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Jade West curled up next to her window. Her floor was littered with books and clothes were strewn across the floor. Hair extensions lay in a knotted mess next to crumpled up sheet music. Her cell phone lay next to her, ringing now and then, but she never bothered to answer it. Why? So she could hear their fake apologies. So she could hear their stupid excuses. Her friend's words didn't mean a thing. Neither did her ex-boyfriend's.

"Jade! I'm tired of this!"

"Of what?"


Tired. Tired of her behavior. Tired of her jealousy? Tired of the way she showed that she cared? Sure. She was bitchy, but that was her way of caring… wasn't it? It was who she was.

"So you wanna break up?"

"No. I just need-"

"Time? Oh that's rich, Beck, really. Quit sugar coating."

"Jade! Im trying to do this the best way I can!"

"So am I! We're DONE."

Yeah. Jade West broke up with Beck Oliver. Unexpected. Ok- fine, very much expected. What now? Is she supposed to run back and cry? Say those magic words ("Imsosorry please forgive me! Take me back.") Hell no. She was Jade freaking West. If he didn't accept her for who she was, she could always find someone else. Right?

"Jade, don't be like that."

"Be like what? Like me? I'm sorry if you can't seem to tolerate who I am anymore!"

"That's not fair."

"What do you mean? You know I was so happy when I met you because for once someone understood me. Someone knew that I was me and didn't want to change that. But suddenly you're sick of it?"

"It's not all of a sudden. Jade, I love you, but the way you've been lately…"

Lately…. Lately Jade's life has been upside down. Her dad just got a new job in England. They decided to move there. Well, Jade protested, but her family didn't listen to her, they never did. Andre and Cat knew. She hadn't told Beck yet. She was planning to, tonight, actually. But the conversation got out of hand.

"Beck! I've been ME. Nothing else. Maybe it's you? Ever thought about that? Been hanging around Ms. Perfect too much?"

"Why the hell are you dragging Tori into this conversation?"

"Fine, we can drag in every other skank you seem to hang around."

"I do not hang with-"

"You just love making me jealous."

Jealousy. Ah, the word that took over her life. Jade was jealous, she wasn't going to lie. She was jealous of Cat; and her constant ray of sunshine. Jealous of Andre; his talent was a gift from above. Jealous of Robbie (yes even Robbie); he had someone to talk to (even though it was a wooden someone). Jealous of Tori; the way she was able to capture almost anyone's attention. Jealous of Beck; who had nobody to be jealous of. Jealous of her siblings; they had their father's attention because they were certified geniuses.

"It always comes back done to this! We're just going around in a circle Jade!"

"Well maybe it's time to cut that circle."


Cutting. It was something she was good at. Not like cutting her wrist, heavens no. That's wasn't even close. Cutting like with scissors. Cutting things in half. Breaking them apart. Isolating one from another. Scissors were easy to use. SnipSnip, and it was done. Breaking pieces into even more pieces was easier than putting them together. She had tried using glue before, putting the pieces back together again, but in the end the glue wasn't strong enough anyway; it fell apart again. It always fell apart.

So why even bother trying to fix it?

This time she'll let it fall apart. No more glue. No tape. No nothing. Maybe she would start with a new piece.

"Jade honey," her mom knocked softly on her door, "It's time to pack."

Jade looked at her mother without saying a word, her mom sighed and dropped the moving boxes in the door way and left without another word.

For what felt like the millionth time that night her phone rang. Jade checked the screen, Beck was calling. Jade felt a small smile creep on to her face; it was nice to know he still cared. As quickly as the smile appeared it faded, she pressed reject; it was too late to care. She went to the door way, grabbed a box, and threw her closest open.

It was time to pack.

Early the next morning she found herself at school. No one else was there except for a few Sinjin like characters. Jade exited the principal's office, giving the receptionist a soft smile she marched into the hallway without waiting for her mother. She began to remove the scissors glued to her locker and dump them into a box.

"Jade?" a creepy-like voice asked.

Jade would know that voice anywhere, "What do you want Sinjin?"

"Are you leaving?"

"It's none of your business."

"Where are you going?"

"Keep talking to me and I'll make sure you and your nerd friends will have the absolute worst-"

"Okay, I was just asking!"

"Bye Sinjin." And with that Jade West shut her now clean locker and walked out the doors of Hollywood Arts.

"Ok then. We're done."

"I'll see you tomorrow?"

Jade turned to look at him. She was about to say something, but just shook her head and murmured something incomprehensible, but she knew Beck heard it.

Beck whispered something too. Jade didn't hear.

"Good Bye Beck."


Beck Oliver knew it was going to be one of those days. A day where his hair would be a mess (but girls liked it that way). A day where he would fall asleep in script writing class (because getting any sleep the night before was impossible). A day where he would be more silent and depressed rather than cool and mysterious. And who could blame him; he had a(nother) ridiculous fight with Jade. She screened all of his calls, and all of the gangs too. She usually answered Cat's calls and Andre's too. But last night no one had talked to her. He tried their house phone this morning… no answer.

When he walked into class this morning the first things he noticed were 1) there was a new student, and 2) Jade was absent. Beck looked curiously around Sikowitz's class room. Jade was probably skipping. Beck slouched in his seat next to Tori who whispered, "There's a new student."

Beck looked at her, "So?"

Tori widened her eyes, "So, that means someone dropped out."

Beck furrowed his eyebrows, "What do you mean someone dropped out? Who would be crazy enough to do that?"

"I don't know! You don't think…." Tori trailed off.

"What?" Beck asked, still a bit out of it.


Beck shrugged and sat in his seat. He ran multiple scenarios in his head, most of them on how to apologize to Jade.

After class he ran into the new kid, (literally) he ended up with coffee all over himself (woah, again?).

"OMG! I'm so sorry!" The girl scrambled about.

"It's cool," Beck said, looking around and waiting for a familiar bark of jealousy… but there was nothing.

"I'm Zeya."

"Beck," he noted all the stuff she was holding, "Do you need help with that?"

"Sure," she flashed him a golden smile.

Beck plastered a smile on himself, he was happy to help. He was just a nice guy like that (or was he really hoping for her to walk up and DEMAND to know what the hell was going on?)

"So where's your locker?" Beck asked.

"Right.. over.. here!" Zeya walked over to an all too familiar spot. She spun around and twirled her arms in a ballerina motion as if to say TADA.

Beck raised his eyebrows, "Where is it?"

Zeya sighed and pointed to a top locker in the corner.. a blank locker.

"I know it's not decorated or anything, but I just got here today and-"

Beck cut her off, "I'm sorry.. but there has to be some sort of mistake."

"What do you mean?"

"This locker is already taken by someone else."

Zeya looked at him skeptically, "It was. Until she dropped out."

Beck felt his mind go numb.

She wouldn't. She couldn't. She didn't.

Not without telling him. There was no possible way. She would never do that. Not like this.

"Excuse me," he mumbled, "I have to go."

He hastily shoved the books back into her arms (not very gentlemen like Beck.. tsk..tsk…tsk.).

He made his way to the library, knowing that's where the gang was during their free period. He shoved through the crowd of students not caring who he pushed out of the way. When he made it to the library he shoved the double doors opened and sprinted up to the spiral stair case to the cozy corner in the back. Their designated meet up spot.

When he got there everyone was already there, they all looked at him. But they didn't looked shocked, they looked liked they pitied him. Andre and Cat shared a knowing glance, Tori gave a meek smile, and Robbie began to fix Rex's hair.

"Where is she?"

Andre glanced at Tori.

"Beck she's… gone. She moved."

"She wouldn't do that. Where is she? Don't joke around."

Cat spoke up next, "Beck, she left. Her dad got a job in England."

"She wouldn't leave without telling me."

Cat gave him a sad smile, "But she was going to."

Beck felt a tug at the back of his stomach.

"Beck! I need to tell you something."

"She was gonna tell you last night… but I guess things didn't go as planned…"

"What is it babe?"

"I-" but at that moment his phone decided to ring.

Jade's eyes narrowed. "Who's that?"

Andre cleared his throat, "She told me and Cat a few days ago… we didn't think she was going to leave this soon."

"Jade, why did Courtney McCuller just tell me you threatened to push her off the top of her cheerleading pyramid?"

"Why is a cheerleader texting you?"

"Jade that's not the key issue here."

"Well what is?"

Cat's eyes watered a little, "She didn't even say good bye…phooey."

Beck felt an un(butsoontobevery)familiar pinch behind his eyes. Tears were threatening to fall. But Beck Oliver never cries. Beck only cried when a scene in a play demands it, and when someone has died.

But in a way it made sense. A part of him did die. Jade West had left with no excuses and no good byes.

Why should he be sad though? He was single. He was free. He wasn't her piece of property anymore….

"I love you too."

"Good Bye Beck."

Or maybe he was upset because she did say good bye. He just never really noticed.

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