This is sort something I got from Shake It Up! But it is also something that happened between me and my friend! Ha-ha it was funny! Really short.

Dedicated to Caroline, this happened to us. Also, I made up where Francine died to fit with the story and sorry if it messed you up!

Read story what happened to you guys? To understand characters!

"No, no, no, no, no, and if I haven't made myself clear no!" Rocky said she was a little upset. Beatrice kept telling her to go to New York with her to visit family. Rocky couldn't, she wanted to but she couldn't. Just a year before her sister had died and that is where they found her.

"Please?" Beatrice said trying to get her to go.

"No!" Rocky replied.








"No now stop it!"

"Come on Rocky!"

"No! My sister died there I can't just go there again, it hurts my heart!"

"Come on, what could go wrong?"

"You really need to stop saying 'what could go wrong'! One of these days those words might get us killed!"

"When have I ever said that?"

"Every time you think of a bad plan, or any plan in your case!"





I told you it was short nothing really! I may add another chapter to finish, I don't know? Should I? Please review and tell me.

OK, dedicated to myself and Caroline also a shout out to Hannah Montana and Shake It Up!