I love this story! It popped into my head the other day so I have to write it!

So picture this Frankie, Tommy, Nick and Bob all had kids, girls. This is s funny but let's say that there was a disagreement between the four girls, they all went home mad. Let's see what happened and then have them come back and meet again! Super funny please enjoy! Please read and review!

Dedicated to Lemonade Mouth the Movie, and my friend Lynette, she wanted me to write this story!

Cameron (Nick's daughter) is sitting at their favorite bowling alley. She waits for her friends too come.

After the fight they had they all felt guilty, but there was nothing they could do. It was time for them to forgive and forget. But a lot could happen in one night (When you mad!).

"You guys cameā€¦ Wow, what happened to you guys?" Cameron said happy then she realized what had happened. She looked perfect, hair curled, cute shoes, pink dress, make up. They however looked horrible.

Rocky (Frankie's daughter) had a black eye that was covered by glasses but you could totally tell it was there. Beatrice (Bob's daughter) had a cast on her arm, she looked horrible too. Then Tara (Tommy's daughter) had her ankle wrapped, she was also on crutches again, she looked horrible!

"I was hanging up a picture and my dad dropped the corner on my eye, so it is swollen and bruised!" Rocky said explaining why her eye was black.

"I ran into a wall." Beatrice said, calmly.

"How did you do that?" Cameron said.

"I was walking and all of a sudden I realized there was a wall in front of my arm!"

"Oh!" Cameron said still not understanding then she looked at Tara for an answer.

"I tripped!" She said with no description.

"Over what?"

"I don't know." She said confused she wasn't quite sure.

"You don't know?" Cameron said confused as well.

"Air, I think?" Tara said and then Cameron frowned.

"Well, I wanted to say sorry guys, what happened was stupid!" Cameron said with her head down.

"Yea, I guess it was and it caused me to twist my ankle!" Tara said sort of laughing.

"Ok, well let's say we forgive each other and let's get some lemonade!" Cameron said, trying to get everyone to agree.

"OK, fine, but you're paying; you're the only one NOT injured." Rocky said, and laughed.

"Oh crap."

OK, so just a little humor. Well I thought it was funny. I hope you liked it! It was fun and cool.

Again, keep reading my stories.

This was, again, dedicated to my friend Lynette, and Lemonade Mouth the Movie.

Please read and review!