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So, here's chapter one of my infamous Glee-Star Wars crossover, hesitantly entitled USE THE FORCE, KURT HUMMEL!

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just a day,
just an ordinary day
just trying to get by
just a boy,
just an ordinary boy
but he was looking to the sky

and as he asked if I would come along
I started to realize
that every day, he finds
just what he's looking for,
like a shooting star, he shines.

"Ordinary Day" - Vanessa Carlton

Kurt had learned much about the Habits of Finn since their parents had moved in together. For one thing, Finn rarely walked. He thundered.

"Brace yourself," Kurt mumbled to Blaine as a small herd of elephants began to descend the stairs. He continued to toy lazily with his fingers. Blaine chuckled softly in his ear before placing a gentle kiss to the side of his neck.

"Kurt, have you seen -" Finn abruptly screeched to a halt, seeing the two cuddled together on Kurt's bed. "Oh. Uh, hey Blaine."

"Hey, Finn," Blaine replied calmly, twining his fingers through Kurt's. Finn shot a look back up the stairs.

"Does, uh -"

"Burt knows I'm here," Blaine answered with a disarming smile. He threaded his arms around Kurt's waist and rested his chin in the hollow of his collarbone. "And besides, he's at the garage right now." Kurt blushed happily as Blaine's voice hummed against him.

Finn shot another glance up the stairs. "We're home alone?"

Kurt replied with a shadow of an eye-roll. "Finn, we've alone for the past three hours. Have you seriously been on Halo this whole time?"

"Yep." Finn glanced back to the two boys. "Have you seen my other Xbox live headset? Puck's coming over in a few minutes."

"I don't even know what that is," Kurt deadpanned.

"I'll take that as a no." Finn glanced around the room anyways. "Okay – um, have fun." He beat a hasty retreat up the stairs again.

Blaine's laugh ghosted across Kurt's neck. "Typical brotherly awkwardness. Gotta love it."

Kurt pulled away to look Blaine in the eye. "Please, you know as well as I do that he doesn't like seeing two guys…snuggling." He colored a little on the last word.

"Pssh." Blaine pulled him back to his chest. "Finn's not a homophobe. You're too hard on him." His fingers wound through Kurt's hair, gently threading through the immaculate strands. "Think: how would you react if you walked in on Finn and Rachel, or Finn and Quinn?"

"I would run the other way, then dunk my eyes in Lysol." Kurt shivered. "…oh. I think I see your point."

"Exactly." Blaine placed a soft kiss on Kurt's ear. "Typical brotherly awkwardness."

"You're always right." Kurt leaned back against Blaine with a sigh.

The two Warblers sat in companionable silence until the front door slammed upstairs. Kurt winced.

"That'll be Finn again." He slowly disentangled himself from Blaine. "Mind if I go say hello to Puck? I haven't seen him since – um, in a while." Since Rachel's house party disaster, he added mentally. Blaine stretched his arms over his head.

"I'll come too. We can grab some food from the kitchen before Finn and Puck clean everything out."

Kurt shot him a shy smile and leaned in for a chaste kiss on the lips before scampering upstairs.

"Hey, Puck," Kurt called from the kitchen. Noah Puckerman threw a salute from the door.

"Sup, Hummel, long time no see." He shrugged out of his rain jacket, leaving it in a heap on the floor.

"Hi, Puck!" Blaine slipped into the kitchen after Kurt, leaning casually against the counters.

"That's Blaine," Finn narrated from the foyer. "You know, from Rachel's that time."

Puck shrugged. "I was so drunk that night I don't even know whose house I was at. Sup, Kurt's friend."

"Boyfriend, actually," Blaine added. He grinned as Kurt turned pink.

Puck stopped. "Whoa, so this is sexy-gay-singer-dude?" He looked him over. Blaine chuckled.

"You're three for four," he replied with a modest shrug.

Finn looked confused. "Wait-"

He was interrupted as the front door slammed open again, admitting a slightly-soggy Santana. "Hey, bitches," she called without looking. "Puckerman, you'd better pay me for gas, or I'm hauling your sorry ass back to Lima, pronto."

"Dude, Finn lives like ten minutes away!" Puck threw up his hands. "What, you want me to give you a whole freaking quarter?"

But Santana wasn't listening. Her eyes had reached Blaine, and a smile crept onto her face. "Is this who I think it is?"

Kurt let out a strangled moan, and Blaine proudly slung his arm around his shoulders in response. Santana arched an eyebrow.

"Nice catch, Hummel. Wanky wanky." She threw them a sly wink. "I'd tap that."

"How's Brittany, Santana?" Kurt shot back, now beet red. He felt a sense of dull triumph as Santana's eyebrows snapped together and she turned from them.

"Dude, why'd you bring Star Wars?" Finn cut in, oblivious to the mounting tension. He held up a battered copy of Attack of the Clones that had fallen out of Puck's jacket.

Puck retrieved it with a puzzled expression. "I dunno, I guess I left it -"

Everything went dark. Or maybe it exploded. Kurt couldn't really tell. Gigantic, silent fireworks flashed behind his eyes, collapsing in on themselves like dying stars. Shadowy wings swept through orbiting halos of light. And then there was the bass – the ubiquitous, thrumming sonic force that swelled like a tidal wave, crashing over Kurt and filling him with agonizing pulsations. And then as suddenly as it had begun – the lights, the images, the sounds – it vanished.

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