Chapter 2

Aria smiled at the arms wrapped around her. She slowly opened her eyes, startled by the sun peering through the window. She jumped up, waking up Noel. She pulled on her jacket and grabbed the keys from her bag. "Is everything okay? You're not regretting last night, right?"

"No, but we fell asleep. My parents will kill me if they know I am here." Aria stressed, starting for the door.

"They don't have to know." Noel shrugged. "Tell them you were at Emily's if they ask."

"Bye." She pressed her lips against his, before quickly making her way to her car. She slipped inside, sighing as her phone vibrated. She pulled it out, assuming it was one of her parents, but instead it was blocked. She opened it, shocked by what she read. What would ma and pa say if they knew u were sleeping with Noel? -A. Could it be? But no, she had died in the fire. It was impossible for her to have lived? Right? But something made her feel uneasy.

Aria scrolled down to Spencer's name, quickly typing her message. Meet me at the park in an hr. Tell Hannah and Emily- Aria. She drove herself home, quietly slipping inside the house. Luckily, nobody was downstairs. She quietly headed to the bathroom to get ready.

After rushing to finish getting ready, she headed downstairs to leave, but her brother stopped her. "Where were you last night?"

"I was here." She burrowed her eyebrows, attempting to be oblivious.

"I know you're lying to me. Where were you?"

"Okay, fine. I was at Noel's. We were watching a movie and we fell asleep. Don't tell Mom. She'll flip." Aria sighed. "Now can I go? I told Spencer I'd meet her."

"I just wanted to know where you were." Mike said, watching his sister leave.

Aria drove herself to Rosewood Park, where Spencer, Hannah, and Emily were already waiting. She popped out of the car, waving at her friends. "Hey guys."

"Hey, is everything okay?" Emily asked, burrowing her eyebrows in concern.

"Has anyone else been getting texts? From A? Or someone who sounds exactly like her?" Aria spoke bluntly.

"Yes. I was getting them last night. And I could swear I saw blonde hair. Ali's blonde hair and I heard someone outside my barn last night." Spencer explained, a worried look splattered across her face.

"But she died in the fire. It's probably just…someone trying to bother you guys. I haven't gotten any." Hannah said.

"But we haven't gotten texts in six months now." Aria said.

"Do you think she's still alive?" Emily inquired in an almost meek voice.

"No, she's not alive." Hannah rolled her eyes. "Someone's just trying to play a trick on them. Besides it's not like you have any secrets. Or is there something you guys aren't telling us?"

"Well it's a little weird that this person knows I slept with Noel last night." Aria whispered, looking around to make sure no one was in sight.

"You slept with him last night?" Hannah's eyes widened and a smirk sprouted across her lips.

"Yes." Aria slightly blushed, as her face grew hot.

"What about you, Spencer?"

"No, I was meeting my sister's new boyfriend last night. He's kind of weird. And he spilled a full glass of water on my white dress. I got out of the dinner though."

"Do you really think Ali could still be alive?" Emily asked again.

Aria shrugged. "Well they didn't find her body."

"Because the fire disintegrated it." Hannah sighed.

Spencer looked down at her phone, which had just vibrated. Mom wants u home 2 have lunch w/ Mason- Melissa. She looked back up at her friends to see them all staring at her. "It's just my sister. I have to go home to have lunch with Melissa's new boyfriend." She sighed as she rolled her eyes.

"How'd that go last night?"

"Well considering he spilled a glass of water on my white dress, not so good." Spencer grinned, shaking her head. "Look, I'll talk to you guys later. Let's see if we get anymore texts."

"Okay, bye." Aria nodded.

"Bye." Hannah and Emily said simultaneously as if they had rehearsed it for weeks.

Spencer slipped into her car and drove home. She entered her house to find Melissa, Mason, and her mother in the kitchen. Her mother was making lunch and Melissa and Mason were setting the table. "Hey."

"Oh Spencer, you're home." Veronica smiled. "Just in time. Lunch is ready."

"I'm sorry again, Spencer." Mason smiled as he gaped at Spencer.

"It's fine, really." Spencer forced a smile, even though she really didn't want to be here. She had things to discuss with her friends and she wanted to meet Andrew for lunch, but now she had to eat lunch with Melissa and Mason. She sat down across from Mason as her mother placed a tray of baked salmon on the table. Melissa put the bowl of salad on the table, before sitting next to her boyfriend and Veronica sat beside Spencer.

"The food is great, Veronica." Mason commented as he swallowed.

"Thank you, Mason." Veronica smiled.

Spencer sighed as she dropped her napkin on the floor. She turned in her chair and bent to reach for it. Mason slightly perched his neck, taking a glance at Spencer's perfect butt. But he made sure to look away by the time she sat straight again. "So Spencer, did you decide where you're going to college yet?"

"I'm thinking Yale." Spencer replied, eyeing her sister. Melissa hated the fact that Spencer was accepted into Yale and she hadn't been.

"Wow Yale. You didn't tell me she got accepted to Yale." Mason looked at Melissa.

Melissa forced a phony smile and shrugged her shoulders. "You didn't ask."

"You're thinking? Why wouldn't you?" Mason asked.

"Well, my boyfriend hasn't decided yet. He got accepted too, but he's not sure if he wants to go to New York."

"Boyfriend?" Mason lifted his eyebrows. "You didn't tell me that either, Melissa. You want to go to college with him? It must be serious?"

"Yeah, we've been going out for a year. I've known him forever." Spencer smiled as her phone suddenly vibrated. She opened the blocked message, bracing herself for an invasive message. Getting cozy with Melissa's bf? - A.