Here it is! Gio's first story!

SUMMARY: Kudo Shinichi was one of the youngest members of Association and apparently something happened to him on his past. People that was surrounding him were very protective and all. Kuroba Kaito was waiting for his best friend to come back out of nowhere and met with a new transfer student. Said student was hiding something and he wants to find out what.





The spirit of rebirth. As the days grow longer and the sun begins to warm us, April is a time for new life and new beginnings. April's angel spurs us to test ourselves in new directions and to make ourselves vulnerable in the face of unfamiliar people and places. Encouraged by the April angel, we search for novel endeavours that will enrich our lives and bring new meaning to our career or family roles. The April angel teaches us to delight in each sign of awakening, in nature and in ourselves.



New Life and New Beginnings



"So, Edogawa Conan-san, welcome to Ekoda High!" the burly man at the other side of the shiny mahogany desk addressed him. "And, please, if you suddenly found yourself wearing something unnecessary or your hair had turned into another color or chaos befalling around you; don't fret, it is a normal occurrence here at Ekoda High." he assured with a smile on his face.

Kudo Shinichi gave him a flat look and nodded.

"You could get your own schedule up from my secretary and have a nice day!" And the principal dismissed him with a wave of goodbye.

Getting his schedule from the secretary, Shinichi couldn't help but to let out a long-suffering sigh about what was happening. He can't remember how his colleagues ganged up against him and had managed to talk to his parents and their boss about giving him a normal high school life. He blinked and thought back a month before.

Finishing his latest assignment, Kudo Shinichi – one of the youngest member of Silver Bullet Association and the Lojika Department, partner of one Miyano Shiho and one of the two known survivors of the Shadow Syndicate – was cornered by one of his closest confidant and superior, Jodie Starling.

"Shinichi-kun!" she called, one evening.

Shinichi turned, eyeing her warily. She rarely calls him by his given name, much preferring his codename by any given time. Unless, she needed to tell him something he'll oppose to and he has nothing to say about it.

"Yes, Jodie-san?"

Jodie took a deep breath and looked at him, square in the eye. "I need to tell you something."

Yup, something's happening and he didn't know any of it.

For some reason, he was dreading the answer. But he still asked, "What is it?"

And by the time Jodie had finished what she came to say, Shinichi was stunned.

What. The. Hell?

The Silver Bullet Association consisted of people who had excellent abilities in their own field and all of them were in the late twenties to early fifties, higher-ups included. And the Lojika Department's age range was from late twenties to late thirties. And Shinichi was the youngest out of them all.

Being the only child of the famous mystery novelist and the long-standing Head of Lojika Department, Kudo Yuusaku and the retired actress and the present Head of Scota Department, Kudo Yukiko, he was always within the presence of different persona from the Association. His education was supervised by the Association, his friends were agents of the Association and they were the only people whom he had interaction with. So, his social ability concerning those that were not a member was horrible.

And because of this, the whole Department had decided, with his parents' approval, the higher-ups' permission and without his input, to give him a vacation.

For a year.

Starting this April.

And they also took the liberty to enrol him on a prestigious high school somewhere in his homeland.

However, entering himself as the Kudo Shinichi would be suicidal in two different ways. First, some people who knew that he was actually the Agent Cool Guy will be on his trail the second he let himself out and his would-be classmates might pay the prize for his recklessness.

No. Just plain no.

Second would be because of his parents.

The literature and acting world doesn't have any idea that the famous Yuusaku and the beautiful Yukiko had a son, let alone a seventeen-year old son. Media and paparazzi would have their field day if the news of him got out. Questions of why did his parents hide him and how did they had done it was ringing inside his head. So, to save himself – and some certain people – some trouble, he wore his father's old glasses and changed his name to Edogawa Conan.

Who, by now, was standing in front of Class 1-A's door. He exhaled and knocked. He was immediately answered by a woman in her mid-twenties, who upon seeing him, gave him a wide-eye look and stammered out a "Y-yes?"

Ignoring how she looked at him, Conan gave her his schedule and waited.

"Oh! The new student..." She gave him another look. "It's strange for someone like you to transfer in the middle the school year."

He mentally agreed. 'Yes, my sentiments exactly.'

"Wait here, Edogawa-kun, I'll introduce you to the class..." She eyed him again, as if he'll do something horrible to her, which made Conan intrigued. Turning back, she told him as an afterthought, "Oh, by the way, I'm Akihabara-sensei." And promptly shut the door.

Conan merely blinked.


Class 1-A was known by four things. One was someone that goes by the name of Hakuba Saguru. Half-English and born gentleman, Hakuba was a teenage detective and a part of those love-sick puppies that falls in love with the second reason, Koizumi Akako. A witch and a friend of Lucifer, Akako knew everything that anyone might not know and she also talks in riddles. She's attractive and graceful to some and nice and kind to others such as one Nakamori Aoko, the third reason. Daughter of an Inspector, Aoko was generous, loving and kind daughter and a good and trustworthy friend. She's also deadly with a mop, in which the fourth might give his testament for that. Kuroba Kaito, magician extraordinaire and self-proclaimed Prank King, was infamous of them all.

Kaito was the very reason why people suddenly find themselves wearing something unnecessary, their hair dyed into a different color than before or in the middle of a chaotic surrounding. Hell, even the teachers were wary of this particular student for the reason that even they were not immune to his pranks.

Luckily for Akihabara-sensei, someone knocked on the door before she had managed to come near her desk and to his awaiting prank. Craning his neck, he tried to see who she was talking to. A new student, perhaps? In the middle of school year?

Whatever, Kaito grinned, he'll have another playmate to prank.

Akihabara-sensei closed the door and turned to them. The picture of calm before the storm, with Akako as its eye. Then, she turned to him – he gave her an innocent smile – and to her desk. Sighing, she pulled out another chalk from her skirt pocket – earning a pout from the prankster – and addressed them all, "Class, we have a new transfer student for this spring. Come in..." she trailed off and the door opened.

Class 1-A turned to it expecting to see their new number and choked. Heaven forbid, another Kaito!

Aside from the transfer student's tamed hair and clear blue eyes, he could pass up as their resident prankster's twin. Horror dawned into the sane numbers of the class; he was not a prankster himself, wasn't he?

The original, however, was gaping. He saw his twin!

The teacher wrote the name of his twin on the board.

Edogawa Conan.

A strange name for his look-alike.

"He is Edogawa Conan-kun, he transferred from America. So, be nice to him and help him make up for the studies." Then, Akihabara-sensei stared at Kaito. "And, please make him feel welcome." Which turned into glare.

Kaito ignored her.

"Edogawa-kun, would you like tell us something?"

Conan opened his mouth and told them what his peers at the Association had taught him. "I'm Edogawa Conan, nice to meet you." he bowed.

"Okay, Edogawa-kun, your seat is in the back row near the window." She pointed at it. But before she could tell Kaito to disengage his traps, Conan had walked towards his designated seat, dodging every trap Kaito had set-up without preamble. Gracefully hooking his bookbag by his desk, Conan leaned against it and seemed to be busy at something.

The whole class was curious.

Kaito, however, was waiting for that to happen. His excitement was shattered when the transfer student dropped something on the floor, sat down and waited for the class to start.

The teacher was impressed.

The students were excited.

The prankster was shocked.

Looks like the Prank King had met his match.


In two weeks after his beloved Association had ganged up on him and entered Ekoda High, Shinichi – Conan – had found himself being befriended by an Inspector's daughter (she's persistent!) and a teenage detective (whom he was sure was forced by the former), had met a creepy-looking girl (he was sure he saw her inside the Majika Department...), had been subjected to fangirlism and the present – and seems to be favourite – subject of the resident prankster.

Namely, Kuroba Kaito.

How would he know that by disengaging the prank on his desk will create some obsession against him?

Every morning since that faithful day, he would find some elaborate prank waiting for him from school gate to locker place. Fortunately (or unfortunately for some students), he was trained to dodge something more deadly than a prank, so gliding away from it all, some students became the victims of the amusing pranks. Then, after that, he'd liberate his desk from the prankster's set-up for the day and dodge half of the pranks scattered all around the classroom that was suspiciously aimed at him.

Well, missing the training given by the Association, Shinichi had turned it to Conan's training exercises.

At least, Kuroba stops when he steps out of the school grounds.


Conan turned his head to the voice. "Nakamori-san."

"Mou," Aoko pouted, which reminded Conan about his childhood friend and best friend as well as fellow Association member, Ran. "I told you already, at least call me Aoko-san."

Conan graced her with a smile.

"So, Edogawa-kun, are you doing something this Saturday?" She never waited for an answer before she moved on. "I'd like you to come with us for Hanami. According to sakurazensen, the sakura's will bloom perfect this Saturday. Me and my friends..."

"I'm sorry, Aoko-san. I'm having a guest this Saturday." He gave her a sad smile."Maybe, next time?" 'If there'll be next time.'

"Oh!" Aoko looked put out for a moment before recovering. "I guess, you won't come. Sure, next time." she smiled. She whirled back to her friends, waving him goodbye. He waved back and saw the prankster staring at him. Now, what had he done? Don't tell him that he's preparing for another prank to be unleashed because he refused Aoko-san's invitation to Hanami? If that's the case then, he'll allow the prank to be unleashed.

But truth to be told, he really had a guest coming this Saturday.


"He refused." Aoko had greeted them. "He told me that he'll having guest this Saturday."

Kaito scoffed. He really couldn't fathom why that transfer student had to be with them this Hanami? He hummed. Maybe because he's new and Aoko, being nice and all, decided to be his friend as to welcome him into the neighborhood.

"Maybe he's telling the truth." Hakuba pacified.

"Or, he really doesn't want to be with us. Who wouldn't want to see the perfect blooming of sakura?" Kaito butted in.

"Kaito!" Aoko reprimanded him. "He must be shy, he's new and, according to the teachers, he's living by himself in an apartment."

He was right, Kaito snorted, Aoko's having her nice attitude out.

"Oh, well." Aoko looked like she accepted the fact that Conan won't be part of their group this Saturday. "He might go to the park for Hanami with his guest." And with that Aoko trotted towards home with her friends in tow.

Kaito looked back at the retreating figure of Conan.


Saturday came along with his guest, who Conan – Shinichi – was currently glaring at.

The guest put down her tea cup and gave out a suffering sigh. "Shinichi-kun."


Since she stepped inside Shinichi's furnished apartment, the tenant welcomed her with a accusing glare, which she ignored most of the time. But now, the glare was drilling itself to her conscience. Enough, Jodie presented him with a manicured brow.

"How could you side with them?" Shinichi accused. "You know I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself!"

"We know but you're the youngest in Lojika and your department head agreed to this." she sighed. "You need to socialize with children with your age and have at least a normal school life." He opened his to retort but got held up with her hand, palm up. "I know you're not just a child."

He sneered. "I'm not a child!"

Jodie patronized him with a nod.

"And I'm not the only child at the Association."

"We know." she grinned.

He gave her an incredulous look.

Oh. Hell. No.


Hanami. A traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers with family and friends. Kaito remembered his younger days with his parents, playing under the sakura blossom. His mother laughing softly and his father chuckling while he was playing under it all. But it was destroyed when his father was subjected to a freak accident. Kuroba Toichi was a master magician and was performing that time with his escape from a certain place when it burst into fire. He was trapped and burned alive. Worst, Kaito was there to witness it all. Police investigations told them that it was an accident, so he and his beloved mother believed it. Until, Konosuke Jii – a family friend – discovered that it was actually a murder. By someone by the name of Snake.

For five years, Jii-san and Kaito worked to make Snake pay, but Snake was elusive with his black-loving trench-coated friends.

So, since that day he went Hanami with either of his friends or with his mother, sometimes both.


He turned to the caller.

"You are so slow!"

Kaito gave Aoko a huff.

"Am not!" And run towards their spot in the middle of sakura tree and an ume tree. There he found Keiko (Aoko's female best friend), Akako (that creepy witch), Hakuba (the prick who needed more prank) and his best friend, Aoko.

"A pity," she sighed. "Edogawa-kun can't come."

"Oh, come on, Aoko!" Kaito said, arms up in the air. "He can't come!" This particular sentence would have its next words if not because of a person talking in English near them.

"Did Miss Starling have talked to Kudo yet?"

"I hope she could persuade Shinichi-kun to come here."

Kaito blinked. Shinichi? Kudo Shinichi was here? Kaito's face was split by his huge grin. His male best friend came back from nowhere! He stood up so fast, his friends cried by the force of his movement.

"Kaito?" Aoko asked, worried.

"He's back." he murmured. "He's back!" He whirled to Aoko. "Shin-chan's back!"

Aoko's eyes widen. Aside from her, there was another person that Kaito considered as a best friend.

Kudo Shinichi.

The one who disappeared prior to his father's death.

The one who Kaito clings every day.

The one who stole young Kaito's heart.

Was back.

Aoko stood up. "Where?"

"Uh..." he scratched his head. "I don't know..."


"I just heard two girls talking about him in English."

While their bantering was being watched by their friends, who look so confused.


"And, remember Jodie-san, call me Edogawa Conan not Kudo Shinichi."

"Of course, Conan-kun!" she chirped.

They were walking in the park for the reason that Jodie wanted to see the Japanese Hanami personally. And being the only person that was available that time, he was practically forced by her and dragged to the park by arm.

"Ahhh... Japanese Hanami was really spectacular!" she praised.

Conan grunted and zipped from his place to her back.

"Wh-what...?" She was surprised to say, at least.

"Hide me."

Jodie gave him a look.


She turned to the voice and found five people. Two were standing and three were sitting.

She answered for Conan. "Yes?"

The girl looked at her. "Uh..."

Getting no answer, Jodie turned to Conan. "Who are they, Conan-kun?"

Conan, looking those five and to Jodie, reluctantly answered. "My friends."

Jodie squealed. "Conan-chan has friends!"

Conan looked so embarrassed.

You know that was not supposed to be its ending, but, aww... hell!