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Conan blinked. But it didn't change the fact that Koizumi Akako-san was standing in front of his apartment's gateway.

"Yes, Koizumi-san? What do you need?"

Akako gave him a smirk. "So, how's the life of Edogawa Conan, Agent Cool Guy?"

Yup, she's the one he definitely saw inside the Majika Department, the department that hides their agents in much more secrecy than the whole Association combined.

"Tiring. Especially if your friends are included." He walked pass her but twisted his head a little to ask her, "Would you like to come in?"

Akako swept her hair out of her left shoulder with a grace of a seasoned beauty. "No need, Cool Guy, I just came here to warn you about the lurking crows nearby. They might recognize you." And stared at him with defiance. "Don't let them get eaten by them."

Her words brought halt to his pace. "Koizumi-san, I am not that kind of person who pulls people to other's businesses especially those of mine. If you want to make sure that they will be fine, then please," he gave her his full attention and punctuated his words with an assuring smirk. "Stop Kuroba-kun from harassing me every single day, he might know something he would regret." And with that, he strode inside his apartment building, gates creaking with conviction to a close. But before Conan opened the front door, he told Akako one last request, "And Koizumi-san? Please refrain from calling me with that codename." And gone he went inside, doors closing with a thud.

"I hope so, Kudo-kun." She gave her own smirk despite Conan not seeing it. "Maybe it is time to let everything out in the open? I wonder what would be the little dove's reaction once he knew the truth about his beloved raven."

And with that she glided out of the area towards her abode.


Akako looked at the chaos created by Kaito once again. It started with a burst of glitters then the students' hairs turned into different colors than their initial tint, followed by an enraged yell from Aoko when something flipped her skirt that was connected to her seat and a furious yelp from Hakuba when not only his hair but his clothes and skin tone changed colors. But the most amusing occurrence was when a surge of pink smoke materialized from Edogawa's seat and the owner gave out a startled shout when his surrounding turned pink.

The entire Class 1-A stopped moving to stare at the transfer student's direction and waited with baited breaths. While Kaito was wickedly grinning at Keiko, who was holding to her camera with excitement.

Akako raised an elegant eyebrow as she witness one of the things why Edogawa Conan was different to Kudo Shinichi. Kudo was always calm and collected in different scenarios; put him inside a building with a ticking bomb and he'll disengaged it with certainty, help hostages out of a tight-lipped situation and fight off people who pissed him off with an accurate kick (only taught in soccer) or a deadly counter (first-hand trained by the resident Karate Queen). But, she mused, when he was Edogawa, his calmness disappears along with the introductory smoke and his composure evaporates faster than water.

Like now...

"Kuroba-kun," Edogawa addressed the proprietor through gritted teeth. "What did I tell you this past month about this kind of pranks?"

Kaito shrugged innocently. "To stop changing you in the middle of public place."

"And, why, pray tell, are you changing me again?"

"I didn't change you personally, Co-chan. I used magic! And I made sure that no one would see anything inside the smoke bomb." He beamed at Conan. "I created this type of smoke bomb just for you! Weren't you touched by my thoughtfulness?"

Conan couldn't see how this would make him more confident about this kind of thing. He practically vibrated with anger which he tried to diffuse with counting from one hundred and by doing it backwards. His efforts were dissipated, however, when Kaito opened his mouth with the intent of teasing him.

"Do you want me to change your clothes personally, then, Conan-chan?" he purred.

That's the last straw and the whole class watched the banter between the Prank King and the Ice King about a certain stupid magician-prankster and his favourite victim. Class 1-A knew the Prank King better than anyone else and they know that this was his way of learning about his new friend and his quirks.

But Aoko knew better than all of them. After all, she was one of his best friends since their younger days.


Aoko watched the exchange between her female best friend and male best friend about the amount of pictures Keiko took and how much she'll sell it to Kaito.

"Ah-ah," she tutted. "Do you know what would happen if Conan heard of any of this?"

"But, Keiko-chan..." Kaito whined.

"Three hundred yen per shoot, Kaito-kun."

"Two hundred." he negotiated with a very serious look on his face that made Aoko and Keiko's eyes twinkle with mirth.

"Kaito-kun, he will make me his training dummy." she pointed out. "Two-hundred eighty."

"You're exaggerating, Keiko-chan. He won't hurt you in any shape, size or form. You're a girl! Two-hundred thirty." he explained, exasperated.

"How would you know that? You just met him this year and for about two months and you're saying that he won't hurt me in any shape, size and form. Two-hundred seventy."

Aoko blinked. How could they stay on course of their conversation while bargaining for the pictures of Conan, she'll never know.

"I know, Keiko-chan. I have this feeling that he won't hurt you in any shape, size or form. You know, when I'm looking at him, he reminds me of Shin-chan. And I know that Shin-chan won't hurt anyone unless they hurt him or his loved one first. Two-hundred fifty, that's my last deal."

Whoever this Shin-chan was, they had Kaito's full faith and dedication that Keiko had to sigh. She wanted to ask who this person was and why Kaito looked so damn solemn when talking about him. But they had the next day for that and all so she gave up haggling Kaito. "Fine, then. Two-hundred fifty per shoot, then." She was rewarded by Kaito's genuine smile that makes women swoon for him. "We'll talk later; we're being rude to Aoko-chan by ignoring her."

Aoko, who was busy eating her lunch, rotated her head in ninety degrees in their direction once she heard her name uttered and was taken aback when Kaito looked at her after that exchange. Kaito's face was glowing and Aoko was hit with epiphany. A truth that Keiko first recognized since May.

"Kaito," Aoko started, slowly. Kaito gave her his attention. "Why are you baiting Conan-kun every single day?"

Kaito's indigo eyes glowed with something Aoko knew since she was young and near Kaito, before he fired off with reason as to why he loved teasing Conan. She looked at Keiko and was met with her knowing look. She sighed; this will be a problem when Kaito was too childish to understand everything he feels. She hummed and grinned resulting to Kaito abruptly stopping his tirade and Keiko covering her excited laugh behind suspicious coughs, which Kaito missed.

"Ah... Aoko..." Kaito backed away a little when he saw his smile on her face. "Aoko?"

Aoko gazed at him with a contented look of a cat. "Yes, Kaito?"

"What are you thinking about?"

"Oh nothing," she chirped. "It's good to be a friend. Especially, of someone like you." She stood up and waved at Keiko to do so, she looked at Kaito. "Coming?"


"Lunch break is over." She ignored Keiko's giggling when Kaito answered with wide-eyes and subsequently devouring his bento in three bites. He lost the concept of time while addressing his interest, she mused.

"The time flew pass." Kaito commented. Keiko's giggling evolved to laughs. Aoko rolled her eyes. Really, now.

"Yes," Looks like Keiko had escaped from her amusement to agree with Kaito. "Time flew pass especially if we're talking about someone's crush." she muttered.

He looked up from the bento he was polishing before asking Keiko, "What crash? Who crashed?"

Aoko couldn't help it, she laughed.


This is bad, Aoko thought, watching the repartee between Kaito and Conan-kun two hours after lunch. Kaito became bored in the middle of Japanese History, so in hopes of uplifting the class atmosphere, he started a new prank. With Conan as a target once again. Unfortunately for Kaito, Japanese History (or any History for that matter, Aoko thought so) was Conan's favourite and when something puff on him for the second time this day, Conan snapped.

Looking pointedly, she can say that Conan was really furious with Kaito right now and if she didn't do anything Kaito will lose any chance with it. She clucked her tongue and narrowed her eyes, Kaito would thank her one of this days.

Kaito never saw it coming; the fabric of the mop hit him on the head and he let out a startled and painful yelp. He hunkered down, whimpering. The wordplay stopped with unexpected end. Conan looked up to scowling Aoko and down to the moaning Kaito. "Uhm.. Aoko-san? I don't think you need to do that..."

"Oh, no, Conan-kun," She posed with the mop under her arms and was leaning to it. "I really need to do this. For the greater good." she glared at Kaito, not with ire or something like it, it was with understanding and resignation to fact that she only (and apparently Keiko-san too, if her look was anything to go by) knew.

A fact that escaped Conan's observation skills.

The History teacher, on the other hand, ignored them as if it was an everyday occurrence at Class 1-A. After writing three questions on the board, he called each of the three students that formed their own world where the three of them were the Gods to answer the query which they responded with an accurate response. Higurashi-sensei sighed, he really don't understand why he needed to teach three such brilliant students who even fighting amongst themselves (two was fighting and the other was an unsuspecting victim to their class ritual) can answer a College-level history question without listening to him prattle about it for about an hour.

"Okay, okay, children, go back to your respected seats and listen." He told them, more out of necessity than need. The three looked at him; at least the girl had a decency to grace him with a sheepish smile and the one boy who was sitting with a scowl gave him a bland stare. He ignored Kaito, who gave him a huge grin before dropping down on his seat. He's too old for this kind of thing, he thought with a shake of his bald head and something fell on his eyes. Eyeing it, he groaned, looks like Kaito put a wig on him today. A neon orange short-haired wig of a girl.


"Keiko-chan, wait!"

Keiko whirled to the one who yelled her name. "Kaito-kun."

Kaito stopped in front of her, panting. "Why did you disappear like that?"

"It's already after-school, Kaito. I'm going home."

Kaito scowled at her. "What do you mean you're going home? Don't tell me you've forgotten!"

Her brows furrowed with concentration. "Wha-" Then her eyes lit up with comprehension. "Sorry, sorry," she tried to pacify the over-enthusiastic fan with the placating movement of her hands in front of her. "Yes, the pictures, of course! I didn't forget!"

He gave her a doubtful look.

Thankfully, being a member of the school's newspaper and photography club, she had access to the schools dark room and had the right to develop everything that concerns different school event along with Kaito's new section for his collection. She pulled a pack of pictures out of her bag and handed it to him. "A total of three thousand yen." Without any complain from her client this time, Kaito handed her his payment and run off with the pack.

"Kaito had forgotten about you, Aoko-chan." She turned to her left and saw Aoko looking at Conan's leaving visage with a raised eyebrow. "Aoko-chan? What are you really thinking right now?"

"Kaito needed a push to a right direction, Keiko-chan, and as friends we need to help him see the path he had taken."

"Kaito-kun is so childish." Keiko shook her head.

"True. That's why he didn't even notice about it."

"Boys and their weird approach when dealing with their crush."

"Yes, they love teasing their crush to make sure that their attention will always be on them." Aoko groaned. "Boys!" And began walking home with Keiko by her side.

Unbeknown to them, someone was standing on the second floor of the school building and staring at them with contemplating look on her face.

"Hmm... looks like the dove is subconsciously starting to notice things about his raven. I wonder, would those two lovers make them more closer than before or destroy everything they had created?" She turned her back, red hair flowing like fire behind her. "Just like them but divided by lost memories."

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