The Little Blue Pill

Chapter 15 Epilog

"Abby! Oh God, Abby, "thought Gibbs as the full impact of what this whole ordeal revealed ran through his mind! Images of their fierce embraces and his unbridled passion invoked the expected reaction. Automatically dropping the folder down low in front of his belt, he groaned, "Oh God, Abby!"

Leaning against the wall, trying to get a hold of himself, he was startled by the security guard's voice, "Are you all right, Agent Gibbs? The man who had just arrived to stand guard of the suspect was surprised by Gibb's appearance and posture.

"What? … Oh, yeah … just fine…, "Gibbs smiled, straightening, turning and striding down the corridor to the lift to Abby's lab.

Appearing at the door of her lab, he watched in silent admiration as she moved purposefully from instrument to instrument. The lab bench was cleaned and ready for the next case. She was happy; he could see it in her peppy steps, hear it in the tune she hummed, and saw it in her eyes when she turned to see him there. Smiling widely, he opened his arms, folder still in one hand and his enjoyment of her evident in the fit of his slacks.

"Gibbs!" She noticed his condition; "Gibbs it's been more than 4 hours, the effects of that medication should have worn off or will be wearing off soon and you won't have to worry. .."

"Do I look like I'm worried?"

Running into his arms she hugged him so hard, she melded her body to his.

"Case closed, Abs, we're heading home for some much needed R & R. "

"Mmmmm! I like the sound of that. Which comes first, the R or the R?"

He hit the lights as she activated the close and lock mechanism, both still entwined in each other. Gazing deeply into each other's eyes, gently stroking each other's brow, each knew that there was a new life ahead for them. "It's not the little blue pill talking, Abs," he murmured into her ear.

"I know. I love you Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

"Likewise," he replied, as they fused in a passionate kiss.


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