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Words: 464

Theme: Seeing Red

Kagome glared at the group of girls from the doorway of her homeroom. She was currently ashamed to be sharing the same gender with them as they fawned, cooed, and squealed. Seriously, it felt like her ears would start bleeding if she heard them yell one more time. And then there was that damned giggling. Honestly, she didn't try so hard to get into a good high school just for a group of silly fan girls to disturb her everywhere she went.

Irritated, she took her seat which was much to her chagrin, next to the obsessive fan girls' object of interest, or rather lust. Sure Shuichi Minamino was rather appealing compared to boys like Hojo, but her time in the Feudal Era had ruined her. Not only that, he seemed too good to be true. He was smart, polite, a model student, and a complete momma's boy according to rumors.

And, Kagome preferred her guys with more of an edge.

"You are so lucky Higurashi-san," one of the mindless fan girls swooned. "You get to sit next to Minamino-kun."

Kagome rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Hmp. Don't think you're anything special Higurashi. Remember, Shuichi-kun is mine," another fan girl declared. Faintly, Kagome could recognize fellow senior, and once friend Yuka Watasi who was the current president of the Shuichi Minamino fan club.

"You can have Minamino," Kagome scoffed, put-off at the very idea that she could even want the red-head. "I'm not interested."

The whole room suddenly went quiet, and every head turned towards her.

Kagome tensed up in nervousness. She had faced countless odds in battle, had stood up to a few of the most dangerous demons in Japan with a mere bow and arrows (sometimes even without). A few fan girls shouldn't scare her.

Gulping, Kagome stood her ground. Truth be told, she preferred facing the demons rather than a horde of hormone driven high school girls.

"What! Are you blind Higurashi? How could you not want Shuichi Minamino," one of the girls asked unbelievingly.

Kagome shrugged.

A cry of disbelief filtered through the room.

"What's not to want? Just look at his hair," another one cooed.

"His eyes."

"His mannerism."

"His intelligence."

"His ass."

Rolling her eyes, Kagome honestly answered, "He's alright looking I'll give you that, but I've seen better. Besides, he's just not my type."

For his part, the momentarily forgotten Kurama shared no outward sign of how her words affected him. He was a little relieved that his stalkers had found a distraction, but part of him couldn't help but feel a bit put out by Higurashi's words. He was more than alright looking.

Kurama's eyes were tinted gold as he regarded Kagome Higurashi as she defended her claims against his stalkers.

He'd show her alright looking.