"Leave Me Be"

Get out of my mind!
Please go away
Haven't I already paid?
Paid for my own stupidity?

Years have passed since then.
Since you kept me captive...
Since you hurt me over and over...
since you raped my body and soul.

Why is it that you invade my mind?
At night through nightmares...
In day through flashbacks...
In the years through my terror.

I am tired of fighting you.
You aren't even here!
I am tired of being angry at you.
What a waste of my emotions and of my time!

I will never forgive your acts
You deserve to suffer as I did.
I can't forget your doings
As much as I'd love to...

Please just let me have my life back.
Let me enjoy my happiness.
You physically let me go that night
Why am I keeping myself captive?