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Genre: Crime-Drama-Friendship-Hurt/Comfort -Suspense-possible Romance... maybe

Rating: T for slight language and awesome ass kicking :D

Language: English

Main Characters: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks/ Nell Jones/Eric Beal

Minor Characters: Hetty Lang/G. Callen/Sam Hanna

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS: LA

Chapter 4: An Average Day

"Are we there yet?" Mariah asked... again. Deeks smiled at Kensi as she rolled her eyes.

"One more block," he said. When they got there, Sam and Callen were there with Sara and Adrian.

"Mommy!" Mariah and Smarty said and they ran into their mom's arms and Matt walked over to them. Kensi and Deeks felt a little uncomfortable watching them, because of how attached they got to the kids, but they knew to let them have their moment. And when that moment turned into about 10, filled with tears, stories, and laughter, the four agents sat on the couch while the family, and Adrian, sat at the table a few yards away.

"I'm happy for them," Kensi said. The guys agreed.

"Yeah, and they won't even have to pay for the damage done to the gym," Callen said. After the family was finished, Sam assured them that they will be safe then he and Callen drove them to Ops to give them their new lives.

"Good job today, partner," Deeks said after an awkward silence. They were sitting facing each other and Deeks knew she wanted to talk to him, so he got up. He wanted to avoid it as much as possible. He was walking towards the door at a mild yet hurried speed.

"Deeks wait," Kensi said to her retreating partner. He, reluctantly, turned around and walked back. "You told Matt some ever important things about your life. How much of it was true? And if none of it was true, why would you lie about something like that? I understand why you would, but I think that's a little wrong, don't you?" She ranted. She kept babbling until Deeks grabbed her head and kissed her. She instantly stopped and kissed him back, surprised as she was. He pulled away, too soon for either of their liking.

"Kensi, shut up," he said with a cute/goofy smile. She couldn't help but smile back. They sat on the couch, still holding one another.

"So what about what you told Matt, about your dad?" she asked. He nodded and let go.

"You heard all that, huh," he concluded. She nodded. "Well, it's all true. Remember the guy I shot when I was 11?" She simply nodded again. "That was my dad. Gordon Brandel." (if it's spelt wrong, I'm sorry) Kensi was shocked when she heard it the first time, but hearing it spoken directly to her was different, she felt closer to him in a way.

"So, you have a sister too?" She asked. He sighed.

"That was a lie, but one of my best friends was a girl, and she was over a lot. She was the girl Ray was talking about, the one who you look like," he said, smiling at the memories, but it was followed by a frown. "I haven't seen Amanda for years. She was the first one I told about my dad, Ray was the second. After they took my dad away, she didn't talk to me much. She moved after freshman year," he said. She could see he missed her.

"You liked her," she said. He nodded.

"But I got over her in time. Then I went to college and became a SPBD detective and then I met you and came here," he said with a smile, which she matched. "And I wouldn't have changed a thing," he added. They looked at each other and knew what was coming. They leaned in and kissed, not too slow and not too fast, it was perfect. They stared at each other for another minute, saying nothing.

"We better go back," Deeks said. She nodded and they left for OSP. They made it back just in time to say goodbye to Sara and the family. Smarty didn't want to part with Deeks, but he eventually let go of his leg. They left for the airport to start their new lives in Michigan. Deeks and Kensi were told to go into Hetty's office to return the clothes.

"Hey Hetty," Dees greeted her.

"Hello, Mr. Deeks," she replied. "Ms. Blye, thank you for not damaging your ensemble this time," Hetty said to Kensi, who has had a past of ruining her outfits undercover.

"No problem Hetty," she said. They got changed behind the flats and put their old clothes on. "Do you think she knows about us?" Kensi asked her partner quietly. Deeks shrugged.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she did," he said. When they put their own clothes back on, they walked into the bullpen. Sam and Callen were doing paperwork at their desks.

"Good job today guys," Sam complimented.

"Thanks," Deeks and Kensi said together. They looked at each other and looked away quickly. Sam noticed something between them but said nothing. Callen, being the non-romantic man he grew to be, thought nothing of it. They all were doing paperwork when Hetty walked over.

"Mr. Deeks, Ms. Blye, it seems that you two have forgotten to return all the accessories of your attire," the small woman said to the agents. They exchanged a confused look and then looked at Hetty.

"What?" Kensi asked. Hetty pointed to Kensi's left hand. The wedding ring was still on her finger, as was Marty's.

"Oh," Deeks said and he took off his ring.

"Mr. Deeks, kindly take Ms. Blye's ring for her and follow me please," she instructed and he did as he was told. He sat in the chair across from Hetty. He held out the rings toward her, expecting her to take them. She smiled at him and gave him two ring boxes.

"Keep them. I see a bright future for the two of you," she said. Deeks raised his eyebrows. He was going to object, but Hetty was quicker. "Just take them, Mr. Deeks," she said and he nodded. "And, if you act right now, I will give you the matching engagement ring, free of charge," she offered. "But there's one catch: You have to propose to Kensi," she said, using Kensi's first name for a change. Deeks hesitated at first, but he agreed. He was about to leave, but in mid-turn, he stopped. He looked at Hetty with a questionable expression.

"How did you find out?" He asked. She smiled again.

"You know, when you decide to have a heart-to-heart, remember where the cameras are," she suggested in a low voice. She anticipated his next question as well, "Only Nell, Eric, and I know, don't worry." He smiled, slightly confused, and left, the ring boxes in his pocket. "Good luck," she said to herself. Marty walked back to his desk like nothing happened.

"What was that about?" Kensi asked, trying to not look that interested.

"Oh, nothing, she just wanted to talk about the case a bit," he said in the same manner as his partner. They were really good actors thus Sam and Callen believed them. Deeks discreetly put the ring boxes in his desk and filled out the rest of his paper work.

"Well, I'm going to go home," Sam said after almost half an hour.

"Can you give me a ride?" Callen asked. Sam rolled his eyes and nodded. They grabbed their gear and left. By his watch, Deeks saw it was almost 10 o'clock.

"Ready to turn in, Fern?" He asked his partner. She looked up at him. He saw that she was already getting stressed out by their situation. "Do you wanna get a drink?" He asked. She smiled and nodded.

"Defiantly," she said and they left. Deeks caught a glance at Hetty as they walked out. She smiled and walked up to Ops where she would brief Nell and Eric on her new special task.

Deeks drove Kensi home after they had a few drinks and they held hands in the car. Deeks walked up to Kensi's door and she was tempted to let him in, but she didn't.

"Goodnight, Deeks," she said.

"Goodnight Kensi," he said. Then it felt like gravity was pulling them together. They kissed longer and sweeter than before. Kensi didn't think of Jack, her job, or her anything else, she was only thinking of Marty Deeks. Deeks wasn't thinking of Amanda, his dad, or anything besides Kensi. Thoughts, both pure and polluted, ran through their heads. They looked at each other as they pulled away. They smiled at each other and they knew it was time to part for the night.

"Goodnight, Deeks," she said again and she opened the door to her house and entered.

"Night," he said to the door. He drove back to his house and thought about the day the whole way. He thought about it as he drank a beer before he fell asleep, and he thought about it as he fell asleep. He knew that he would propose to her, but not as soon as Hetty would like, but Marty needed to make known for himself how strong their love and trust is.

He couldn't sleep, so he thought about how he'll going to ask her. 'Over dinner wouldn't be special enough. At work wouldn't because she wouldn't like how public it would be. The "go to the special places to us" would be too cliché. This would have to be special, I mean, she's Kensi for Christ's sake,' he thought. He fell asleep in a frazzled but happy state.

All Kensi could think about was his beautiful blue eyes. She remembers Jacks coffee brown eyes, but Deeks' had no comparison. 'Deeks is annoying most—all—of the time, but he keeps me on my toes. He cares for me enough to kiss me like that, right?' Worried thoughts filled her mind, but she soon drifted off to sleep.

*Meanwhile, at Ops*

"Eric, this will take at least another two hours, do you think I could take a nap downstairs until its ready?" Nell asked her partner. He nodded.

"I think I'll take one too. I'll put a notice on my phone to tell me when its ready," he said looking between his phone and one of the many computers in front of him. They turned off the lights and walked down the stairs to the couches. Nell fell asleep almost instantly and when Eric came back from the bathrooms, she looked so peaceful, he couldn't resist kissing her forehead.

He soon fell asleep on the opposite couch and slept until his phone vibrated to let them know the computer found Hetty's missing person. He didn't want to wake Nell up, and he had a feeling that if he tried, she wouldn't budge. He went up to Ops and finished the necessary work. He grabbed his coat and went back to Nell. He covered her with his blanket and fell back asleep. Hetty watched all of this and smiled at herself as she walked out of the building.

Hurt feelings, dumb jokes, lies, partnership, kisses, trust, confusion, and Hetty's mischievousness: Just your average day as NCIS OSP.

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I'm thinking of writing a sequel to this involving Deeks' former crush, Amanda. She will either (1) be Kensi's new friend, or (2) be in the middle of the teams newest case. Deeks will eventually have to choose between the two of them. Please review to which plot I should use.