Alrighty then. I wrote this cool bunch of drabbles because I have no life and only enough talent to last... oh... say 300-400 words at a time. So now I'm going to post them in this little drabble series, three a week (monday-wednesday-friday), and maybe people will like them. Most of them will probably be LxLight pairing. They'll be a mixture of romance and angst and stuff.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

So here's the first :)

1. Lullaby

L sleeps like a child. Light wakes up in the middle of the night to the feeling of something digging into his calf. It was L's bony knee, and Light's drowsy-eyed gaze travels from the stray limb and up the motionless body to the sleeping detective's eyelids. L's face is half pressed into his own forearm, breathing through his open mouth and probably drooling on himself.

L sleeps like a child. Light lets out a breath when he realizes it is L and L is sleeping, but the breath turns into a sigh and causes L's eyes to shoot open. Light flinches. This reminds him of a horror film.

L sleeps like a child. "Light-kun?"

"Yes, Ryuuzaki?"

"I-" L's voice is soft, and if Light didn't know any better he might think the detective was frightened, "I haven't yet caught Kira, correct?"

"No, I'm afraid not."

L sighs, almost with relief. "Oh." He doesn't say more.

Light reaches over and tucks a piece of hair behind L's ear. "You're tired."


"Go back to sleep."

L only stares at Light. His face is emotionless but his eyes are wet. Almost.

Light begins humming the first song that comes to mind- Frere Jaques- and waits for L to close his eyes.

L sleeps like a child. Or, perhaps he is a child, and pretends to be a man when awake.

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