As I have not yet read the book (waiting list at two libraries…no access to book store…), and I unfortunately have not been able to see the play, my understanding of the wonderful creation that is Wicked is limited to the magical invention known as Youtube.

Please enjoy and review! Post-musical.

Elphaba's POV

Huddled inwards towards myself, I fought to contain the sobs wracking my body. Fiyero-my Fiyero-lay asleep some distance from the fire I currently kneeled at, to avoid wayward sparks igniting his straw body.

I was trying not to waken Yero, at least that's what I told myself. The truth was: I was ashamed. I was ashamed of being so selfish that I would cry every night over the loss of my previous life when the kindest, most perfect man in all of Oz-no, the Universe!-lay beside me. A man who had given himself up to save me. A man who loved me. I was the luckiest girl alive.

But that didn't stop the tears.

I pressed my hand to my mouth, trying to wrestle the noise of my crying from going past my lips. Wrapping my arms around me as I leaned forward, my hair brushing the ground with my forehead at my knees, I cried for what had been lost: my good name, my best friend, my only sister, my dreams of being de-greenified…all were gone. All of my selfish desires had been torn from my hands…but I was still wicked enough to cry over them, even though Fiyero had lost so much more: his entire family, his title…his humanity.

I stiffened when I felt two gentle, straw arms wrap around me, and I was pulled towards Fiyero.

Fiyero's POV

I opened my eyes blearily, and then was immediately thrust into awareness by the sight of my beloved Elphaba curled over, her arms wrapped around her torso as she shook, sobbing. My non-existent heart twisted in my chest when I at last calmed down enough to realize that she didn't cry from pain—at least not any physical pain.

Hoping that I was doing something right, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into my chest and holding her tightly. My cheek pressed against her hair as I murmured what I hoped to be comforting words into her ear. With one hand, I kept her pressed to me, and with the other I smoothed her hair down until her sobs quieted.

When she had at last stopped shuddering from her tears, I let her pull back slightly as I peered into her eyes, concerned as to what could have reduced the strong girl I loved to a quivering mess.

"What is it, love? What's the matter?" Her eyes softened slightly at the endearment, as I had hoped they would.

"It's-it's nothing. I'm just…being selfish." She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. I brushed the tears from her cheeks, and smiled at her softly.

"I don't believe that it's possible for you to be selfish. You would explode from sheer shock." She gave a short snort of laughter, and I smiled more broadly.

Elphaba's POV

Yero's comment had made me laugh. Hesitantly I smiled up at him with still-watery eyes. He leaned closer before kissing me, slowly and sweetly. When our lips parted, he moved only far enough that our noses still touched. I snuggled back into his chest, sitting on his lap. His arms wrapped around my shoulders, and he placed a trail of kisses down my neck. When he got to my collar bone, he stopped, resting his cheek on my shoulder.

"Now, what's the matter?" I thought for a moment, before I phrased my answer carefully.

"I was upset about what I've lost." I felt him tense slightly, not out of anger, but concern for me. I quickly continued. "But…I think that what I've gained is greater than that. So…I'll be okay now." He relaxed and I closed my eyes, his embrace lulling me off to sleep.

What I said was true. I would be okay. I had all that I would ever need and more in straw arms of protection.