Chapter 1

Spencer gawked at the image reflecting at her in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her dirty blonde curls, before slipping on a pair of pink, Gucci heels. She glanced over at her phone as it vibrated. She smiled, hoping it was Andrew saying his mother allowed him to go. But instead the number was blocked. She opened the text, surprised by what she read. Is heartbreaker Spencer gonna steal another boyfriend from her sis 2nite? - A. She burrowed her eyebrows, before closing the text. It was probably just someone attempting to scare her. But that hadn't happened in months.

It had been almost nine months since Alison had died in the fire. For three months after that the four of them had received messages from imposter A's, but none of them even sounded real. But it hadn't happened for six months.

She closed the text, pushing it out of her mind. She grabbed her Kate Spade purse and made her way downstairs, where her mother was. "Oh good, you're ready. We have to go, before we're late."

"Mom, calm down. It's just Dad and Melissa."

"And her new boyfriend." Veronica raised her eyebrows as she grabbed her keys from the counter. "Let's not ruin this for her."

"Could we not talk about that." Spencer whined, with a hint of annoyance. "And I have a boyfriend."

"Well…" Veronica shrugged, leaving it at that. She led the way to the car and drove to the family's favorite restaurant. Spencer sighed as she pulled herself out of the car. She was dreading this dinner. They always went bad. And she did not want to be with her family and Melissa's stupid new boyfriend. She wanted to be with Andrew. But his mother wouldn't let him go out until he finished his homework.

She and her mother made their way into the restaurant to find Melissa, her boyfriend, and Peter already seated. Melissa stood up, overjoyed, as usual. "Hi guys, this is Mason."

"Hey." Mason smiled, his eyes wandering towards Spencer. Spencer forced a smile, wanting this dinner to move as quickly as possible.

Veronica sat down next to her ex husband, leaving Spencer to sit across from Mason. "Mom, Dad, Mason is majoring in law too," boasted Melissa.

"Really? That's great." Veronica's smile stretched across her face.

"That's what I wanted to be since I was little." Mason flashed a smile, before casually glancing at Spencer. "What about you, Spencer? What are you thinking of majoring in?"

Spencer looked up from her phone as she heard her name. "I'm not really sure yet." She said, before going back to secretly texting Andrew.

"That's okay. You still have time to decide." Mason said.

"Well, once I got into high school, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer."

Nobody cares Melissa. Spencer resisted the temptation to say the thoughts running through her mind. But she stayed quiet. She wanted things to speed up so she could go over to Andrew's. But she knew it wouldn't.

She slightly jumped as Mason's hands slipped from his full glass of water, sending it in Spencer's direction. The water poured all over her, causing her beige bra and thong to be seen through her now soaked, white dress. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry."

"That's okay. I'll just go wash up in the bathroom." She blushed as she stood up, feeling everyone's eyes on her. She quickly started for the bathroom, ignoring the whistling and comments said from the table of guys she passed on her way.

In the bathroom, she stood by the hand dryers, attempting to dry her dress. But it was useless. She sighed, trying to think of something she could do. She couldn't go back out there like this. She was uncomfortable and it might as well have been as if she was wearing just her bra and underwear.

Maybe this was the perfect opportunity to leave. She would have to leave to change, but then she would just decide to stay home and hang out with Andrew.

She stood there for another moment, trying to decide what to do. She looked at herself in the mirror. It wasn't as wet, but her bra and underwear were still visible. She glanced at her phone as it vibrated, expecting it to be Andrew. But instead it was blocked again. Flashing Melissa's bf? That'll certainly steal him from Melissa- A. She sighed, convincing herself it was just someone messing with her. She hesitantly exited the bathroom, rolling her eyes at the table of guys, who continued with their comments. "I think I'm going to go home. I can't get it dry."

"Oh, but Spencer. Don't you want to eat?" Veronica frowned.

"I'm fine. I'll make something at home. I can't sit here like this. Everyone is staring at me."

"Well…okay." Veronica said, almost tentatively. "Here are the keys. You're father will drop me off home."

"I'm really sorry, Spencer. Next time I see you, I'll try not to spill anything on you." He laughed and she forced a laugh in response.

"It's okay." She quickly scurried out of the restaurant, pausing in her tracks as she spotted a flash of blond hair. Familiar blond hair. Which she hadn't seen in nine months. She quickly got into her mother's car, convincing herself it was all in her head. She drove home, suddenly feeling uneasiness come across her. She stayed in her car and pulled out her phone. She called Andrew, asking if she could come over, because she was scared to be alone. But instead, he said he had finished studying and would be over in a minute. She stayed in her car, trying to calm herself down.

She took a sigh of relief as Andrew's car pulled up beside hers. She slipped out of the car, shivering at the chilly air. Andrew pressed his warm lips against hers and pulled his arms around her. He suddenly pulled away, looking at her strangely. "Are you wet?"

She nodded as they made their way inside. "Melissa's stupid new boyfriend, Mason, spilled a full glass of water on me. And I'm wearing a white dress, so as you can see, it is see through."

Andrew couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "Is that why you're the only one home?"

"Yeah." She said, leading the way into the kitchen. "My mom amazingly let me leave. But Melissa's probably bitching about me now. She's probably saying how I just wanted to go home to see you. But let her, because that's the truth."

Andrew laughed at his girlfriend. "Did you eat?"

"No, but I'm going to go change quickly, first." She said, starting for her back door.

"I'll make you mac and cheese."

"Okay, thanks." She smiled, before starting for the barn. She quickly ran inside and threw on a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt. She paused just as she was about to leave at the sound of leaves crunching. She could swear she heard someone, but there was no one there. She took a deep breath and headed back to the house. She attempted to push it all out of her mind, but something kept telling her that this was not a joke.

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