When Diana woke up, she was aching all over. As the haze in her mind cleared, she was able to recall the previous day's events. She remembered the men in the robes that shot at her with sticks. She remembered what the blonde, Lucius Malfoy had told her. Then, finally, she remembered the pain. It was almost unbearable, worse than anything she had ever felt before.

Lifting her head up, slowly because if felt as if it was full of lead, she was able to take in her surroundings. She was in a dark, dungeon-like room. The floor was dirty and the walls were moist. There was no window, just a heavy door with a square, barred opening. After a few seconds, she was able to push her aching body into a sitting position to await the return of her strength.

As soon as she was able to stand, she checked for all of her gifts were there. Bracelets, Tiara, Belt, Lasso… Damn, they took my lasso! She stood for a second in aggravation, and then walked to the door and put one hand on the door knob and one on the door itself. Summoning all of her strength, she pulled on the knob, until it came out, pulling a huge chunk of the door with it.

She stepped out into a hallway that was lit by torches lined up along the walls. Her high-heeled boots echoed as she began walking, looking for an exit. Turning a corner, she came to another similar hallway, this one with a door at the end. She tried the knob to find that it wasn't locked. So she cautiously peeked through. Seeing no one, she stepped in and began to look around. It was some sort of meeting room with a large, rectangular table with chairs space evenly around it, with a rather large silver chair at one end.

Just as she was about to inspect the room further, she heard a familiar crack, and a gold cord looped around her and tightened. Oh no!

"Well, well, well, look what we have here." She turned around to see the owner of that high cold voice. Her face gained an expression akin to a shocked distaste at the sight of the serpentine man. "At last I meet the so-called Wonder Woman. You stand in the presence of Lord Voldemort, the greatest wizard of all time." Diana just stared at him defiantly.

Just then, the door burst open, "Master! The woman has escaped…" Lucius's voice trailed off as he noticed that the Dark Lord has already recaptured her.

"Yes, I can see that, Lucius. Did it not cross your mind to put wards up over the door to her cell?" With that, he raised his wand, "Crucio!" Diana averted her gaze, but couldn't block out the cries of pain from the blonde man.

When Voldemort released the man from his curse, he turned back to Wonder Woman, "Now for the long-awaited conversation. This lasso obviously has some strange powers. What are they?"

Compelled by her own lasso, "Anyone bound by it must speak only the truth. It can also cause them to forget anything that they are told to. And they must obey any short-term command that they are given."

Voldemort looked at the lasso thoughtfully, "Interesting. A device such as this must come in handy. But I must admit, I have my own preferred means of acquiring information." He pointed his wand at her, "Legilimens!" Diana didn't know what to expect from the curse, but she was not expecting the frustrated look to come over Voldemort's face when nothing happened. "It would appear that you have some immunity to mental invasion. No matter, I shall have your secrets," he gave the lasso a sharp tug, "What is the extent of your power?"

Diana struggled a bit, but was compelled to answer, "I am able to run at half the speed of sound, I can lift up to three tons without much exertion, I do not tire easily and I have very high stamina."

Voldemort seemed to consider her answer before asking, "Why do you have these powers and how are you able to live for so long without aging?"

"I am an Amazon. My sisters and I have spent thousands of years developing our minds and bodies until we have become stronger and wiser than those here in men's world. We were also granted our immortality and our agelessness by our patron goddess, Athena."

"Is that all that you can tell me?" she just stared into his eyes, "There's something else, isn't there? Tell me what it is."

After another tug of the lasso, she had to answer, "My belt, when I left my home, I was told that I would lose my Amazon powers, so the belt was given to me so that I may retain my strength, speed and stamina."

There was a triumphant gleam in the red eyes, "Ah, so the belt gives you your powers," he reached over and snatched the belt from around her waist. She gave out a startled gasp as she suddenly felt drained, weakened.

"It won't work for you. It only helps one to retain power that they had already."

Voldemort brought his palm across her face, "No matter, I shall have it examined to see if we may harness some of its magic for my own use. And then I will finally be able to kill Harry Potter and take over the Ministry…"

"You will fail! Someone will stop you!" She began struggling furiously with the lasso.

"Do not be a fool, Wonder Woman. Others have tried to stop me for more than fifty years. They have done no more than slow my takeover. I have done more than any other to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. With this," He held up the belt, "I will be even more powerful. Then no one will stop me!"

"Now what should we do with you? I would kill you now, but it would be such a shame to ruin such a beautiful face," He grabbed her chin roughly and forced her to look up at him, "Of course I have no need of the company of a woman. Perhaps I'll give you to the werewolves as a gift. They will greatly appreciate having a new plaything."

He stilled as he heard several voices shouting from outside. The door then slammed open, "Stupefy!" Voldemort disapparated before the spell could hit him, leaving Diana to see a very old man with waist-length beard, crooked nose and sky blue eyes hidden behind half-moon spectacles. He strode quickly to her, "Come, my dear lady, we must get far from this place." He took her arm and she felt a sensation similar to being squeezed through a tight rubber tube. When she could breathe again, she was in a dark alley. It was stiflingly warm out.

"Where am I?" she asked as the man took the lasso from around her.

"You are in Surrey."

She looked at him in surprise, "As in Britain?"

"Yes. I can understand how you would be rather shocked. Being kidnapped does have that effect on people," he said, an amused little twinkle in his eyes, "I think that introductions are in order," he took off his pointed hat and bowed to her, "I am Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and founder of the Order of the Phoenix. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Wonder Woman."

He then held out his hand; Diana took it and he chivalrously kissed the back of it, "Thank you for your help, Professor."

"You are most welcome, my dear. I must say, I have wanted to meet you since I heard stories of you efforts in the second Muggle World War."

She could just blink at the man. Muggle Then she remembered, "My Belt! He still has it!" Dumbledore looked confused about her reaction, "I'm powerless without it. He says he's going to try to use its magic to give himself powers like mine."

"Ah. I'm afraid that now that we have discovered that particular hide-out, he may not return there. But rest assured we will give our best effort to retrieving your belt for you."

She was still agitated, but said, "Thank you…" She remembered what else was said, "He's also planning to kill someone named Harry Potter! We've got to do something!"

Dumbledore held up a calming hand, "Believe me, Wonder Woman, Mr. Harry Potter is safe for the moment."

Diana calmed down a bit, "So what happens to me until you can get my belt back?"

"Well, I'm afraid that as long as he is focused on gaining your power and immortality, you may still be in danger. Therefore, we cannot leave you on your own until we retrieve your belt for you; until then, it seems you would be most vulnerable against them. If you are agreeable, I would like to put you in something of a safe house to ensure your safety for the time being."

Diana thought for a second before nodding, "Well, I guess I'm going to have to trust you. Call me Diana."