This belongs to one of my stories. I sort of remade it but it is part of one of my stories. This is based off of an experience between my friend and her sister. It was hard so this is a tribute to my friend Caroline and her sister Rachel. This is about Francine and her little sister Rocky.

I don't own Jersey Boys or Francine. But I do own Rocky. This is my version of what would happen if Frankie had another kid and Francine ran away to do more drugs ( ).

Hope you enjoy!

It was a cold night and Francine was about to steal Frankie's car and run away. She couldn't stand the fact that Frankie never trusted her. But first she wanted to say goodbye to her little sister first.

"Rocky, Rocky! Wake up!" Francine said. The little girl woke up and rubbed her eyes.

"Francine? What are you doing?" Rocky said, she was little only seven. Her sister leaving was hard to take on a little girl her age. Francine knew that but she had to say goodbye.

"I am leaving, but I wanted to say goodbye." She paused, she felt a little guilty at that point about leaving but she continued "I am really going to miss you, Rocky."

"But you can't leave. You're my big sister and I need you."

"I am sorry Rocky. But I love you. I will be back I don't know if it is soon or in a long time. But whatever happens I want you to know, I will never forget you and you will always be my little sister. When I come back, who knows how old we will be but we will do all the things we used to do, before everything was so complicated. Again, like sisters, things we haven't been able to do for a while. Rocky, we haven't been able to be just sisters for a while."

Rocky started crying, because of the words coming out of Francine's mouth. They had a strong sister bond and did everything together. Mary and Frankie got divorced a while ago and Francine practically raised Rocky, their dad Frankie was always on tour.

"I love you too. I am going to miss you, sissy." Rocky said and Francine gave her a hug and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Francine started to leave but Rocky stopped her.

"Francine, here" Rocky handed her a necklace "Mommy gave this to me; before I came to live with you and dad, I want you to have it so you forget me."

"Rocky I will never forget you, but thank you" Francine took it, she looked at it then at her "Are you sure? This is your favorite necklace?"

Rocky nodded "I want you to have it, will you come back?"

"I will. I promise." I feel bad about lying! The truth was Francine might not come back and she knew it, she just couldn't break her little sister's heart.

"Hey Rocky?" Rocky looked up "Don't tell dad I came to your room tonight ok?" Rocky smiled a weak smile and nodded. Francine left out the door but came back quickly and said, "Rocky, I love you, little sis."

Rocky heard Francine take dads car she looked out her window to see her sister drive away. Tear came to Rocky's eyes and she heard her dad coming. She scrambled back into bed, she pretended to be asleep. She didn't want Frankie to know she was awake. She heard him walk in and then walked out. He ran down stairs she heard him "Shit!" She looked down at the tearstains on her pillow and then cried more she thought one more thing before she fell asleep.

I miss you already big sis, please come back soon.

Francine left and that was the last time Rocky ever saw her before she died.