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She looked around the room, eagerly scanning their faces. She took in their shocked faces practically laughed at the horror on some of their faces. Some shared knowing glances, as if they were happy she was back. Well they should. Cause she was Jade West; she was the most talented actress there. Sikowitz had his proud face on, while there were awkward gasps and whispers that filled the room. She looked over at a certain circle of friends, scanning their faces for reactions (actually only caring about one).

Tori Vega hadn't changed a bit, if anything she got more beautiful (damn it). Her brown eyes were wide and her cheek bones as prominent as ever. Her skin was still it's mocha color while her hair was longer, more curly. She had grown up a bit, her clothes now more mature, a simple dress with a bow (as opposed to those skanky jeans and shorts). Her face was a mix of shock and (was it possible) happiness?

Andre Harris, she would recognize him anywhere. His hair was still in their dread form, while his face had lost any remains of baby fat. He had grown more muscular and by the looks of his lovesick eyes…. He was still in love with Vega. He too had grown up from childish clothes. He was wearing dark jeans, and a button down polo with awesome sneakers to match. Andre looked generally happy to see Jade, but he shot a worried glance toward someone.

To the right of him, in their close knit (were they that close when she was around?) circle, was Robbie Shapiro. The first thing Jade noticed was that he (gosh damn it) still had that horrid puppet, Rex. His Jew fro was a bit shorter, and he changed his glasses so they flattered his face more. His clothes were still preppy and nothing much changed about him. Robbie looked scared (more scared than when he was being threatened by Trina).

Sitting dangerously close to Robbie (no shock) was none other than Caterina Valentine. She had grown more beautiful, her child like pout was still there while her wide doe like eyes were filled with happiness at the sight of her best friend. Cat was wearing a blue ruffle dress that contrasted greatly with her eccentric red hair. She looked like she was about to pee in her pants from excitement.

And finally (why is it that she looked at him last?) sitting in between Cat and Tori (not jealous, not jealous, not JEALOUS) was Beck Oliver. His hair was still long and a bit shaggy, he was probably scheduled for a trim sometimes soon (she remembered how she would accompany him to the barber, she was always laughing at his face when the scissors came too close). His skin had a slight tan (probably from working on his dad's old car without a shirt). He was obviously still into the whole plaid thing. But there was something different about him. His face was emotionless. Usually there was some sort of cheeky grin or smirk permanently etched on his face. But today there was nothing. Finally she looked at his eyes. And his eyes said everything.

She let out a small chuckle, "Did you miss me?"

Sikowitz looked around, "Well it's been around 4 seconds, you guys are frozen, so I'll just start: ACTION!"

Cat immediately jumped out of her seat, "JADE! I MISSED YOU!"

Jade felt like a small rock had been thrown at her, but in reality it was Cat who was now latched onto Jade.

"Hey there Cat, I missed you. Especially since I saw you like ten minutes ago in the hallway!" Jade said sarcastically, while patting Cat on the head.

Andre was the next person to stand up out of his seat, "Oh beloved classmate whom I have missed so much!" He moved from the circle and went over to embrace his friend.

Jade noted she had to stand on her toes to throw her arms around his neck, "I've missed you too!"

Tori got up as well, "Well I be darned, is that Jade West I see?" She walked over to Jade and gave her a sort of awkward one armed hug. Then she looked at Sikowitz for approval, wondering if her accent should be part of the act.

Sikowitz ignored her and addressed the rest of the classroom, "Well all of you up and at 'em! THIS IS A GRADE! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES"

At the mention of grades the rest of the class recovered from their shock and immediately rose from their seats and crowded around Jade.

"Omg I missed you so much!" a girl squealed in her ear, what was her name again? Melissa, Marcy? Jade rolled her eyes then plastered a fake smile, and said, "Oh I missed you too."

The next five minutes were like that, squealing and hugging, all of it just acting of course. When Sikowitz called time they all went back to their seats. Once they were all settled Sikowitz announced, "We will begin the Alphabet improv game. Beck you're up! Pick your actors."

"Cat. Tori, Andre, Robbie, and Jade," Beck said firmly.

Jade smiled, no surprise there. As she was going up to the stage Sikowitz tapped her on the shoulder, "Keep in mind that since you're new you do have to do the bird scene tomorrow."

Jade crinkled her nose, great, and another waste of her time.


Once everyone was on stage Sikowitz demanded they begin.

"An apple just hit my head!" Cat yelled out.

"But why?" Tori cried out in mock concern, then rushed over to where Cat was to "check" her head for injuries.

"Checking her head for injuries, that's a good idea!" Andre complimented.

Jade rolled her eyes, "Dude, you've got it bad."

"Eh? What do you mean by that?" Beck asked, coming up behind Jade.

"Forget it," Jade said quickly and moved swiftly away from Beck (because being close to him made her feel ohsonervous).

"I think we should all-" Robbie began.

"WRONG! Get off the stage Robbie," Sikowitz called out.

As Robbie was trudging off the stage with a pout Rex commented, "You're such a fail man!"

Cat frowned, "Hey, that's not nice!" Then realized her mistake exclaimed, "Oh phoeey!"

"Cat, you're out!" Sikowitz called.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Sikowitz shook his end and said, "Please go on."

"Great, now it's the four of us," Jade said sarcastically.

"How about we play a game?" Tori suggested.

"I don't think that would be the best idea," Beck said.

"Yeah, just-" Andre was off the stage before they knew it.

"Jade! How did you like wherever you went?" Tori asked changing the subject.

"Koalas are my favorite animal," Jade stated bluntly, ignoring Tori's question.

"Legit?" Beck asked curiously.

"Maybe," Jade responded.

"No way! I thought you hated animals!" Tori said.

"Of course you did," Jade said with a roll of her eyes.

"Please, tell me what you meant by that?" Tori asked.

"Questioning me will get nowhere Vega," Jade said.

"Really? How about if I ask a lot of questions? What will you do then?"

"Smack you," Jade said with a smile and a wink.

"That wouldn't be very nice," Beck intervened.

"Unlike you to comment on my behavior, considering you kind of have no say in it," Jade commented.

"Very like you to say that," Beck countered.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jades asked.

"X marks the spot!" Tri exclaimed.

"You should find the treasure then," Beck said.

"Zoos are your natural habitat," Jade replied to Tori.

"Animals live in the zoo," Tori said.

"But aren't you one?" Jade said with a small smile.

"RUDE!" Tori exclaimed, and realizing her mistake huffed off the stage.

"Crazy, aren't you?" Beck said.

"Don't lie."

"England, that's where you went right?"

"Facebook stalking me now?" Jade said with a teasing smile.

"Going to change the subject aren't we?"

"Hmmm, fine. England was where I went."

"I love England, and I have an amazing British accent."

"Jade remembers, you only demonstrated it a million times."

"Karen is a cool name."

"Lollipops are delicious."

"Man, I wish I had a lollipop."

"No lollipops for you."

"Of course not, they would rot my teeth."

"Plaque sucks."


The game continued like that for a while, random comments being said, neither of them looking at each other for more than a second.

Sikowitz called time, "Guys, that was extremely BORING. I expected more out of you both, considering you guys are very talented."

Jade rolled her eyes and marched off the stage and sat down in an empty seat far away from the group.

"Maybe they just don't have chemistry," a girl pointed out. Jade narrowed her eyes and turned around. She didn't recognize her voice or the face. It came from a raven haired girl in the corner.

"Interesting observation Zeya," Sikowitz said, "Now let's move on."

Zeya, so that was her name. She had a feeling she was going to hate her. When the bell rang, Jade scooped up her bag and was about to make a run for it when she heard Cat call her name. Damn it.

"Jade! Come sit with us at lunch later!" She chirped skipping toward with the gang in tow, except for Beck. "What do you have now?"

Jade sighed, "I have a free period? You?"

Cat's face lit up like it was Christmas, "I DO TOO!" She turned to the group, "What do you guys have?"

They all murmured the same thing, "Free period."

"YAY! It'll just be like old times!" Cat exclaimed, "Let's go to the library."

"I'll be there in a second," Jade said, "Go ahead, I have to do something."

Once she saw they were safely down the hall she let out sigh. Cat, as adorable as she was, was oblivious to the mounting tension.

Jade made her way to the girls bathroom. After checking that her hair was in place she took out a brush and some lipgloss, and don't think that was was doing this to impress Beck, of course not.

"Hey," a girl said from behind her.

Jade whipped around; it was the Zeya girl.

"What?" Jade snapped.

"Feisty, so it's true then? Everyone's been saying you're pretty mean."

Jade raised an eye brow, "And you care, why?"

"Not saying I do, just one thing, you may have been the best actress at Hollywood Arts when you were here, but now? It's me, so don't go and think you can come in here and pretend nothing's changed."

Jade raised both her eye brows in mock surprise; she was expecting this (but from Vega, not from whatever this chick was.)

"Do you feel threatened or something?"

Zeya looked taken aback, "No, I just wanted to clarify your position here, since I am the Queen B of course."

Jade burst out laughing, "You, as Queen Bee?" She gave her the once over, "Looks like they've lowered their standards."

Zeya narrowed her heavily mascara-covered eyes, "Watch what you say, West."
"No, watch what you say, touch or do," Jade said evenly, "I don't know why you think you're Queen Bee, you've starred in what, maybe one big play? Or maybe won Homecoming Princess? Newsflash: It's only because I was gone. So take your ego down a notch before I find a way to socially destruct your life."

Jade picked up her bag and opened the bathroom door while adding, "Oh, and I want you out of my locker before the day ends."

After leaving he bathroom Jade marched to the kiosk to get some coffee. While taking a few calming sips she began to make her way to the library while contemplating why that girl would even TRY to mess with Jade.

She must have been distracted because before she knew it her coffee splattered on the ground and on the person she had just bumped into. Her eyes widened as the precious drink was being wasted. She threw the empty cup on the ground and began yelling at the person, "Oh my god! Watch where you're-" then it registered to her who it was, and really she shouldn't have been surprised. Because this always happens to him.

"Oh, Beck!" Jade felt her cheeks flush a little.

Beck looked down at his now stained shirt, "Why does this always happen to me?"

Jade laughed, "Yeah, my bad. But you should really watch where you're going."

Beck raised an eyebrow, "Um, I believe you spilled the coffee on me?"

Jade rolled her eyes, "I would like to point out that you made me waste two dollars of coffee."

"So are you going to apologize?" Beck asked.

"No, not really," Jade said with a smile.

Beck rolled his eyes and muttered, "Haven't changed a bit."

Jade chuckled, "Neither have you."

"Yeah, well, when was the last time we saw each other?" Beck asked.

Jade felt her smile falter a little, here it comes, the awkward talk.

"Uhm, I don't really remember," Jade said quietly (lies of course).

"Oh, well it probably wasn't very significant if neither of us can remember it," Beck said quietly. Jade felt her throat go dry, she wanted to say "It was the worst night of my life," but she didn't.

Instead she said, "Yeah, well I should probably head to the library now. Cat's waiting."

"Yeah, I'm gonna head to the bathroom and try to get this stuff off…" Beck gave a little wave, and Jade did the same.

"I'll see you later?" Beck asked.


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