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Genre: Crime-Drama-Friendship-Hurt/Comfort -Suspense-possible Romance... maybe
T for slight language and awesome ass kicking :D
Main-er Characters:
Kensi Blye./Marty Deeks./G. Callen/Sam Hanna
Minor Characters: Hetty Lang/Eric Beal/Nell Jones
In Progress

Average Day:Chapter 1: Data

"I highly doubt that," Kensi Blye said to her partner, Marty Deeks, as they walked into OSP on Monday morning.

"Kensi, I'm hurt, why don't you believe me?" He asked with those puppy dog eyes most girls would fall for. Kensi was the one exception, well, other than Hetty.

"There's no way, that you could pick up any girl, any time," she said rolling her eyes. Deeks sat at his desk and thought for a moment with his eyes closed.

"Well, Hetty's out of the question, other than her, yeah any I think I could," he smirked, eyes still shut. She walked over to him with an amused expression.

"Wow, so you could pick up... Nell?" He thought again.

"Yeah, probably, but she's not really my type, I'm more of a... kick ass kinda girl," he said. Kensi sat on his desk.

"So, any girl," she questioned. His eyes opened and he looked at his partner, who was less than six inches away.

"Yup, any girl, any time," he clarified with a smirk plastered over his face.

"Me?" Kensi asked. He didn't even close his eye to think this time.

"Well, yes, of course, but why would I want to hit on you?" He spoke before thinking. She bit her lip and got off his desk. "Kens, I—"

"Just, shut it," she said and she turned on her computer. She wouldn't look at him, not even when Callen walked in, took one at Kensi and said,

"Deeks, what'd you do?" Deeks opened his mouth to speak, ready to give him an explanation, but Kensi beat him to it.

"It wasn't Deeks' fault, I had a bad date last night, that's all," she said, still not looking at her partner. After a moment on staring by Callen, Sam walked in. He looked at Callen, who was looking at Deeks, who was looking at Kensi, who was still looking at her computer.

"Deeks," he said warningly.

"What? Why do you guys always blame me when she's upset?" He asked defensively.

"Because you're the one who usually causes it," Callen said.

"What is this, gang up on Deeks Day?" Deeks said annoyed. Eric and Nell whistled at the same time to let them know they have a case.

"Well, it is true, Mr. Deeks, you and Ms. Blye often argue, but right now, that isn't as important as a dead marine, now is it?" Hetty said as she snuck up on the quarreling group.

"Right, come on guys," Sam said, looking at his team mates. When they were on their way upstairs, Deeks squirmed past Callen and next to Kensi.

"Kens, I'm sorry, it just slipped out," he said. She looked at him with daggers in her eyes. She kept moving forward, bumping into him as she did. When they got into the Ops Center, a picture of a body, half burned, was on the big screen.

"This is Petty Officer, Paul Matthew Steffens, 41, or what's left of him. He was walking up to his car when a bomb went off in the car next to him," Eric started and pointed to Nell to finish.

"The car belonged to Sara Jean Steffens, 38, the Petty Officer's wife. She is a gym owner of..." Nell said and Eric clicked the mouse and a picture of the gym came up.

"...Red Dragon Karate and Kickboxing Fitness. It's one of the smallest but toughest gyms in the city. Sam, I think this is one for you," Eric said as he and Nell exchanged a satisfied look. Sam, with his Navy S.E.A.L. background, looked smug.

"Actually, there is a couples counseling program for 2 this afternoon. I think this would be a great experience for Ms. Blye and Mr. Deeks to work out their... disagreements," Hetty said. Everyone in the room looked at either Kensi or Deeks. Deeks was looking at Kensi, but Kensi only looked at Hetty in irritation.

"Okay, anyway, they have three kids: eldest son, Paul Matthew Jr, goes by Matt, he's 14. Their daughter, Mariah Jeanette, 9, and younger son, Shawn Martin, goes my Smarty, 7," Nell listed, showing a picture of the family.

"Huh, Martin, nice name," Deeks said quietly. Sam smirked and Callen rolled his eyes.

"There are traces of drugs in his system but there's no record of use," Eric said, pulling up his health records. They showed other records and the camera footage from their security system, which the LAPD had acquired from the family.

"Mr. Callen, Mr. Hanna, you two question Steffens' colleagues, Ms. Blye and Mr. Deeks, your counseling course will begin at 2:00 and it ends at 3:00. After that, you will question Mrs. Steffens and the children," Hetty ordered and she waited for Deeks and/or Kensi to complain.

"Um, okay, just one thing," Deeks said to her.

"And that is?"

"So, are we undercover or do we say we're cops right away," he asked in all seriousness.

"Hmm, well, you do whatever you like Mr. Deeks," she said and she left the Ops Center. Deeks turned to look at Kensi and she wasn't there. He figured she went out the back way and he found her on the stairs.

"Kensi, what do you want to do, undercover or cops?" He asked her. She looked at him and he saw that he had really hurt her.

"Oh come on, you're Kensi 'Wonder Woman' Blye. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. Besides, I thought you didn't like me," he said as he sat down next to her.

"It's just that, I really did have a really crappy date last night and your comment didn't make me feel any better," she said. She looked sad, but not enough to cry.

"Well, then I'll let you choose what we do," he said as he nudged her. She smiled, slightly, slightly, but she still smiled.

"I say we go undercover cover," she said.

"Okay, married, engaged, or dating?" He asked. She thought about it.

"Well, dating wouldn't make sense, we could just break up and not feel guilty about it or hurt many people. Engaged or married... hmm, flip a coin?" she suggested. Deeks pulled out a quarter.

"Heads: marries, tails: engaged," he declared. He flicked it up in the air and it landed on the ground. Deeks smirked at Kensi and she rolled her eyes.

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