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Chapter 23

I woke up to hear a shower running. I smiled Draco seemed to be one of the cleanest people I knew. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I leaned against the sink.

"You realize you are gonna have to get dressed in clothes you wore yesterday, right?" I said loud enough so he could hear me over the shower.

He laughed, "You could join me in here. I could show you how interesting sharing a shower can be."

I grimaced, there was no way sharing a shower could be fun. "I think I'll pass. I came in to tell you I'm gonna make sure Steve and Soda are awake."

"Alright, you sure you don't want to join me, you don't know what you're missing." He said, laughing when I said I was positive I would pass.

I left the bathroom, and found some clean clothes that Draco could wear if he wanted. I put them in the bathroom, next to the sink and told him they were there for him. I then went across the hall and knocked on the door.

"Oh, little lovebirds." I said knocking. I tried the knob for some reason, I was relieved to find it locked, though. I knocked again. "Come on, Steve. Soda, you know you guys have to come out. You both have to work today."

I heard the door unlock, and Steve opened it. He was clad in just his underwear and they looked to be haphazardly put on. "Really, you had to come wake us up."

I smiled, "Yeah, Stevie. I really had to come wake you up." I leaned against the doorway. "So you gonna wake Pepsi up, or is he already up?"

I heard some moving deeper into the room, as Soda came up behind Steve and wrapped his arms around him. He smiled sleepily at me. "Hey, Dally. You know, I got the greatest night of sleep, thanks to you."

"Did you two actually sleep?" I asked, not really wanting to know the detailed reason as to why they hadn't, if they hadn't.

"Eventually," Steve said smiling, "Soda, we better get some clothes on, because Dally is right we do have to go to work today."

Soda smiled at me once more, before going back into the room. Steve sighed, "I don't know how you knew we needed last night, but I'm glad you hooked us up. Thanks a lot."

I smiled and nodded. "Glad I could be of assistance. I'll meet you both downstairs in about ten minutes." I left the doorway and went back to my room just as Draco was getting out of the shower.


We walked to the Curtis's, Steve and Soda hanging back behind us as Draco and I led the way. I heard them snickering and whispering, I almost laughed at them, they were definitely good and perfect for each other.

Draco's pov

I believed him, against my better judgment. I wanted to. A loud voice in my head told me he's lying, why would he want a git like me. But a smaller part tells me to believe him, that and the desperation in his voice last night. So I believed him.

It was an interesting walk back to Darry's house, Dally wasn't saying anything, I was only saying something if Steve or Soda said something to me, Steve and Soda were walking behind us whispering and laughing at one thing or another.

We ran into Two-Bit on our way and he started talking to Dally about something Greg had done. I stopped paying attention and when I listened to their conversation again, Two-Bit was talking about some chick.

We stepped into the Curtis's to find Pony and Harry glaring at each other. Actually Pony was glaring at Harry and Harry was trying his hardest not to look guilty. I heard the shower shut off and figured that's where Darry was.

Pony had his back to us and was livid. "I don't like you, I never needed you and after what you tried to do last..."

He was cut off by Darry, who came to the living room seeing as that was where everyone had gathered. "What did he try doing, Pony?"

Pony jumped and turned, shock filling his face as he saw all of us. He met Darry's eyes and said quietly, "It was something he did on Thursday. I really don't want him here any more, Dar."

My mind went back to Thursday, that was the day Dally got into a fight with Tim. I remember Harry telling me something... He had used magic, to get Darry's attention, then he went to help Pony with his homework. Then, Dally had come into the living room and we talked briefly, then he left and Harry came out of Pony and Soda's room happy.

Oh, he had been happy because Pony had kissed him or something. Or at least that's what he said.

"You told me he kissed you." I said to Harry, his attempt to not look guilty fell.

"You what!" Darry was furious, he turned his glare onto Pony.

Pony ignored him, returning his own glare to Harry. "You told 'him' I KISSED YOU!" He said accenting every word. "You sonuvaBITCH LIAR!"

Pony was on Harry and punching him faster than you could say merlin's beard. "I ain't fucking gay! You stupid queer!" He yelled at Harry as Darry and Soda pulled him off.

"Pony! Pony! Glory, kid stop fighting!" Darry grunted as Pony screamed and kicked trying to continue attacking Harry. For someone as small as he is, he has a lot of fight.

I walked over to Harry, he was bleeding from his lip and I was already seeing some bruises form. "Harry, you and I are the only good family we have left. Tell me the truth though. Who kissed who?"

Harry looked at me, a smile worthy of Voldemort passed his lips. "Draco, you would have done the same. He was practically asking for it in his track uniform, his clothes practically coming off for me. So, I kissed him, told him it was something to consider. You would have done the exact same."

I shook my head and stood up, stepping away from Harry. Darry spoke in a livid tone, "I don't like my brothers being taken advantage of, I especially don't like them being taken advantage of by queers."

Harry scowled, "Oh yeah, what about Steve?"

Darry's expression didn't change as he said, "What about Steve? He has nothing to do with taking advantage of my brothers."

Pony was watching quietly, Soda and Steve shared a worried glance and Steve gulped. Dally and Two-Bit were ready to fight if needed.

Harry smirked, "Oh yes he does, because he's been taking advantage of Soda and his vulnerable state since Sandy left him."

Darry laughed a cold laugh. "You've been here for two weeks and you think Steve is taking advantage of Sodapop. They have been together for a little over a year and they have been best friends a hell of a lot longer than that. So don't try to tell me Steve is taking advantage of my little brother."

Steve and Soda paled, and glanced at each other, it was a glance that said 'he knew?' Harry paled as well, his argument lost, suddenly with a small pop he disappeared.

"What the...?" Pony started.

"He disapperated. Should probably explain that him and I are wizards and can perform magic. We met at a school that teaches us to control our magic. I'm sorry for disturbing you guys, I'm going to go pack and I will get out of here as well." I said starting for Darry's room.

"Draco, do you really have to leave? I mean just because we don't want Harry here, doesn't mean we don't want you here, right guys?" Two-Bit asked.

"He's allowed to stay, as much as Johnny was. But if he feels the need to leave I'm not going to stop him." Darry said, his anger towards Harry dissipating the longer he was gone.

"Thank you, Darryl. I have to talk to Professor McGonagall about it. I will go pack Harry's belongings as well as my own and go see her as soon as I'm finished with that." I said, if she refused to let me stay I didn't want to have to come back.

Darry nodded, "I told ya, it's Darry."

I nodded and continued to his room to pack.

Dally's Pov.

"Darry? I think we need to talk." Soda said, hesitantly, looking as scared as he had been when I had caught him and Steve together.

"No we don't Soda. My word is final, Harry is not allowed in this house." Darry said calmly yet with anger lurking beneath the calm.

Soda shook his head, "I agree with you on that, but that's not what we need to talk about. Steve and I..."

"What about it? Just because I work all the time doesn't mean I am completely oblivious. You and Steve have been secretly dating for about a year, I didn't say anything about it because quite frankly I didn't care. Steve knows I'll crack his skull in if he hurts you, so I didn't bother confronting either of you about it." Darry said calmer than before the anger below the surface dissolving.

Soda smiled, "Really?"

"Pepsi-Cola, you and Steve have been friends since you were in daycare together, I'm surprised you two didn't start dating sooner." He smiled, looked at the clock. "Crap, we gotta get going we're late."

People started moving, and it was a pretty typical Wednesday morning in the Curtis house. Everybody rushing to get to where they needed to be.



Two-Bit, Steve, Soda, Draco and I were sitting at a booth in the Dingo, laughing about something Two-Bit said. I had my arm on the back of the booth. To anybody outside of our group it wasn't slyly draped over Draco's shoulders.

To anybody outside of our group, I was still straight. To our group I was experimenting. To Draco and Two-Bit I was gay.

We laughed some more as Two-Bit was recounting his tale. Our laughing was interrupted though.

"Draco? I thought you had gone back to London."

We turned to look. Two-Bit was the first to break the silence.

"Now Greg, what made you think he had?" He said beaming up at Greg. "Why don't you join us and we can catch you up on how he's not in London?"

Greg laughed and joined us, we talked and told stories.

I pondered it Johnny had been the one to teach me to love but Draco had been the one to teach me to live. Life was good. I was happy because Dallas Winston always gets what he wants, whether he knows what he wants or not is a different story all together, though.

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