Battle of the Prometheus

The earth ship Prometheus was on an exploring mission and was traveling through the swirling tunnel of hyperspace.

"Cornel Ronson, we are exiting hyperspace in one minute" "Right, thank you Major, set condition two through the ship." He said. The Major asked "Sir, are you expecting any troubles?" "No, but I don't want to be caught whit our pants down if we met any hostiles, intelligence sais some systems in the distance is inhabited by a small Goa'uld."


In the darkness of space a hyperspace windows opens and the grey bulk of the Prometheus enters real space.

Bridge Prometheus

"Sir, we've got a contact, it's a Goa'uld Hat'ak ship two light minutes from our port."
Said the sensor officer.

"Great, sound general quarters, all hands battle stations. Prepare our F302, activate shields and weapon systems. Load tubes 1 to 12 whit Missiles and equip them whit Mark 8 warheads also load railguns whit anti-ship ammunition." Barked the Cornel.

"New contacts enemy ship is launching fighters."
"Launch our own fighters, and target the enemy fighter's whit AA railguns." "Yes Sir"


From the two hangars of earths first spaceship launched 8 F302 fighters, the most advanced fighters earth had to offer. Equipped each whit 4 missiles and two 5mm railguns. They took up attack formation and their targeting system locked on the enemy fighters. While the death gliders had technological speaking the more advanced weapons, the old style and primitive weapons of the earth fighters were tactical superior the ones of the Goa'uld.

The Prometheus began to fire her AA guns on the gliders, her Gatling railguns began spewing 5mm trinium jacked rounds which tore in the enemy fighters. Also the earth fighters now fired their missiles and whit this the fighter screen of the enemy began dissolving.

"Sir most enemy fighters are destroyd we lost one of our own but we could beam the pilots out." "Good.. ""Incoming enemy fire!" yelled the sensor officer. " Evasive action and brace for impact."

The Prometheus was hit by some of the orange golden bolts of plasma, which were coming from the Hat'ak, however she managed to evade most.

"Now it's our turn, fire all missiles." "Yes Sir." Said the weapon officer and pushed the button.

Out of the top of the ship came twelve missiles each equipped whit a Mark 8 Naquada enhanced nuclear warhead.
All raced against the Goa'uld ship, which tried in vain to intercept them whit the ill equipped AA guns.
All Missiles hit home, multi gigatons of nuclear furry slammed into the shields and brought them down.

"Enemy shields are down." "Target them whit the railguns"

The four ship-to-ship railguns opened fire and fired their deadly bullets at mach 10 into the alien ship which was ripped apart.

It was a bad day to be a Goa'uld