Marking review

Okay I might stop writing stories because some chick told me that I'm bending the rules of the books of the universe and when I heard his/her comment I feel so hurt nobody as ever said that to me….these are MY stories not KELLEY ARMSTRONG so I can make them the way I want….and I already have to deal a lot of shit at home plus at school….my mom already wants me to be married and out of her freaken house and writing is the only thing that makes me happy…I have anger problems and I admit to that writing and listening to music only thing helps me and when somebody hurts saying that is bad and that your stories will be deleted for sexual abuse and my profile too. I Just felt so hurt that I wanted to cry nobody as ever said anything bad about my stories before everyone loves them and I'm sure some of you people on this website have seen more sexual stories than mine mines just a minor it barely goes into detail. All of your reviews makes me happy and it makes me happy knowing that you guys love my stories and want to read more of it.

And if you guys are made that Derek bit Chloe in this story and she didn't turn into a werewolf and it went right to sex but that's how it was supposed to be. He was marking her as his mate and he/she wanted Derek to be more control of himself and so right now I'm more than hurt! When I read that I just felt like crying because now I know that even on this website people can hurt you no matter what. I have to deal with enough hurt at home…I have to admit I have tears coming out of my eyes right now as I cry. Most of you people might think 'what the fuck is the chick doing crying over a stupid comment' but it really hurts me I'm such a sensitive person and my parents don't even know that. I have to act tough in front of them so they won't treat me like a baby and i seriously don't want that and i'm sure every teenager feels that way of not wanting to be treated as a baby but a very dependent person

So I need to take a break and wish me luck that I get my strength and come right back!

~Chlerek :)