't look so good," she cried rushing to his side, grabbing his arm and placing her cool hand on his forehead and face. "You're burning up!"

She lifted the folder out of his hands, placing it on the table only to see that his temperature was not the only thing elevated. Her eyes widened and she couldn't help but crack Mae West's famous line, "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you glad to see me?" in her most sultry voice.

Gibb's eyes grew wider as she sidled against him creating a compression crisis in his clothing.

"Abbs," he croaked - a suddenly dry throat as his hormones decided to double time march through his bloodstream, "Ballistics – Reynolds case," he gulped, silently reminding himself of his infamous "Rule 12."

"Gibbs, you obviously have a big problem, we are both adults – let me help," she crooned in her sexiest southern drawl smiling a positively lecherous grin. Resuming her predatory motion, "Let me help you with the ball-is-tics" she crooned drawing out the last word.

An audible click signaled the locking of the door as Abby spun away to draw a blackout curtain across the windows and door. The flickering light of Abby's screensaver was the only illumination in the suddenly dark room. A moment later, the muted sound of the jungle music resumed at a much lower volume as Abby returned to a most definitely aroused Gibbs.

"Gibbs, we're friends. Friends help each other whenever there's a problem – no strings attached. Let me help you with this problem. "

Lust was coursing through his bloodstream in tandem with the music. Abby commenced a striptease that would put an exotic dancer to shame. He didn't move as she proceeded to lap dance across his throbbing center and tight thighs. Grabbing her hips, he tried to create some distance but she would have nothing to do with that. Swiftly reaching for his belt, his fly was unzipped and his proud anatomy was standing at attention, ready for action. Relief with the freedom to reach its full potential warred with the rational mind chanting, "rule 12… rule 12… rule 12… rule … rule… to hell with it! Rule 51"

Drawing her to him, lips crushed together as she straddled his lap and brought him relief.

Chapter 2

Sanity returned slowly to both of them as the heat of the moment passed and where they were sank in. Abby reached for the towels so they both could clean up. "Don't say a word Gibbs, you are definitely my Alpha-plus silver-haired fox! "

She could hardly move from his embrace as feral blue eyes drank in the sight of her. He tenderly kissed her lips and then leaned his forehead against hers. No longer burning up, he also noticed that his headache was gone. "Practicing medicine without a license, Abby, my headache's gone: Better not let Ducky catch you," he quipped with a sigh.

"I meant it Gibbs."

Cocking his head to the side as he looked at her inquiring, "What?"

"No strings Gibbs, I don't want you to worry or feel obligated to return my obvious affection and attraction to you…"

He cut her off with a sweet kiss. "The genie's out of the bottle, Abs, rule 51 applies"

Her puzzled expression prompted him to draw her to him again explaining in a gentle voice, "Rule 51 over rules 12… -51, Sometimes you're wrong."

Glad you don't regret this." Abby rested her head for a moment and then snapped to attention, "But what brought this on? I am not complaining Gibbs, but you were not your usual self when you came in here."

Now that he had returned to his senses, he realized the truth of Abby's observations. Thinking back over the morning, he couldn't figure to what he could attribute his loss of control and lustful impulses. "I came in early to go over the Reynold's case and Leon called me in to MTAC to brief me on the new case file submission procedures. I hadn't even had my coffee yet when the Sec Nav's mouthpiece, started droning on about forms, priorities and organizing. I yelled at him and Leon, left MTAC, grabbed my coffee from DiNozzo's desk and began the wrap-up of the case. When I walked in your lab, you were dancing to the music…" his voice faded out.

Abby eyed him speculatively. "I am definitely not complaining, you could greet me that way any morning, afternoon or night," she replied. "But I don't understand what happened."