I had to go pee really badly and we were fucking in the middle of nowhere. Simon was sleeping beside me plus he was sweating buckets that made me want to go even more badly.

Dad and Lauren were in the front seat whispering quietly as dad drove, Tori was sitting in the back beside chloe they both were passing notes and giggling.

'Damn them they knew i would hear if they whispered so they decided to pass notes. I really wanted to know what they were talking about'

Chloe looked at me and smiled shyly i gave her a half smile back then it was ruined when Tori elbowed her in the ribs and snickered when she blushed.

This time i fully blown smiled and turned away afraid that her face my get too red and stay like that.

"Mr. Bae" Chloe called

"hmmm" dad replied looking though the mirror.

"Can u hand a bottle of water" she said fiddling with her thumbs. Dad nodded and told Lauren to get the water bottle from the small freezer underneath her feet.

"Here you go pumpkin the last one" Lauren said. Chloe blush at the nickname, Tori snickered i couldn't help but smile "shut up" she muttered. Lauren reached back and handed me the water telling me to hand it to Chloe.

I just stared at the water it was so cold and freezing is in my hands making me squirm uncomfortably. "Do u want some" a voice whispered beside me.

I turned my head quickly and was met with a pair of blue eyes staring in mine. I gulped "u-uh no" I said quickly.

Chloe smiled shyly "it's okay" she replied urging me to take a drink. I looked back at the water, before shaking my head and handed her the water "no thanks" I murmured.

She looked hurt making me feeling guilty "oh okay" she whispered going to sit back down. grunting i forced myself to take the bottle back and chock 3rd of it down my throat.

chloe smiled happily at me, a whimper almost escaped my lips "thanks" I whispered trying to act grateful she nodded blushing slightly. I leaned forward slightly and her eyes lowered down to my lips. i inwardly smirked *hell i haven't even had my second kiss with her* i thought.

Her lips parted, my lips touched her *ha! i had even forgotten about my pee problem* i thought.

I was about to part my own lips and kiss her when Lauren screamed "A SKUNK!" Dad immediately stopped the car. Jerking all four of us forward.

Simon and I hit the back of the front seat. Since Chloe was leaning between Simon and my seat she was on the floor with her legs on the seat. Tori on top of her "Ow" we all moaned even Simon who was now finally awake.

"Dad" I grunted, "where's the skunk i don't see it" dad said looking around.

We all got up and Chloe had her hand on her chest rubbing it "that hurt" she muttered. "You got boobs now chloe their going to hurt" tori muttered.

I looked away from them blushing, "where is the damn skunk" I growled. i was pissed super pissed i was just about to have my second kiss with my very first girlfriend and we got interrupted by a skunk! a fucking skunk!

"uh it was just right there" Lauren said looking around innocently.

"Lauren this whole place is empty besides those tree a few yards away and bright green...i sure a pitch black and white skunk can't of have ran all the way to the forest by know and we could have seen it run" dad said accusingly.

Lauren smiled sheepishly then glanced at me from the rear mirror with a satisfied smirk on her face.

I scowled at her glaring *so that was it she didn't want me kissing her niece so she mad a lie!* I thought glaring at her harder.

Dad sighed "it's okay thank god their was no real skunk" he muttered driving back off again to the road.

This time i couldn't hold it so i opened the door and ran "Don't follow me! i have to do something really quick!" I yelled when dad yelled at me to come back.

when i reached the doors i was almost half in wolf form. I reached a small pond and i was fully a black wolf.

sighing in relief...i was about to take a piss when something cracked behind me, i turned around and growled.

Then all of a sudden my wolf took charge and i couldn't do anything about it, i saw Chloe emerge from the trees and wolf purred which made chloe raise an eyebrows.

Then i knew why my wolf took over he was going to mark chloe as his fully Mate.


I was still looking at the wolf with those piercing Amber eyes just staring at me, for some reason his presence felt familiar.

I took a step closer and he growled lowly, I quickly stepped back and he stepped towards me, and i gulped as i watched him circle me slowly like a predator stalking his prey.

Then with out warning he pounced me, I shrieked stumbling backwards my arms raised above me to cover my face. I tripped over a root and fell on my ass hard, and feel back on my back

"Ow" I moaned from the pain and his weight on my body, then with out warning i felt something warm on my leg. Lifting my head quickly i noticed he was...PEEING ON ME!

I gasped and he growled at me pressed his paw onto my chest pushing me back down.

Gulping i did just that, whimpering 'this is so gross a random wolf is peeing on me instead of killing me' then the wolf moved away he left a spot on my thigh to my knee.

I glared at him "stupid mutt" I murmured. He growled and I jumped, then he came closer and tugged on the sleeve of my hoodie. I got up and followed him deeper into the woods.

I really wanted to get these pants off, then suddenly he froze and a bear came out of the forest. The wolf growled and I froze the bear was huge, the bear looked at me and stalked towards me.

wolf didn't make a move just kept on growling lowly in his throat, he was about a yard away when he took a deep inhale then huffed running off the other way. I sighed in relief, the wolf stopped growling and kept on walking.

With me following I'm still wondering why the bear didn't attack me. 'Ugh the smell it's so gross' I thought. Then it hit me 'the stupid mutt peed on me that's why" I thought glaring at his back.

We reached a small pond then he looked at me and i started back. He walked up to me and pawed at my pants, I took them off 'thank god' i thought "now all i need is a pair of clean pants" I said. The wolf then pawed at me shirt, frowning i took that off as well.

He growled softly again it was more like a purr, he stepped towards me i again stepped back and tripped.

He crawled on top of me, i felt instantly warm. his warm body covered my small one, I wrapped my arms around his neck nuzzling his neck. He purred easing himself down on top of me.

His muzzle moved towards my cheek then slowly to my jaw then to my neck then to my collarbone then back up to my neck.

I smiled he was so warm and so soft, i thought giggling. He started to lick my neck softly and I laughed this time, then i screamed in pain when he bit down roughly.

I whimpered and clutched tighter to him, his sharp, long, and thick teeth sank into my neck. Blood flowed down to my neck to my chest soaking up my white bra turning it bright red.

He pulled away slightly then licked up the wound, I felt better a bit though it still hurt like shit. He moved away blood covered his fur, my blood.

without warning he licked my lips, I squealed and pulled away and stared at him wide-eyed. His face changed and morphed into something familiar. Fur moved inside his body. My eyes turned wider when I stared back into my boyfriends face who was well...naked

0.0 Chloe's face
-.- Derek's face

"Chloe" he whispered his mouth was still covering my blood. He leaned forward and kissed me...i kissed him back blood and all wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him closer.

Then i felt this strange hunger. i wanted more, and he knew. Derek knew this. then with out warning, I flipped him over. Straddling him. He groaned bucking his hips slightly, then with out warning. I couldn't control myself. I dove down to his neck and bit down...hard!.

Derek screamed in ecstasy and held onto my head with on hand pushing me further into his neck. My eyes shut in pleasure as i sucked in his blood in my body. He breathed heavily and I pulled away now my mouth was covered with his blood.

Derek breath caught and he leaned his hand towards my cheek, his knuckles grazing my cheek "beautiful" he moaned, pulling my head down quickly for another kiss. We rolled in the grass finding dominate power.

He licked my neck then moved to my breast, he growled using his teeth ripping them in half, and I gasped as the cold air hit my nipples. His mouth latched onto my right one, whimpering i held his head shoving him downwards.

He flipped over and grabbed my butt bringing me up so i straddled his face then his tongue flickered inside my deep wet hole.

I moaned clutching his head, his eyes were closed and he looked like a man who looked like he hadn't had anything to drink for days.

I let out a sultry moan throwing my head back, then it hit me. Waves after waves i cried out clutching his hair, he sat up making me fall down.

He chuckled crawling on top of me, then ripped off my underwear, without warning he plunged into me, breaking my barrier.

I cried out holding his bicep for dear life, blood ran down his arm to his knuckles that was holding the grass as he pounded into me.

Just like that it was over, he came then i came. and he fell on top of me, breathing heavily. "Wh-wh-wh-what w-w-was t-t-that?" I gasped out breathing heavily.

Derek just sighed pulling out of me with both moaned, "I'm sorry" he whispered "I didn't mean to hurt you" he whispered, we still had blood on our mouths, "My wolf was marking you as mine permanently..." he whispered closing his eyes waiting for my reaction.

"Oh" I breathed, "so that means you love me" I asked. he shrugged "i don't know but i do like you like really like you...it's just that when a werewolves finally see's the opposite attractive and the first women who captures the wolves heart. Has to be imprinted on making sure that you won't escape" he said.

I nodded "I really really like you too" I whispered, he looked at me shocked "then one day i might love you" I continued.

He smiled wider "I might love you too. Nope i know i will love you one day...just not yet" he whispered kissing me softly, I kissed back then remembered.

"Oh my gods!" i screeched, he jumped "what! what happened" he asked frantically. "You dad, Simon, Tori and Aunt Lauren their probably looking for us" i said trying to shove him off of me.

Derek laughed pulling me to his chest tighter then kissing my forehead "time freezes when a werewolves marks his mate" he whispered. I nodded then glared at him, he frowned at my glare "what's wrong" he asked. Getting up, I sat up crossing my arms over my bare chest "You peed on me" I accused. He blushed

"That's part of the marking plus the bite, then the love making" he blushed harder. I grimaced "now my pants smell like pee" I accused him, he grinned "Tori packed an extra pair of clothes don't worry...I'll change then you can wear my shirt until we reach the car then get the clothes out of the trunk" He said happily.

I shrugged "It's worth a shot" I muttered, he kissed my cheek "be right back" he said getting up. I still couldn't look away from his ass. Then i noticed what i was doing, blushing i looked away.

A moment later a gray shirt landed on me, I turned and saw Derek wearing only jeans "come on" he said helping me up, I put on the shirt which fell down to my knees. Derek just laughed carrying me in his arms.

We reached the car sure enough everything was frozen, Mr. Bae was outside of the car his mouth cupped around his mouth it looked like he was calling for me and Derek.

Tori and Simon bickering in the car, Aunt Lauren in the van reading a magazine.

We walked to the trunk lifting it up, I reached in the bright blue suit case, taking out a clean underwear, bra, and shirt. "There's only shorts" I said picking up jean shorts that had strings hanging slightly from the bottom, Derek just shrugged.

I peeled off the shirt then glared at Derek "turn away" I accused, he rolled his eyes turning away from me "stupid pervert" I whispered. "I heard that" Derek said, I smiled putting on the black bra and matching panties, then the white tank, which was short.

It showed too much of my navel, then i put on the shorts which was way too short, if i sat down you could probably see the lace of my underwear, that's how short it was. "Umm..."

I said, Derek turned around and his eyes widened and he blushed a blush that could beat mine, then a slow grin formed on his face "You look cute" he said "absolutely irresistible" I blushed 'maybe he can't beat my blush' i thought.

"How i look like a slut" I frowned pouting. Derek walked towards me, then his gripped the back of my pale thighs pulling me up against his chest. I squealed wrapping my arms around his neck "no you don't i swear" he said seriously, I blushed looking away.

He tilted his head my away kissing me, then with out warning "DEREK!" Mr. Bae yelled. I jumped away from Derek looking at Mr. Bae who was about to call again "i'm right here dad" Derek said calmly, Mr. Bae turned quickly then stared at us.

"Uhhh Chloe" he asked pointing at my clothes. I waved it off "some wild mangy mutt peed on me" Derek frowned, and Mr. Bae nodded "okay sit back in" he said, going inside the Van.

"Wild mangy mutt uh?" Derek growled slapping my ass, I squealed turned away from me, "no body touches the bottom" I warned. "Nobody but me because i claim it" He growled possessively, grabbing my hand getting in the Van.

Derek shoved Tori out of the back seat and sat down next to me, his hand on my leg rubbing my thigh softly, "can we go?" Tori said. Mr. Bae nodded and we drove off. Nobody asked where we went, nobody asked about my clothes and i was glad about that.

Derek leaned down and kissed my bite mark softly "so pretty" he cooed squeezing my thigh. "Overgrown bastard" I muttered blushing hiding my face in his chest.

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